The Clue in the Trees: An Enchantment Lake Mystery

The Clue in the Trees: An Enchantment Lake Mystery

by Margi Preus


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Francie returns to Enchantment Lake looking for answers, only to get dragged into a murder mystery she might not survive

Francie’s brother Theo has secrets—secrets Francie thinks she wants to know. But what if one of those secrets is that Theo is a murderer? To avoid considering that possibility, Francie plunges into her senior year at a small-town high school near Enchantment Lake in northern Minnesota. It’s a radical change from her private school in New York, but she hopes to keep an eye on her great aunts and maybe finally learn more about the mother she never knew. A small silver box seems to hold the answers, and she is determined to get her hands on it.

But when her long-lost brother turns up, so does a dead body, and once again Francie is drawn into a mystery. A long list of suspects, with Theo at the top, keeps her head spinning. When Francie herself becomes a suspect she starts to feel like she is walking on thin ice, but it isn’t until she is literally walking on thin ice that the pieces start to come together—and by then it may be too late.

In her previous adventure Enchantment Lake, Francie was thrown into northern Minnesota lake living: fishing, berry picking, lost kayaks and scary boat rides, poisoned hotdishes, exploding bulldozers, a forest fire . . . and murder. But if she thinks things have settled down, she’s in for a surprise. A new school with new friends (and a few enemies), a lead role in a play, an encounter with a giant muskie, archaeological twists, secret tunnels, thin ice, and a strangely sticky murder are all coming her way in The Clue in the Trees.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781517902193
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
Publication date: 09/19/2017
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Margi Preus’s books for young readers have been honored with numerous awards, including a Newbery Honor and the Asian Pacific American Award for Children’s Literature. They have been ALA/ALSC Notables, featured on NPR, and translated into several languages. Margi often writes on the screen porch of her cabin overlooking a northern Minnesota lake not unlike Enchantment, and she spent many hours this past summer drifting in her kayak, pretending to look for a silver box on the lake bottom. When not lollygagging, she enjoys traveling, speaking, and visiting schools all over the world.

Table of Contents

1. Something Is Not Right
2. Muskie Bait
3. At School
4. At Enchantment
5. An Unpleasant Surprise
6. Auditions
7. Ricing
8. The Silver Box
9. From Play Practice to Protest
10. The E.R.
11. Later the Same Day
12. Wind
13. Raven Is On to Francie
14. Trip to Enchantment
15. Theo Is Gone
16. Dragon Bone
17. Halloween
18. The Lie Detector
19. The Aquarium in the Wardrobe
20. 8 A.M.
21. Opening Night
22. Under Enchantment
23. Sleep at Last
24. Warm
25. The Situation
26. The Situation Gets Sticky
27. Thanksgiving Dinner
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