The Collected Poems of Katherine Mansfield

The Collected Poems of Katherine Mansfield


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ISBN-13: 9781474417273
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 9.40(w) x 6.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Gerri Kimber is Research Fellow in the Department of English at the University of Northampton, UK. She is co-editor of Katherine Mansfield Studies and Chair of the Katherine Mansfield Society. She devised and is Series Editor of the four-volume Edinburgh Edition of the Collected Works of Katherine Mansfield (2012-16).

Claire Davison is Professor of Modernist Studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III. She is the author of Translation as Collaboration - Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield and S. S. Koteliansky (2014). Her ongoing research focuses on trans-European modernist links on the radio in the 30s - 40s, and the interlinks between modernist literature and music.

Table of Contents

Introduction; 1903; Collection: Little Fronds; Evening; The Sea; The Three Monarchs; Music; A Fragment; Love's Entreaty; Night; To M ; Battle Hymn; The Chief's Bombay Tiger; To Ping Pong by J.E.C.; To a Little Child; In the Darkness; The Springtime; To Grace; Hope; Farewell; An Escapade Undertaken by A Green Raspberry, & A Kidney Bean; Twilight; The Old Inkstand; Friendship; Friendship (2); The Song of My Lady; The Old Year and the New Year; 1904; 'This is my world, this room of mine'; 'Dear friend'; 1906; 'What, think you, causes me truest Joy'; The Students' Room; 'To those who can understand her'; A Common Ballad; 'I constantly am hearing'; Shadows; The [. . .] Child of the Sea; 1907; Collection: Children's book of verse; Verses of Little Q; One Day; 'The little boy'; 'The sunlight shone in golden beams'; A Young Ladies Version of The Cards; The Bath Baby; 'This is just a little song'; 'I have a little garden plot'; A Fine Day; A New Hymn; The Black Monkey; The Family; 'When I was little'; The Clock; The Letter; The Birthday Present; The Pillar Box; Song by the Window Before Bed; The Funeral; A Little Boy's Dream; Winter Song; On a Young Lady's Sixth Anniversary; Song of the Little White Girl; A Few Rules for Beginners; A Day in Bed; Opposites; A Joyful Song of Five!; The Candle Fairy; The Last Thing; A Quarrel; A Song for Our Real Children; Grown Up Talks; You won't understand this - 'cause you're a Boy; The Lonesome Child; Evening Song of the Thoughtful Child; Autumn Song; 'Out here it is the Summer time'; 'London London I know what I shall do'; A Fairy Tale; Vignette; In the Rangitaiki Valley; Youth; 1908; 'Red as the wine of forgotten ages'; The Grandmother; Butterflies; Little Brother's Secret; The Man with the Wooden Leg; Little Brother's Story; The Candle; When I was a Bird; Ave; 'Lo I am standing the test'; Why Love is Blind; 'Out to the glow of the sunset, brother'; In the Tropics; 'I am quite happy for you to see'; To Pan; October (To V.M.B.); 'You ask me for a picture of my room'; Words for T.W.T.; A Sad Truth; A Song of Summer; The Winter Fire; In the Church; The Lilac Tree; On the Sea Shore; Revelation; The Trio; 1909; The Arabian Shawl; Sleeping Together; The Quarrel (2); Spring Wind in London; 'I could find no rest'; Florian nachdenklich; To Stanislaw Wyspianski; 1910; Song of Karen the Dancing Child; Loneliness; The Sea-Child; Sea Song; 'A Gipsy's camp was in the copse'; Collection: The Earth Child; I: 'It has rained all day'; II: In the very early morning; III: 'Through the dark forest we walked apart and silently'; IV: 'The Sea called - I lay on the rocks and said'; V: 'In an opal dream cave I found a fairy'; VI: 'The fields are snowbound no longer'; VII: 'My belovéd rose out of the river'; VIII: 'The tassels of the broom swept the long hillside'; IX: 'In a narrow path of a wood I met a witch'; X: 'When my plant grew too big for the flowerpot'; XI: 'The door of your room is never opened'; XII: 'Across the red sky two birds flying'; XIII: 'I ran to the forest for shelter'; XIV: 'A little wind crept round the house'; XV: 'Why are you smiling so?'; XVI: 'From a far distant land'; XVII: 'You put your hands behind your back'; XVIII: 'There are days when the longing for you'; XIX: 'Night came - I opened my eyes'; XX: 'There was a child once'; XXI: 'A jar of daffodils stood on the piano'; XXII: 'In the swiftly moving sleigh'; XXIII: 'Round me in a ring'; XXIV: 'How quiet the Grandmother's hands'; XXV: 'In the purple heather'; XXVI: 'How far have you come'; XXVII: 'In the savage heart of the bush; XXVIII: 'I had company tonight'; To God the Father; Yesterday in Autumn; Violets; Jangling Memory; The Changeling; Thought Dreams; To K. M.; 1911; Limbo; 'The world is beautiful tonight'; Mr Richard Le Gallienne; Mr Alfred Austin; Love Cycle; 1912; Mirabelle; 'And Mr Wells'; 'She has thrown me the knotted flax'; The Secret; The Awakening River; Very Early Spring; 1913; Where did you get that hat?; Song of the Camellia Blossoms; The Last Lover; Scarlet Tulips; 1914; 'William (P.G.) is very well'; The Meeting; 'These be two countrywomen'; 1915; 'Most merciful God'; The Deaf House Agent; 'Toujours fatiguée, Madame?'; 1916; 'Twenty to twelve, says our old clock'; To L.H.B.; 'Last night for the first time since you were dead'; The Gulf; Villa Pauline; Camomile Tea; The Town Between the Hills; Waves; Voices of the Air!; Sanary; 'Lives like logs of driftwood'; 1917; A Victorian Idyll; Night-Scented Stock; 'Now I am a Plant, a Weed'; 'Out in the Garden'; 'There is a solemn wind tonight'; Tragedy; 'So that mysterious mother, faint with sleep'; A Version from Heine; 1918; Caution; The Butterfly; Strawberries and the Sailing Ship; Malade; Pic-Nic; Arrivée; Dame Seule; Verses Writ in a Foreign Bed; 1919; To Anne Estelle Rice; Fairy Tale; Covering Wings; Firelight; Tedious Brief Adventure of K.M.; Men and Women; Friendship; Sorrowing Love; A Little Girl's Prayer; Secret Flowers; The New Husband; He wrote; Et Après; The Ring; 1920; Old-Fashioned Widow's Song; Sunset; By all the laws of the M. & P.; 1921; Winter Bird; 1922; The Wounded Bird; Notes; Bibliography.

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