The Collected Sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Volume 2

The Collected Sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Volume 2

by Victoria J. Barnett

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Preaching, according to Bonhoeffer, is like offering an apple to a child. The gospel is proclaimed, but for it to be received as gift depends on whether or not the hearer is in a position to do so. Offered here are [xx] of Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s sermons, in new English translations, which he preached at various times of the year and in a variety of different settings. Each sermon is introduced by Victoria J. Barnett, general editor of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, English edition, published by Fortress Press, from which these sermons are selected.
In his preaching, Bonhoeffer‘s strong, personal faith--the foundation for everything he did--shines in the darkness of Hitler‘s Third Reich and in the church struggle against it. Though not overtly political, Bonhoeffer‘s deep concern for the developments in his world is revealed in his sermons as he seeks to draw the listener into conversation with the promises and claims of the gospel-a conversation readers today are invited to join.

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ISBN-13: 9781506433370
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
Publication date: 10/15/2017
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About the Author

Victoria J. Barnett served from 2004-2014 as one of the general editors of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, the English translation series of Bonhoeffer's complete works published by Fortress Press. She has lectured and written extensively about the Holocaust, particularly about the role of the German churches. Her published works include Bystanders: Conscience and Complicity during the Holocaust (1999) and For the Soul of the People: Protestant Protest against Hitler (1992). Since 2004 she has directed the Programs on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She is a graduate of Indiana University, Union Theological Seminary, New York, and George Mason University.

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction xi

A Sermon for His Contemporaries (1926): James 1:21-25 1

Seeing the World through the Eyes of Christ (1927): Luke 9:51-56 11

Saying Yes to Grace (1928): Romans 11:6 23

The Soul's Silence before God (1928): Psalm 62:2(1) 31

The Human Yearning for God (1928): Matthew 5:8 41

The Peace of God (1929): Philippians 4:7 49

At the Turning Point: Waiting for God (1931): Luke 12:35-40 57

Following Christ through the World to the Cross (1932): Luke 4:5-8 67

Staying Grounded in Turbulent Times (1932): 2 Chronicles 20:12 71

Two Messages to Berlin Students (1932): John 8:31-32 79

"… In the Eleventh Hour of Our Church" (1932): Revelation 2:4-5, 7 91

Courage in Uncertain Times (1932): Daniel 10:1, 8, 16-19 101

Of Priests and Prophets in the New Germany (1933): Exodus 32:1-8, 15-16, 18-20, 30-35 105

God's Call to Prophetic Witness (1934): Jeremiah 20:7 115

Sing to the Lord a New Song (1934): Psalm 98:1 121

The Human Encounter with God's Mysteries (1934): 1 Corinthians 2:7-10 129

When God's Path Crosses Ours (1934): Proverbs 16:9 135

Calling Forth the New Church: Preaching Psalm 42 (1935): Psalm 42 141

Approaching the Day in Faith: Morning Devotions (1935) 153

Standing Strong in Babylon (1935): Revelation 14:6-13 159

Funeral Service for Julie Bonhoeffer (1936): Psalm 90 169

Preaching the Gospel in an Evil Age (1937): Psalm 58 175

The Peace of God in Affliction (1938): Romans 5:1-5 185

Two Christmas Meditations (1939 and 1940)

Meditation on Christmas, December 1939 193

Sermon Meditation on Isaiah 9:6-7, Christmas 1940 200

Two Prison Meditations (1944)

Daily Text Meditation for Pentecost 1944, May 28-30, 1944 209

Daily Text Meditation for June 7 and 8, 1944 213

Two Baptismal Sermons (1932 and 1944)

Being Awakened to Life (1932): Ephesians 5:14 219

Thoughts on the Day of Baptism of Dietrich Wilhelm Rüdiger Bethge (May 1944) 223

Notes 233

Sources 239

Index of Names and Subjects 243

Index of Scriptural Passages 251

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