The College Handbook They Never Gave You: The Ultimate How-To Guide for Success in College

The College Handbook They Never Gave You: The Ultimate How-To Guide for Success in College

by Dan Stevens


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If you are struggling in school or are simply looking for a way to make the absolute most of your education, this book is definitely for you!

Armed with tips learned from his peers, his students, and his own personal experience, Dan Stevens attacks the matter of what it takes to achieve mastery at the college level and beyond. With this simple, down-to-earth guide, you will:

-Cultivate the mindset for success in college and beyond
-Develop strategies for dominating any assignment or exam
-Get the edge in grading by understanding your grader/prof
-Learn how to maximize studying and learning efficiency
-Optimize your weekly schedule for peak performance, free time, and better grades
-Alter your environment to promote personal development
-Overcome procrastination with ease
-Build habits that garner success
-Learn to use sleep and naps to your advantage
-Build networking skills and working relationships
-Tailor your education perfectly to the job you want
-Develop the all-important skill of resourcefulness
-Easily solve the "Need experience to get a job, but need a job to get experience" dilemma

and so much more!

The simple, rare strategies found in The College Handbook They Never Gave You will undoubtedly help you leave your mark in college and will set you up for career success for years to come!

You will be so glad you took this step toward mastery!

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Pages: 310
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