The Color Bunch Goes To The Zoo

The Color Bunch Goes To The Zoo

by Katie Lemae


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This is the first book in "The Color Bunch" series. One of many to help little ones learn safety practices and get a jump-start in early learning associations. A great learning-listening book.

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ISBN-13: 9781452012230
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/11/2010
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.12(d)

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The Color Bunch Goes To The Zoo

By Katie LeMae


Copyright © 2010 Katie LeMae
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-1223-0

Chapter One

"Wake up, Baby Pete; do you remember where we are going today?"

Patty Purple tells Baby Pete about their planned trip to Rainbow Zoo.

Paul Purple kisses Patty Purple and Baby Pete as he goes off to work.

Have fun at the zoo today, Baby Pete."

As Paul Purple drives toward his job, he stops at George Green's house.

George Green rides to work with Paul Purple to save fuel.

They work together at the car factory, assembling automobiles.

Georgeana Green kisses George goodbye.

Baby Gina tosses quietly in her crib.

The phone rings. Georgeana answers.

"Good morning, Georgeana, how are you today? Baby Pete and I are going to Rainbow Zoo, and we're wondering if you and Baby Gina would like to go with us."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, Patty. Let me wake Baby Gina and feed her some breakfast. We will be ready soon."

"Georgeana, I'll get Baby Pete fed and changed then be right over."

"Okay, Georgeana, we'll see you soon."

"Goodbye now."

"Wakey-wakey, Baby Gina. How would you like to go to the zoo today with Baby Pete?"

Baby Gina smiles and says, "Mama-zoo-Baby Pete."

Georgeana gets Baby Gina out of her crib.

"Let's go take a bath and get ready. Patty and Baby Pete will be here shortly."

Meanwhile, Patty Purple feeds Baby Pete and dresses for their trip to Rainbow Zoo.

"We're ready, Baby Pete. Now we're off to Baby Gina's."

"Let's make sure you're fastened in, okay."

Patty Purple drives to the Greens' house on Shamrock Street to pick up Georgeana and Baby Gina.

Honk Honk. Patty honks the horn as she pulls up in front of Georgeana's house.

Georgeana says, "Let's go, Baby Gina; we're off to Rainbow Zoo."

Georgeana puts Baby Gina into her safety seat. "We're ready," she says.

Baby Gina looks at Baby Pete, and they both giggle and say "Yippee."

Patty Purple says to Baby Gina, "Are we going to get peanuts for the elephants today?"

Baby Gina nods her head.

"Wow, we're here already," says Baby Pete. "We're at Rainbow Zoo, kids," says Georgeana Green.

Patty Purple parks the car.

Patty and Georgeana get the kids out and put them into their strollers.

"What do you want to see first, the monkeys?" asks Georgeana.

They enter the zoo, getting their tickets at the gate.

"Let's get some peanuts for the elephants," says Patty Purple.

The four of them head toward the animals.

"Look, I see the monkeys," says Baby Pete.

Baby Gina utters, "mon-kees." Patty says to the children, "These are chimpanzees."

After waving at the monkeys, they stroll on toward the gorillas.

Baby Pete giggles. "Big monkeys," he says.

"Look, kids; someone has thrown them a banana," says Georgeana.

And down from the gorillas, they find another type of monkey called the gibbon monkey.

"Those are so cute," blurts Baby Pete.

Baby Gina nods her head in agreement.

As they venture further down the walk, they come upon the lion and the lionesses. "Big kitties!" shouts Baby Pete. Baby Gina says, "Wow, Ma."

Georgeana explains that the boy kitty with the big, hairy collar is called the lion. The girl kitty with no collar is called the lioness.

After watching them for a few minutes, Baby Gina says, "Bye-bye kitties."

Baby Pete waves as they venture forth to the next cage.

"There are some more big kitties," says Patty Purple.

"Pretty Kitties," says Baby Pete.

"Mm-hm," agrees Baby Gina.

"These kitties are called tigers," says Georgeana.

"Look at their pretty stripes," says Baby Pete.

"Wave goodbye to the tigers," says Patty Purple.

Georgeana asks the kids if they want to stop at the snack shack and say hello to their friend Paula Pink.

"Hi Paula," says Georgeana and Patty.

"Well, I didn't expect to see you guys here," says Paula Pink.

"Are you kids hungry?" asks Paula. "Let me buy lunch."

So Paula Pink buys her friends lunch.

"Tell Paula thank you," says Patty Purple.

"Thank you, Paula," the kids say.

Georgeana asks, "Shall we sit here and eat?"

They nod their heads.

"We'll sit here at this table," says Patty Purple.

"Look, from here we can watch the camels."

"Mama, look," says Baby Pete. "Someone is riding that camel."

Patty Purple says, "Yes, Baby Pete, they let you ride the camels if you're tall enough. Maybe next summer you'll be able to."

Baby Gina's enjoying her lunch.

"After we're done, we'll go feed the elephants some peanuts. They may be getting hungry too," says Patty Purple.

Georgeana hands the kids each a bag of peanuts.

Baby Gina and Baby Pete toss a couple handfuls of peanuts to the elephants.

"I can tell by the way they're smiling that they like them," says Patty Purple.

"Mama, what are those tall animals over there?" asks Baby Pete.

Patty Purple says, "Those are giraffes."

Baby Pete says, "They are as tall as a tree."

"And look over there," says Baby Pete. "Black and white horses."

"Those are the zebras," says Georgeana Green.

As they walk past the zebras, they come upon a big swimming pool.

"What are those, Mama?" asks Baby Pete.

"Those are dolphins." "Look, they are trying to jump through a hoop. They are trained to do that."

"And what are those over there?" asks Baby Pete.

Georgeana Green says to the children, "Those are seals."

"They like to play catch and balance the ball with their noses."

"I like to play catch too," says Baby Pete.

"We have a few more animals to see," says Georgeana Green.

Baby Gina waves goodbye to the seals.

On down the walk they hear some talking. Then they realize it is some birds.

"Wow, Mama," says Baby Pete. "Those are so pretty. And they are talking."

"They are called parrots," says Patty Purple.

"Polly want a cracker?" Patty says to the biggest parrot. The parrot repeats it: "Polly want a cracker?" And they all laugh.

"Bye-bye, birdies," says Baby Pete.

"Bye-bye, birdies," repeats the parrot. "On to the next animals," says Patty Purple.

They walk down a bit from the parrot cage and come upon some very large grey animals that have large horns on their noses.

The baby has a small horn on its nose also.

"What are these?" asks Baby Pete.

Patty Purple explains, "These are called rhinoceroses." "The little one is the baby. And when it grows up, it will be as big as the others," says Georgeana Green.

"Are you ready to see the last few animals, kids?" asks Patty Purple.

"Sure," says Baby Pete. Baby Gina nods her head.

"Well, let's go," says Georgeana Green.

"Look," says Baby Pete. "They are swimming in a pond."

"Yes," says Patty Purple, "These are the hippopotamuses. They are also called hippos. They like to cool off by going into the water."

Baby Gina yawns.

"Looks like someone is getting sleepy," says Patty Purple.

"Me too," says Baby Pete.

"Did you kids have a good time today?" asks Georgeana Green.

They both nod their heads.

"Well, we had better get going and get you kids home so you can take a nap," says Patty Purple.

They start heading toward the car.

After arriving at Patty Purple's car, Georgeana and Patty put the kids in their safety seats.

Then they put the strollers away in the trunk.

"Buckle up!" says Baby Pete to Patty Purple and Georgeana Green as they are getting in their seats.

"Let's say bye-bye to Rainbow Zoo," says Georgeana Green as Patty pulls out of the parking lot.

Maybe next time we go somewhere together, we'll go play at Rainbow Park."

Baby Gina smiles.

And Baby Pete says, "Yippee!"


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