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The Color of Grace by Linda Kage, Harris Channing

When my mother remarried after thirteen years of being a widow, I had to move to a new town and enroll in a new school. Suddenly thrust into an entirely different kind of life, I just wanted to go home. I didn't want to meet new people, didn't want to leave my old friends, didn't want to become a third wheel to my mom and her husband....and I really didn't want to see Ryder Yates again. Ugh, I still don't know why I turned down that too-good-to-be-true boy who flirted with me when we were attending separate schools.

But honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was worse.

Who knew becoming lost in a new life could help a girl find her true colors?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611605280
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Publication date: 10/23/2015
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

Linda grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now she lives in Kansas with her husband, toddler daughter, and their nine cuckoo clocks. She works a day job in the acquisitions department of a university library and feels her life has been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing's always been a major part of her world, and she's thrilled to finally share some of her stories with other romance lovers. You can visit her website at:

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The Color Of Grace 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
SabTheBookEater More than 1 year ago
To be honest I really didn't expect to enjoy this book that much. The synopsis didn't do much for me and I didn't like the cover either (sorry). I was only interested because I'm always looking for the next best YA contemporary romance. But just 4% into the book (says my Kindle app)... MAN WAS I HOOKED. You know how they say never to judge a book by it's cover? Totally true! Five reasons why you should add The Color of Grace to your TBR pile:  Grace. Linda Kage created such a relatable and lovable main character in the form of Grace Indigo. She's a total nerd (her group of friends are is called the nerd herd) but she's not socially awkward in any way... except maybe when she first met Ryder. What I loved about Grace was how she dealt with all the craziness around her. She used to be a nerd until she moved to a new school. She didn't necessarily become cool but she did get labeled cool by association. She started hanging out with the cool kids, and two totally hot guys were fighting over her (although it's not because both like her, the other one's just trying to piss Ryder off) but she didn't lose sight of who she truly was. I just hate it when female protagonists go down the Cady Heron route (you know, Mean Girls). It makes for a good story, but often times I just get frustrated. Anyway, I think Grace was an overall great character. I loved her from start to finish. Ryder. Honestly I almost wrote about Ryder first but I had to change it because duh the book's named The Color of GRACE. Ryder Yates. Remember I said the story already had me hooked at 4%? Well, it's because of Ryder. This boy is smooth. Now just to give you an idea... “Really?” Forty-two answered, sounding surprised, and not moving on at all. “Not interested, huh? Well, that’s…interesting.” Unable to help myself, I looked up. He grinned, unaffected by my brush off. “What is ‘Not Interested’ anyway? A family name? Irish or something? Hmm. It sounds…German?” With no other witty lines left in my arsenal of comebacks, I panicked. Tucking my camera close, I spun from Mr. Perfect and scampered off. “Hey, where’re you going?” His voice, confused yet curious, called after me. “Hey. Why didn’t your mother name you Maybe, or We’ll See, or What’s-Your-Number? That way, we could call our first born Absolutely.”  COME ON!!! Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Ryder Yates. (moment) And we're back! Aside from the utter smoothness (that didn't come out right) and obviously gorgeous exterior, what made me swoon and go crazy with the Kindle app's highlighter was how honest Ryder was with Grace. He was very vocal with his feelings for Grace - there were no mind games! Ryder wasn't like most hot/cool guys usually present in YA books nowadays and I liked that. Grace and Ryder. Like I said, there weren't mind games involved. I mean, sure they were reluctant at first and it took some time for them to become official, but they definitely knew they had something. You can just feel their chemistry and I really enjoyed how cute they were together... even when they were fighting!!! *smiles dreamily* Conflict. Totally didn't see that coming. Well... along the way you'll somehow know but I didn't expect the climax of the book to be that! I was actually glad the conflict was something off tangent. It was a surprising turn of events but in a good way. Colors. Every chapter in the book starts with Grace figuring out which color best describes her and I think it was nice reading her insights. I think it made the character building better and it definitely added more depth to the story. But that's just me. It's just that I've never really given much thought to colors and it was nice seeing how Grace characterized colors, all the possible meanings behind them and who she associates them with. I think the only reason why I couldn't give this a 5-star rating was the last part of the epilogue. It was a happily ever after, no doubt about that. Sometimes I like seeing a story follow through in the epilogue but sometimes I like leaving some things to my fantasies... and that's why I wasn't so happy with the ending. I felt like I was being teased! :-( No, I can't explain myself further because I'll only end up spoiling it for you. Yes, I still think it's a great read.  No, I do not ship Ryder and Grace. Yes, I wish the YA book gods would bring Ryder Yates to life because I ship Ryder and me. HA
princess_sara More than 1 year ago
First, a big thank you to Linda Kage for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed The Color of Grace. I am so glad I took the time to read it. Grace is an 11th grader that is about to transfer to her rival school thanks to her mom remarrying. At the last basketball game she attends as a member of her old school she literally runs into Ryder Yates, a player for the rival school she would soon attend, while trying to take pictures for the yearbook. This is when I immediately knew I was going to like this story. His flirting with her was so cute and endearing, even though she blew him off, that I knew I had to learn more about these characters. Grace is kind of shy, and is not very fluent when it comes to talking to hot guys. And Ryder is the perfect-all-around-high-school guy. He hangs around with the populars, but he isn't one of them. He is nice and has manners, but he just has that personality where everyone flocks to him, and being very good looking doesn't hurt. When these two run into each other at school three weeks after their initial run-in, it is not all instant love, maybe instant attraction. And it is not all smooth sailing. Ryder now has a girlfriend, and Ryder's best friend has decided he wants Grace since she is the only girl that has ever turned Ryder down. This is the start of the games. But all is not well at home for Grace, and soon you learn that Mr. Stepdad is not all he is cracked up to be. With no real friends she feels she can truly turn to, she ends up seeking help from Ryder. He also has a new betrayal of his own that he has uncovered and is dealing with. No they do not jump into a romance together to deal with their new problems. Like a great, awesome friend, Ryder helps her out and she helps him, too. In the end, he gives her the strength to face her giant problem and tell the truth to her mother. And then they fall more in love. They, of course had been falling for each other before the end, but in the end it can all finally come together. This is a great story of frienship, flirting, lying, cheating, romance, and a big heavy issue (that discusted me) that you will have to read to find out. Highly recommend to teens and adults.
Hazel_G More than 1 year ago
What Color Are You? .. Great YA Read! The Color of Grace is a YA romance written by Linda Kage. The Rundown: Grace Indigo lives a simple but happy little life with her mom, who she gets along with really well, and she's part of a four person group known as the nerd-herd at her school. On her last night as a Hillsburg student, she attends a basketball game to root once more for her schools failing team. While taking pictures for the yearbook she literally runs into one of the opposing teams players, Ryder Yates. His gorgeous green eyes and brilliant smile bring on a bout of nervousness and she stumbles over their first meeting, playing off shyness as disinterest. Not forgetting about Ryder and his handsome smile, she hopes for a new adventure and maybe a budding romance when she's forced to attend his school after moving with her mother to her new step-dads house. But when she gets to her new school, she finds things are not as she hoped and the boy of her dreams has a girlfriend. Struggling with a new school, making new friends, losing contact with her old ones, a distant mother who used to be her best friend and her hopes for a wonderful step-father dashed, Grace must find a way to get through each day without losing herself or who she wants to be. The Review: The Color of Grace is an enjoyable and touching read with a simple but great story. I thought it was well written and kept me glued to the pages as I read it in one sitting. I really liked Grace's character. She seemed grounded and full of life and you could tell she was trying to come out of her shell and stay the person she was before the move. But with new "friends", new experiences and a daunting family life, everything has changed and she finds herself changing as well. First the first time in her life, she's shed her nerd status and is suddenly amongst the popular crowd and she's not sure if she likes them and wants to be a part of them. And then there's her mother who has been single for thirteen years and Grace has grown up without a father so she's excited about the prospect of having an actual male role model in her life but things don't turn out as she'd hope and she's thrust into scary and frightening situations. She really finds herself having no one to turn to except the one person she doesn't want to confide in. Her situation was realistic and moving. Ryder who has his own drama unfolding, wants to be something more than what he is. I loved him. His character was solid and I thought he had the most potential out of the whole cast of characters. He was the popular boy who wanted to be liked for who he really was and not because of his status. He was also the one who was misjudged the most but had the biggest heart. Loved: There were so many wonderful things about this story. I loved the colors and their meaning at the beginning of each chapter and how it related to what was going on in the story. I loved the ending, I loved the imagery of the glove in the snow and what it represented and I also loved the BFF's nerd-herd and the accurate depiction of what teens have to endure during their high school years. There were some really great moments in this book. Could have been better: As much as I enjoyed this book and the story, I was a bit disappointed at the romance angle. There was a huge conflict between the mains, Grace and Ryder and they spent the majority of the book at odds with one another. I wish there had been more of a romance and more interaction between them. I just felt like the romance was lacking and could have been better. The Wrap Up: This was a charming and lovely read with a bit of romance and a realistic yet scary situational story and I'd definitely suggest it to others. I loved the writing style of the author and I can't wait to read her other works. NOTE:: I read this as a R2R with We ♥ YA Books! with Goodreads. As always, a special thank you to the mods and author for allowing me to participate.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
From the very beginning of this novel I found myself lost in the imagery that Kage so masterfully created. She used it to create a phenomenal backdrop and surreal descriptions for her story. She also brings the symbolism of color in both art and literature to the forefront of her descriptions and the story itself. These all come together seamlessly to create a story that you get completely lost in. The characters become so real that you cannot help but giggle along with them, and your heart goes out to them time and time again when things go wrong. You cannot help but wonder what you would do if you found yourself struggling through similar situations. Everything seems so real that at times you forget that you are reading the pages of a book rather than living them yourself. I fully commend the author for bringing very difficult situations to the attention of readers. Unfortunately these situations are all too often present and hidden or overlooked in today’s society. Kage not only writes of the struggles of one young girl faced with these issues, but also shows how to rectify the situation, regardless of how difficult it may be. This is a huge eye-opening novel for today’s young readers that completely illustrates the point that it is not your fault. It is also a captivating read for adults and young adults alike. When I finished this novel I found myself wanting more. It’s not that there was anything missing from the story, but rather I wanted to continue the journey through life with these characters that I had come to love.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
Grace’s dad dies when she is young leaving just her and her mom. At age 16, Grace’s mom remarries and they move to a new town and a new high school. The day before the move Grace’s old school is playing the new school in basketball and she meets Ryder. Ryder is a popular basketball player from her new school. He took and immediate interest in Grace, even as she did everything possible to be “not interested.” Even though Ryder has a cheerleader girlfriend and Grace ends up dating Ryder’s best friend, they are still drawn to each other while trying to respect each other’s relationships. I loved this book! At age 16, I moved to a different state with my family. Grace’s feelings mirrored so many of what I felt. Her fear of a new school, new friends, and a new house were so real. I could definitely relate to her. Linda Kage caught all those teenage fears exactly as they are felt. The color symbolism is one of my favorite things in this book. I loved how each chapter started with a different color and how that color related to Grace’s life. Starting each chapter this was gave me an extra insight to Grace’s thoughts and feelings. Ryder was my hero. When I moved I had my own Ryder. That person who takes you under their wings and helps you adjust. It was great that the relationship turned into romance. The fact that Ryder is cute, funny, and kind just adds to his charm. Where I would usually enjoy the adult parts of the story, for this book I enjoyed the teen storylines more. I do feel this book is more of a Young Adult selection, but I totally loved everything about The Colors of Grace.
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks More than 1 year ago
Linda Kage's The Color of Grace is fabulous! Kage's writing style flows easily and engages readers immediately. Grace is such an endearing character; it's so easy to become wrapped up in her life, her problems, and hopes. The Color of Grace walks readers through Grace's life just as she's about to begin a new one. Her mother just remarried and Grace must transfer to a new school nearby, which is also home to the player Grace embarrassed herself in front of at the last basketball game she attended: Ryder Yates. Grace doesn't slide easily into her new life as it's filled with challenges, some every teen faces at one point, and others no teen should ever experience. Grace is used to being part of a small group of friends, but in her new school Grace is virtually alone before her tentative friendship with the popular crowd. She learns that her new stepfather is known as the town's 'creep' and that Ryder Yates is more than a talented jock and the popular guy dating the head cheerleader. It seems as though the characters like Grace's mother, or Ryder, help shape Grace and give her the extra push she needs to see herself as she really is and who she can become. She's struggling to adjust to a new routine while the relationship with her mother is falling apart and she and Ryder are dancing a tango of attraction and misunderstandings. The Color of Grace is not necessarily a quick read, but Kage knows exactly how to keep readers engaged and fighting sleep to read just one more page! It's possible to finish the book in the same day of beginning the novel. Grace is a humorous character and speaks a language that teens and adults will understand. I would love to see more characters like Grace who can have fun while keeping serious matters at heart and who can see past themselves to the realities of life. The Color of Grace hits the spot in an appetizing showcase of Linda Kage's down-to-earth writing style. My final verdict is to not miss out on this highly recommended novel! Originally posted on Lovey Dovey Books *ebook provided by author in exchange for an honest review and blog tour purposes*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good read! Fast paced with teen and adult themes. Will look for books by this author in the future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago