The Color of Home: A Novel

The Color of Home: A Novel

by Rich Marcello

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A love story for today, an open and striking look into the private relationship of a musician and chef living in New York City.

Can two people stay connected for a lifetime and each know the complete truth about the other? When New Yorker Nick Satterborn falls in love with Sassa Vikander, he�s convinced the answer is yes.

Nick Satterborn. Songwriter. Dabbler on the spiritual path. Survivor.

Sassa Vikander. Stunning chef. Seeker on the path of most resistance. Survivor.

Contentment percolates for a time, until the two are hurtled into a life of uncertainty, self-evaluation, and growth. Each dreams heroic dreams of overcoming his/her past, rising out of sadness, rediscovering home, finding peace. Their worlds dissolve and reform. People and events threaten to tear them apart.

The Color of Home is a story of love, of loss, of digging deep down to the bottom of things until maybe, just maybe, Nick and Sassa find the strength to become whole. Their journey offers a unique, honest glimpse into the life and love of a palpably rare relationship of our time.

"The Color of Home sings an achingly joyful blues tune. It�s the song of
lives stripping away the hardened scars until all that�s left is the possibility
of each other. It�s a tune we�ve all sung, but seldom with such
poetry and depth. Read this and weep... and laugh, and sing, and sing
some more.� Myron Rogers, co-author of A Simpler Way.

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BN ID: 2940149568574
Publisher: Langdon Street Press
Publication date: 12/03/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 322
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About the Author

If Rich Marcello could choose only one creative mentor, he'd give the role to Jonathan Richmond and the Modern Lovers. This is not only because he currently resides in New England, where Jonathan started, but because of his life as a contemporary fiction author, poet and songwriter, whose literary inspiration often stems from songs he's written.

Rich grew up in New Jersey surrounded by song and word. For a while it seemed right to travel the musician's path, especially during his stint in his college folk group, at The University of Notre Dame, where he wrote and recorded his first original songs. But, as is true for many musicians, graduation led him down a different road, one on which he found his love for high technology. There, he enjoyed a successful career as a technology executive, managing several multi-billion dollar businesses for Fortune 500 companies.

During his time in technology he never stopped creating art. Eventually, his love for song and the written word grew to the point where he walked away from his first career to pursue poetry, song, and fiction with the same enthusiasm and discipline he demonstrated in business. In The Color Of Home, his literary voice melds all three together with honest generative dialogue, poetic sensory detail, and �unforgettable characters who seem to know the complete song catalog of Lennon or Cohen.� He�s currently working on his second novel, The Big Wide Calm, which will be published on 2014.

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The Color of Home: A Novel 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
dreplogle More than 1 year ago
I believe that there is a thing about too much introspection in one's life. This is why it took me so long to finish this. If you like that navel gazing sort of thing, then this is the story for you. Basically, the story is: boy meets girl, they fall in love, they admit they are soulmates, they stay together for a year, and girl decides that they would be better off if they were apart for a few years to see if they're love is really true and will last 50 years (her words) Huh? Boy is devastated, but how would he stop her? So they separate, and only meet annually to discuss their relationship. Double huh? During this time boy (who keeps thinking it's his fault) trys different types of soul searching: seeing a counselor, hiding in his room crying, traveling out west to try his hand at Native American Spirtualism, etc. Girl moves to a different city, starts a new job and has a love affair. Besides all the navel contemplation going on, all I kept thinking was how incredibly selfish the Girl is. Boy wants her to do her thing, build her dreams, give her support; he just wants to be there in her life - Remember they've both admitted that they're soulmates. But no, she doesn't want him there, even though she thinks of him all the time. Boy finally finds someone to love, and I really liked this character. She was strong, opinionated, smart and talented. She believed in living in the moment. Of course, she was 24 years old and had the energy to do that, but she dies in an accident. Too bad, I would have liked to have seen where she took her life. Boy retreats to the wilderness to mourne her, writes songs and gets a dog (best move he's made in the entire story). OK, so the upshot of all this is that the original two get back together, and get married, but I really wonder if it's going to last.
meghanrye600 More than 1 year ago
Rich Marcello’s ‘The Color of Home’ feels like Nick Hornby’s music-infused novel, ‘High Fidelity’ or ‘Juliet, naked’, not in plot but in how the book leaves you awash in certain feelings you can’t really move on from. Which is my way of saying ‘the Color of Home’ is a book that stays with you even long after you’ve read it. Having recently read Rich Marcello’s other book, ‘The Big Wide Calm,’ I approached this book with certain expectations, all of which have been delightfully exceeded. The author does not merely craft love stories—he creates a reading experience that will deeply move you on many levels. ‘The Color of Home’, at its heart, is the story of two people who fall in love: musician Nick and chef Sassa. I mean, if there is any couple pairing more interesting than a chef and musician, then I don’t know what is, because Nick and Sassa only happen to be coming from two of my most favourite professions. But what make the book such a compelling read is not the things that easily take place, but rather because of those that don’t—meeting at a time and circumstance that Sassa feels “not right” for them to consummate what they feel for each other, they more or less part ways and try to live their lives. Meanwhile, they change, they meet others, their lives unravel, so that in the end, when they finally meet again, it could not be more right. But more than that, what happens in between—how author Rich Marcello succeeds in crafting well-rounded, believable characters we could not help but root for—is pure gravy. Overall, ‘The Color of Home’ is like the product of another John Green-David Levithan literary effort, except Rich Marcello richly deserves his own distinct commendation—he has his own way with words, his uncanny knack for pulling and tugging at your heartstrings, without sacrificing anything on the altar of hackneyed prose. This is top-notch literature, and one I hope will get optioned for a Hollywood version. Get a copy. An astounding book I highly recommend, even to friends and loved ones. ‘The Color of Home’ deserves five stars all the way.
AKreutter More than 1 year ago
Rich Marcello's novel, The Color of Home brings readers back a time in their lives when passion is a fire running through the veins, the central force that rules our lives and propels us through the world. The protagonist, Nick Satterborn becomes entranced by Sassa Vikander, a young chef who has built walls to protect herself from the world. Sassa is the very definition of fleeting, staying in relationships for a year at a time and drifting from place to place. Nick, the intellectual and pensive musician is determined to break through Sassa's walls and reveal what is in her heart. To Nick, Sassa is home, a place, an atmosphere, and a warmth he has been unable to pin down over the years. However, Sassa's mercurial nature causes her to evade him, and causes Nick to wonder if wholeness is needed for love to blossom or does love grow in places where one is already whole? A fiery, passionate and engrossing read by a passionate and adept writer, The Color of Home will draw you in and keep you there just like Sassa Vikander herself.
Deal_Sharing_Aunt More than 1 year ago
This was a fascinating look at true love. To know your soul mate and true love is wonderful. To open your heart and let someone else in is another matter. I have never read a book that focused on the relationship rather than the characters. This was a great look at the relationship between the main characters and how they struggled, and worked to get their bond where they wanted it to be. I loved that music was weaved into the plot. The Author was definitely heard through his words. I could visualize the author's poetic words as if I was there experiencing what was happening. I can not wait to read more from this author. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy to review, however all opinions are my own. 
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Tamera Lawrence for Readers' Favorite Song writer Nick Satterborn is on a mission. He is mesmerized by the beautiful, elusive Sassa Vikander, determined to get into her head and find out what makes her tick. Determination pays off when Sassa is slowly exposed, piece by piece, as Nick falls fast in love with her and the two finally move in together. Although the currents that bind them run deep, Sassa has scars, not only physically from a car accident but deep in her expressive soul. But Nick’s determination to find a way to make the relationship last keeps him preoccupied with seeds of doubt. Will their love survive over the test of time?  Or can true love prevail in a world that all too often calls it quits? The Color of Home by Rich Marcello is a captivating love story between soul mates destined to live together as one. Good food, wine, and music are abundant in this heart-felt tale set in New York. The author did a great job of digging into the hearts and souls of his characters and bringing them to life. Also compelling is the atmosphere in which they find one another and the deep-seated conversations that bind the gaps between the pair. The Color of Home is an ideal love story that takes a reader far from the physical aspects of a relationship and instead brings into play the love that truly binds those who were meant to be. A good read by a talented writer.