The Colossal Book of Quick Skits: Bite-Sized Plays to Provoke and Ponder

The Colossal Book of Quick Skits: Bite-Sized Plays to Provoke and Ponder

by Paul McCusker


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Fun, thought-provoking, quick to rehearse and easy to perform, here are one hundred sketches designed for use in any setting where you'd like to entertain or stimulate discussion. They are ideal for youth groups or schools, as sermon illustrations, and as discussion starters.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780825461071
Publisher: Lion Hudson
Publication date: 01/28/2007
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Paul McCusker is creative director at Focus on the Family. He has sold more than a million books and twenty million audio dramas. His name is also heard daily on radio stations all over the world, and by at least two million listeners every weekend through the Adventures in Odyssey series.

Table of Contents

Accountability: Avoiding accountability     11
Activism: Family boycott     15
Adjusting to change: Normal     19
AIDS and God's judgement: God's judgement     22
Application of Christian knowledge: Academics     25
Arguing: Words     29
Articulating the faith: Exegetical explanations     32
Attitudes: church: About church     34
Befriending the unpopular: Len's birthday     37
Being Christ-like: Nice     42
Being men of God: Men of God     46
Being single: Single girls     51
Break-up of a marriage: Too nice     54
Charity: Tramps     58
Christian consumerism: In the ghetto     61
Christian experience: Contrasts     66
Christians and affairs: Where it begins     70
Christmas: Christmas feelings     73
Church divisions: Divisions     77
Church unity: Unity     80
Church visitors: The visitors     83
Communicating the faith: Formulas     86
Communicating with God: Revelation     88
Communication: A case of communication     93
Communication: Party invitation     101
Compatibility: Fun to talk to     104
Conflict: Pre-emptive strike     107
Constructive arguing: The fight     111
Dating those who don't believe: Worried     114
Differences between men and women: On the motorway     117
Division in the church: Church splits     122
Dysfunctional behaviour: Martin     126
Evangelism: The query     130
Evangelism: The question     134
Evangelism: The woman at the well     137
Faith and healing: Healing     141
False faces: Dirty laundry     144
Family: For the good of the family (Priorities)     147
Family: Grandad     150
Fatherhood: Dad's hotline     153
Giving: Giving     163
God's will in dating: Rob's will     168
Hearing God: God told me     172
Home life: Trapped     175
Humour: Life of the party     178
Involvement: Too many programmes, too many courses     181
Keeping the spark alive in relationships: Spontaneous     184
Knowing God's calling: The calling     187
Knowing God's will: The chair     190
Living truthfully: Honestly     193
Lust: Desire     195
Lust: So...what's wrong with it?     198
Marriage preparation: Pre-marital questions     202
Marriage: Dealing with your spouse's relatives: Christmas at home?     205
Mental illness: Depressed     208
Mid-life crisis: Good old Harry     211
Mid-life crisis: The mid-life crisis     214
Money: Overdraft     222
Neatness: A place for everything     225
Obedience: It wasn't my fault     228
Ordination of women: Women     231
Orthodoxy: Protection     234
Outward appearances: Dramatic conversions     237
Parental control: Be reasonable     242
Patience with spiritual growth: Instant Christianity     245
Perseverance: The marathon runners (a parable)     248
Prayer: The hypochondriac     252
Priorities: Modest living     256
Priorities: Promises     259
Reconciliation: For the kids     262
Relationships: Divorce: The date     265
Relationships: Fathers: The phone     268
Relationships: Lateness: Late again     271
Self-esteem: Confidence     274
Self-indulgence: The coat of many needles     277
Sensitivity: Down from the mountain-top      282
Sharing the faith: Quite a surprise     285
Single parents: Busy mum     289
Spiritual gifts: Gifts     296
Spiritual warfare: War wear     300
Staying at home: Bored     304
The differences between men and women: Expectations     307
The elderly: Interview with an old man     310
The essence of faith and maturity: Interview with an old woman     315
The flaws in church: Going to church     320
The generation gap: Depraved     323
The generation gap: Whose music?     326
The influence of television: Life on the box     329
The perception of Christianity: The date (2)     332
The price of success: Executive decisions     337
The significance of place: The family room     341
The Sixties and their effect on this generation: The Sixties     344
The social stigma of faith: The secret     348
The value of professional counsellors: Therapy     354
Time/Busyness: No time     360
Tithing: Tithes     363
Tolerance: The nice creed     366
Unemployment: What's the matter with Dad?     371
Unnecessary guilt: Guilty     374
Who you are versus what you own: The test drive     377

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