The Columbia Masters

The Columbia Masters

CD(Special Edition)

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Available exclusively from Sony's Pop Market website, The Columbia Masters is a compact, 16-disc box set that includes Earth, Wind & Fire's 15 Columbia albums -- from 1972's Last Days and Time through 1990's Heritage -- individually packaged in mini-LP replica sleeves. A 16th disc, dubbed Constellations: The Universe of Earth, Wind & Fire, collects rarities and several of leader Maurice White's outside productions for the likes of Ramsey Lewis, Neil Diamond, and Barbra Streisand. There's also a thick booklet with notes penned by White. Since EW&F's Columbia releases were remastered
eissued in 2004, a fair portion of the group's devout fans will see this as redundant; part of that faction will also covet disc 16, unavailable elsewhere. Those who had been waiting for a comprehensive box finally get one, with a price that should average out to less than 10.00 U.S. dollars per disc.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/12/2012
Label: Sony
UPC: 0886978946928
catalogNumber: 789469
Rank: 27568


Disc 1

  1. Time Is On Your Side
  2. Interlude #
  3. They Don't See
  4. Interlude #2
  5. Make It With You
  6. Power
  7. Remember the Children
  8. Interlude #3
  9. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
  10. I'd Rather Have You
  11. Mom

Disc 2

  1. Evil
  2. Keep Your Head to the Sky
  3. Build Your Nest
  4. The World's a Masquerade
  5. Clover
  6. Zanzibar

Disc 3

  1. Mighty Mighty
  2. Devotion
  3. Fair but So Uncool
  4. Feelin' Blue
  5. Kalimba Story
  6. Drum Song
  7. Tee Nine Chee Bit
  8. Spasmodic Movements
  9. Rabbit Seed
  10. Caribou
  11. Open Our Eyes

Disc 4

  1. Shining Star
  2. That's the Way of the World
  3. Happy feelin'
  4. All About Love
  5. Yearnin' Yearnin'
  6. Reasons
  7. Africano
  8. See The Light

Disc 5

  1. Introduction by MC Perry Jones
  2. Africano/Power Medley: Africano/Power
  3. Yearnin' Learnin'
  4. Devotion
  5. Sun Goddess
  6. Reasons
  7. Sing a Message to You
  8. Shining Star
  9. New World Symphony
  10. Interlude #1
  11. Sunshine
  12. Sing a Song
  13. Gratitude
  14. Celebrate
  15. Interlude #2
  16. Can't Hide Love

Disc 6

  1. Getaway
  2. On Your Face
  3. Imagination
  4. Spirit
  5. Saturday Nite
  6. Earth, Wind & Fire
  7. Departure
  8. Biyo
  9. Burnin' Bush

Disc 7

  1. Serpentine Fire
  2. Fantasy
  3. In the Marketplace (Interlude)
  4. Jupiter
  5. Love's Holiday
  6. Beijo (AKA Brazilian Rhyme) (Interlude)
  7. I'll Write a Song For You
  8. Magic Mind
  9. Runnin'
  10. Brazilian Rhyme (AKA Ponta de Areia)
  11. Be Ever Wonderful

Disc 8

  1. Got To Get You Into My Life
  2. Fantasy
  3. Can't Hide Love
  4. Love Music
  5. Getaway
  6. That's the Way of the World
  7. September
  8. Sining Star
  9. Reasons
  10. Sing a Song

Disc 9

  1. In the Stone
  2. Can't Let Go
  3. After the Love Has Gone
  4. Let Your feelings Show
  5. Boogie WOnderland
  6. Star
  7. Wait
  8. Rock That!
  9. You and I

Disc 10

  1. Let Me Talk
  2. Turn It Into Something Good
  3. Pride
  4. You
  5. Sparkle
  6. Back on the Road
  7. Song in My Heart
  8. You Went Away
  9. And Love Gones On
  10. Sailaway
  11. Take It to the Sky
  12. Win or Lose
  13. Share Your Love
  14. In Time
  15. Oriental (Interlude)
  16. Faces
  17. Pipe Organ (Interlude)

Disc 11

  1. Let's Groove
  2. Lady Sun
  3. My Love
  4. Evolution Orange
  5. Kalimba Tree
  6. You Are a Winner
  7. I've Had Enough
  8. Wanna Be With You
  9. The Changing Times

Disc 12

  1. Fall in Love With Me
  2. Spread Your Love
  3. Side by Side
  4. Straight from the Heart
  5. The Speed of Love
  6. Freedom of Choice
  7. Something Special
  8. Hearts to Heart
  9. Miracles

Disc 13

  1. Magnetic
  2. Touch
  3. Moonwalk
  4. Could It Be Right
  5. Spirit of a New World
  6. Sweet Sassy Lady
  7. We're Living in OUr Own Time
  8. Electric Nation

Disc 14

  1. System of Survival
  2. Evil Roy
  3. Thinking of You
  4. You and I
  5. New Horizons (Musical Interlude)
  6. Money Tight
  7. Every Now and Then
  8. Touch the World
  9. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow
  10. Victim of the Modern Heart

Disc 15

  1. Interlude: Soweto
  2. Takin' Chances
  3. Heritage
  4. Good Time
  5. Interlude: Body Wrap
  6. Anything You Want
  7. Interlude: Bird
  8. Wanna Be the Man
  9. Interlude: Close to Home
  10. Daydreamin'
  11. King of Groove
  12. I'm In Love
  13. For the Love of You
  14. Motor
  15. Interlude: Faith
  16. Welcome
  17. Soweto

Disc 16

  1. Getaway
  2. Boogie Wonderland
  3. Saturday Nite
  4. Hot Dawgit
  5. Brazilian Rhyme (AKA Ponta De Areia) (Extended Interlude)
  6. I Am Love
  7. Let's Groove
  8. Easy Lover
  9. Time Machine
  10. Kalimba Tree
  11. Stand By Me
  12. Eyes of Hope
  13. Insensitive
  14. Turn On (The Beat Box)
  15. Sand Up for Love
  16. In the Stone

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Earth, Wind & Fire   Primary Artist
Skylark   Drums,Background Vocals
Philip Bailey   Percussion,Conga,Vocals,Background Vocals
Walter Hawkins   Vocals
Maurice White   Percussion,Drums,Timbales,Vocals,Background Vocals,Kalimba,Vocoder
Dorothy Ashby   Harp
George Duke   Piano
Jerome Richardson   Saxophone
Bobby Bryant   Trumpet
Azar Lawrence   Prophet Synthesizer
Abe Most   Flute
Herman Riley   Saxophone
David Foster   Keyboards
Roland Bautista   Acoustic Guitar,Soloist
Marlon McClain   Guitar
Marilyn Baker   Viola
Sid Page   Violin
Ramsey Lewis   Electric Piano,fender rhodes
Martin Page   Synthesizer,Background Vocals
Phil Ayling   Flute
Brenton Banks   Viola
Arnold Belnick   Violin
Blanche Belnick   Violin
Gary Bias   Saxophone,Alto Saxophone
Frankie Blue   Guitar,Percussion,Guest Appearance
Harry Bluestone   Violin
Roger Bobo   Tuba
Michael Boddicker   Synthesizer,Vocoder
George Bohannon   Trombone
Bill Bottrell   Finger Snapping
Oscar Brashear   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Robert Brookins   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Garnett Brown   Trombone
Robbie Buchanan   Synthesizer
Denyse Buffum   Violin,Viola
Thomas Buffum   Violin
David Campbell   Viola
Mark Cargill   Violin
Norman Carr   Violin
Charles Veal   Concert Master
Ronald Clark   Violin
Jeff Clayton   Trombone
Jessica Cleaves   Vocals
Gary Coleman   Orchestra Bells
Michel Colombier   Keyboards
Ronald Cooper   Cello
Larry Corbett   Cello,Viola
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Sylvia Cox   Background Vocals
Rollice Dale   Viola
Isabelle Daskoff   Violin
Rahmlee Michael Davis   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Soloist
Harold Dicterow   Violin
Assa Drori   Violin,Concert Master
Larry Dunn   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards,Clavinet,Moog Synthesizer
Nathan East   Bass
Edwin Hawkins   Vocals
Arni Egilsson   String Bass
Sonny Emory   Drums
Brian Fairweather   Synthesizer,Background Vocals
Pavel Farkas   Violin
Henry Ferber   Violin
Chuck Findley   Trumpet
Ronald Folsom   Violin
Norman Forrest   Viola
Frederick Seykora   Cello,Viola
David Frisina   Violin,Concert Master
Ray Fuller   Guitar
Winterton Garvey   Violin
Irving Geller   Violin
James Getzoff   Violin,Concert Master
Attala Zane Giles   Guitar,Vocals
Preston Glass   Synthesizer,Electric Guitar
Pamela Goldsmith   Viola
Harris Goldman   Violin,Viola,Concert Master
Joseph Goodman   Violin
Jack Gootkin   Violin
Janice Gower   Violin,Concert Master
Johnny Graham   Guitar,Percussion
Endre Granat   Violin
Gary Grant   Horn
Rupert Greenall   Synthesizer
Terry Harrington   Flute
Allan Harshman   Viola
Zakir Hussain   Tabla
Jeanette Hawes   Background Vocals
Marlo Henderson   Guitar
Jerry Hey   Trumpet,Horn
Dan Higgins   Horn
Reginald Hill   Violin
Paula Hochhalter   Viola
Pam Hutchinson   Background Vocals
William Hymanson   Violin
Paul Jackson   Guitar
Josie James   Background Vocals
John Johnson   Tuba
Ralph Johnson   Percussion,Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals
Robert Jung   Violin
Anatol Kaminsky   Violin
Dennis Karmazyn   Cello
George Kast   Violin
Roland Kato   Viola
Myra Kestenbaum   Violin
Richard Klein   French Horn
Barbara Korn   French Horn
Gina Kronstadt   Violin
Carl LaMagna   Violin
Betty LaMagna   Violin
Abraham Laboriel   Bass
Janet Lakatos   Violin
Rhett Lawrence   Synthesizer,fairlight
Ricky Lawson   Drums,drum overdubs
Brian Leonard   Violin
Richard Lepore   Timpani
Marvin Limonick   Violin
Steve Lindsey   Horn
Linda Lipsett   Viola
Robert Lipsett   Violin
Charles Loper   Trombone
Steve Lukather   Guitar
Jacqueline Lustgarten   Cello
Joy Lyle   Violin
Steve Madaio   Trumpet
Earl Madison   Cello
Arthur Maebe   French Horn
Virginia Majewski   Viola
Michael Markman   Violin
Miguel Martinez   Cello
Harvey Mason   Percussion
Lew McCreary   Trombone,Bass Trombone
McKay   Guitar,Percussion,Sitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Soloist
Carole Mukogawa   Viola
Sidney Muldrow   French Horn
Billy Myers   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Don Myrick   Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Soloist
Nils Oliver   Cello
Don Palmer   Violin
Jeff Porcaro   Drums
Richard Perissi   French Horn
Jerry Peters   Organ,Piano,Keyboards
Greg Phillinganes   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Background Vocals,Soloist
Pierce   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Stanley Plummer   Violin
Benjamin Powell   Trombone
Ian Prince   Drums
Jerome Reisler   Violin,Viola
Dorothy Remsen   Harp
Sheldon Reynolds   Guitar,Background Vocals
Gale Robinson   French Horn
John "J.R." Robinson   Drums
Marilyn Robinson   French Horn
James Ross   Viola
Nathan Ross   Violin
Henry Roth   Violin
Meyer Rubin   Bass
Ruth Henry   Violin
Bob Sanov   Violin
Sheldon Sanov   Violin
Louis Satterfield   Trombone
Tom Saviano   Saxophone
Skip Scarborough   Piano,Keyboards
David Schwartz   Viola
Harry Shlutz   Cello
Haim Shtrum   Violin
Maurice Spears   Trombone
Charles Stepney   Electric Guitar,fender rhodes
Lya Stern   Violin
Butch Stewart   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart   Vocals
Linn Subotnick   Viola
Robert Sushel   Violin
Vicki Sylvester   Violin
Beloyd Taylor   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Barbara Thomason   Viola
Bo Tomlyn   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Pam Tompkins   Violin
Marcia Van Dyke   Violin
Carla Vaughn   Background Vocals
Wanda Vaughn   Background Vocals
Wayne Vaughn   Keyboards
Wayne Wallace   Horn
Miwako Watanabe   Violin
Fred Wesley   Trombone
Fred White   Percussion,Drums
Verdine White   Bass,Percussion,Vocals,Background Vocals
Jeanette Williams   Background Vocals
John Wittenberg   Violin
Andrew Woolfolk   Flute,Percussion,Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Ken Yerke   Violin
Billy Young   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Shari Zippert   Violin
Vincent DeRosa   French Horn
James Dunham   Viola
Dick Hyde   Trombone
Jan Kelly   Cello
Barry Socher   Violin
Jerome Webster   Violin
Mary Louise Zeyen   Viola
William Henderson   Violin
Marie Fera   Cello
Bill Hybel   Violin
Renita Koven   Viola
Susan Ranney   Bass
Sherman Bryana   Viola
Arkady Shindelman   Violin
Suzie Katayama   Cello
Marva Barnes   Background Vocals
Selene Burford   Viola
Nicole Bush   Violin
Nina Deveritch   Cello
Bobby Dubow   Violin
Albert Gill   Cello
Irving Giller   Violin
Lynette Hawkins-Stephens   Vocals
Norman Leonard   Violin
Mary D. Lindquist   Violin
Ms. Pluto   Vocals
Joel Soultanian   Viola
David Stockhammer   Violin
Laury Woods   Viola
Louise Zeyen   Cello
Michael "Patches" Stewart   Trumpet
Tommy Johnson   Tuba
Kuk Harrell   Percussion,Guest Appearance
Lawrence Williams   Flute,Saxophone
Sidney Sharp   Violin
Rick Kelly   Keyboards
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Trombone,Horn
Mari Tsumura-Botnick   Violin
Barbara Thomas   Viola
Fred Jackson   Flute,Saxophone
Sandy Seemore   Violin
Hawkins Family   Background Vocals
Mike McKnight   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Judy Jones   Background Vocals
Larry Hall   Trumpet
Leanna Sherman   Viola
Raymond Kelley   Cello
Nathan Rose   Violin
Mark Russo   Horn
William Kurasch   Violin
Glenn Dicterow   Violin
David Duke   French Horn
Paul Polivnick   Viola
Karen Jones   Violin
Myer Bello   Violin
George Del Barrio   Keyboards
Lynn Subotnick   Viola
Elmer Brown   Trumpet
Anton Sen   Violin
Donald Myrick   Horn,Soloist
Fred Jackson   Flute,Saxophone
James McGee   French Horn
Herschel Wise   Viola
Ronald Laws   Flute,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Alan de Veritch   Viola
Mary Lundquist   Violin
Eddie Del Barrio   Piano,Keyboards
Reggie Young   Trombone
Bill Myers   Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards
Robert Greenridge   Steel Drums
Michael Nowack   Violin
Gary Glenn   Keyboards
Ronald Strauss   Viola
Gary E. Grant   Trumpet
Ian Pierce   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Daniel W. Smith   Cello
Patricia Mathews   Viola
Martson Smith   Cello
Alan Robinson   French Horn
Ray Brown   Trumpet
Michael Harris   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Horn,Soloist
Ronald Kato   Viola
Maxanne Lewis   Piano
Martin Sosson   Violin
Lya Starn   Violin
Sani Murira   Lead
Joseph Shoenbaum   Violin
Harry Hymas   Viola
Harry Ferber   Violin
Douglass Davis   Cello
Dick Smith   Guitar,Guest Appearance
Brenton Bansk   Violin
Bernard Kudell   Violin
George Prince   French Horn
Nolan Smith   Trumpet
Gareth Nuttycombe   Viola
Rith Henry   Violin

Technical Credits

MC Hammer   Composer
Skylark   Composer
Pete Seeger   Composer
Philip Bailey   Composer,Producer,Synthesizer Arrangements
Edú Lobo   Composer
Phil Collins   Composer,Producer
Earth, Wind & Fire   Arranger,Composer
Ben E. King   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Maurice White   Arranger,Composer,Director,Producer,Executive Producer,Vocal Arrangements,Horn Arrangements
Larry Williams   Programming
George Duke   rhythm arrangement
David Foster   Composer,String Arrangements
Bill Champlin   Composer
Martin Page   Producer,Vocal Arrangements
John Agnello   Engineer
Robert Appere   Engineer
Glen Ballard   Composer
Frankie Blue   Producer,Engineer
Robert Brookins   Arranger,Producer,drum programming
Robbie Buchanan   Arranger,Producer
Bobby Colomby   Executive Producer
Warren Dewey   Engineer
Nathan East   Composer
Brian Fairweather   Vocal Arrangements,drum programming
Mitch Gibson   Engineer
Attala Zane Giles   drum programming,Synthesizer Arrangements
John Gilston   Simmons
Preston Glass   Producer,drum programming
Jay Graydon   Composer
Mick Guzauski   Engineer,Remixing,overdub engineer
Jerry Hey   Horn Arrangements,Synthesizer Arrangements
Paul Klingberg   Producer,Engineer
Rhett Lawrence   Programming,Producer,drum programming
Robert Macias   Engineer
George Massenburg   Engineer,Remixing
McKay   Producer
Billy Myers   Horn Arrangements
Kent Nebergall   Engineer
Tom Perry   Engineer,overdub engineer
Jerry Peters   Arranger
Greg Phillinganes   Composer
Pierce   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,drum programming
David Porter   Composer
Ian Prince   Arranger
Sheldon Reynolds   drum programming
David Rideau   Engineer
B. Russell   Composer
Skip Scarborough   Composer
Danny Sembello   drum programming
Charles Stepney   Arranger,Producer
Butch Stewart   Arranger,Producer,Horn Arrangements,drum programming
Tom Tom 84   Arranger,Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Wayne Vaughn   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Verdine White   Composer,Creative Assistance
Joseph Wissert   Producer
Jim Wood   Letter Design
Billy Young   Arranger,drum programming
D. Foster   Composer
Leo Sacks   Producer,Liner Notes,Annotation
Schmidt   Engineer
Ken Fowler   Engineer
Ron Pendragon   Engineer
Jesse Kanner   Engineer
Curt Wittig   Engineer
Tom Steele   Illustrations
Edward O'Dowd   Art Direction
Shusei Nagaoka   Illustrations
Art Macnow   Direction
Herb Powell   Annotation
Lee Lawrence   Cover Design
Dave Luke   Engineer
George Del Barrio   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
B. Spears   Composer
B. Meyers   Composer
A. McKay   Composer
A. Lawrence   Composer
N. O'Byrne   Composer
V. Carter   Composer
D. O'Connor   Composer
B. Fairweather   Composer
L. Lumkins   Composer
A.Z. Giles   Composer
Rev. Oliver Wells   Arranger,Composer,Synthesizer Arrangements
R. Bautista   Composer
R. Giles   Composer
R. Vannelli   Composer
S. Beckmeier   Composer
M. Stewart   Composer
M. Sharon   Composer
G. Glenn   Composer
M. Mueller   Composer
Eddie Del Barrio   Composer
F. White   Composer
E. Harris   Composer
J. Peters   Composer
B. Walsh   Composer
Eumir Deodato   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Bill Myers   Arranger,Producer,Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements,drum programming
Ian Pierce   Arranger,Producer
B. Taylor   Composer
Ben Wright   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
James M. Shea   Photo Assistance
Rich Salvato   Direction
Dan DeSouza   drum programming

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