The Commanders' Mate (Interstellar Brides Series #15)

The Commanders' Mate (Interstellar Brides Series #15)

by Grace Goodwin


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Commander Karter is a Prillon Warrior. His first duty is to protect his people, to defend the Coalition worlds from a fate too terrible to comprehend. Battle is his life. His heart. He fights. He has never once been selfish enough to believe he deserved an Interstellar Bride. Until he's matched at the worst possible time.

Astronomer Erica Roberts has always dreamed of seeing the stars. Volunteering as an Interstellar Bride is a win-win, not only will she be able to see the galaxy, but she's more than ready to take on the two alien warriors she's been promised. She's all in. But when she transports directly into the aftermath of a battle, she quickly learns this won't be an easy match. Her two commanders are torn between battling the Hive and battling their need for her.

If a new Hive weapon can destroy a Coalition battlegroup in the space of a single heartbeat, what will it do to Commander Karter's match? And how is he and his second supposed to keep their mate safe if they can't even save themselves?

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ISBN-13: 9781795901611
Publisher: KSA Publishing Consultants Inc
Publication date: 03/21/2019
Series: Interstellar Brides Series , #15
Pages: 202
Sales rank: 554,284
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.43(d)

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The Commanders' Mate 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
I really love this series. I especially love this book, so much so I am rereading it because I was so sad it ended. This is one of the best ones yet. We follow the story of Commander, his friend Ronan, and their mate Erica. All of the are strong characters and they complement each other very well. I have waited a long time for his happily ever after and now I only have left Wsrden Egara. I hope I don’t have to wait long, but I say that for every new book, which speaks to how good this series is. Enjoy, you won’t regret it!
Redrabbitt 7 months ago
MAY THE GODS WITNESS AND PROTECT YOU As with the other Interstellar Bride books by Ms. Grace Goodwin, they read great as a continuing saga, but each book will read well as a stand-alone. But, if you have been a loyal fan, you were cheering for Commander Karter being matched with a mate—even if now he was unsure if that should even take place. Throw in a surprise from his past and a strong, determined woman from Earth, and you have an amazing story. In the middle of a disaster in another sector, loss of lives, loss of another Commander and friend and to come face to face with a lifelong friend that you believed to be dead is shocking. Not near as much as a surprise as to be told that you mate from Earth was being transported to this ship, in the middle of a war zone. Commanders Karter and Wothar had always agreed that they would share a mate the way Prillon males do. Now, after all this time, a match has been found and in transport to him—will he send her away? Will Ronan still expect to be his second? “We will protect her. We are a danger to her. I want her. I vowed to be your second and I will not renege on that. It may have been five years since we’ve seen each other last, but my honor has not changed. Nor has yours.” Erica arrives at transport and is met by two warriors. She knows the way of Prillons, and she is shocked to learn that both these warriors are Commanders, not just Prillon warriors. “I am Commander Makaed Karter of Battlegroup Karter. I am your mate, your primary male.” He sighed, looked past me, behind my shoulder. “The Prillon warrior whose lap you are upon is your second, Commander Ronan Wothar.” “A mate is cherished, loved, protected and possessed by her two mates. Because Prillons are mostly fighters, death is a strong possibility. Having a second means a mate will never be without a male. For love, for children, for their future.” Let the battles begin! OMG, Karter is a hardened, war battled warrior, but so is Ronan. He has every reason why he can’t take a mate—why he shouldn’t take a mate—but then Erica doesn’t see his reasoning, she accepts what the testing proved, they are 99% matched. There is no doubt there is chemistry, and sexual desire for each other and these warriors will claim him sexually but not with a mating collar. She is hurt and a bit angry, and she refuses to back down, calling them on the floor for it. “Makaed Karter was a silent storm, his emotions more powerful than I ever could have imagined. Pride in his people. Honor and humility at being trusted to lead them. Fear that he would let them down. Self-loathing for what he perceived as his own weakness, at his need for something to have for himself.” All I can say is this story was just right—Erica is the right Earth female for Kaed and Ronan—and the three of them compliment each other in strength and desires. The story is full of mystery, suspense, danger, angst, passion, and packed with sizzling erotic scenes between the three mates. “Life out here was wild and messy and full of surprises. Full of love. I had everything I ever dreamed of.”
Miaegia 27 days ago
OMG the Prillons are back! Commander Karter is a character I have hoped for a match and I wasn't let down. This book kicked of a little differently and wow!! Just wow. I loved it. It grabbed my attention and made it hard to put down. Ronan came out of nowhere and I was liking him but the most interesting had to be Erica. She adjusted and persevered. I wanted to be her. My favorite in the series so far. ARC
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
EmilyP23 7 months ago
Prillon warriors Commander Karter and his second in command, Vice Commander Bard, surveyed the damage for themselves in the wreck of a battleship. Commander Varsten, a clever and seasoned warrior, was missing and half of his battle fleet had been destroyed! Almost the entire battlegroup – consisting of a battleship and ten to twelve smaller support ships -- had been wiped out in a matter of hours! This one ship alone had housed 2,000 warriors, their mates and children. It almost seemed that Varsten knew the attack was coming and ordered many of his people and half of the fleet away from the danger right before the Hive devastated them. There had to have been a reason for him to sacrifice this elite class battleship in a trap like this! They hadn’t even received the distress call from those sent to safety until 7 hours after the battle had ended! It was unlikely PrIme Nial would let Karter leave the area until a new commander was assigned, and that would take time. The rest of the battlegroup hiding behind the star system were refusing to leave, saying Commander Varsten gave them strict orders to stay there, although he didn’t reveal why. Then a grim-looking Bard informed him that they had found Varsten’s body alone in an attack shuttle. There would be no answers from him now. None of this made sense to him! Karter and Bard went to question another survivor from the Intelligence Core and Karter was shocked to see it was his oldest friend, Roan, reported killed 4 years previously. They had been like brothers, such close friends that Roan had pledged to be his second if Karter had ever been matched to a mate. He was stunned now with the news that the Hive had apparently been working on a long-range weapon – and this was not the first battlegroup that been destroyed by it! Karter was livid that the information had not been shared with the commanders in the Coalition Fleet responsible for protecting 200 planets and billions of lives. They were facing not mere death but annihilation or worse, assimilation. Erica Roberts was going through her testing at the Interstellar Brides Processing Center on Earth. The two mates in her dream professed their vows to her as their mating collars linked them with a psychic connection to each other’s feelings. She had been matched! As Commander Karter heard the horrifying news of the Hive’s new weapon, his battleship contacted him to prepare for an incoming transport, despite his ordering no incoming transports due to danger and low power. But his location had been pinged and the Intersteller Brides Program initiated transport to Battleship Varsten automatically. Karter’s bride was mid-transport and could not be rerouted! This is the worst possible timing to find a mate! There is a definite possibility that Battleship Karter will be the next target of the Hive’s new weapon! His woman has to be moved to a safe location! He may not survive the upcoming battle and would not want his mate to lose her life. Will he be able to get her to safety with the Hive threat so immediate? Or will her presence be a dangerous distraction while they prepare for the most important battle of his life? This author absolutely amazes me with the quality of her books. As always, her writing flows effortlessly and takes the reader into an adventure like no other! The story line is excellent, providing a touch of mystery, tension, and constant suspense as the plot unfolds. The characters are always de
Robin_Manor 7 months ago
The Commander’s Mate (Interstellar Brides Book 15) - Grace Goodwin As with the Grace’s other books in this Interstellar Brides series there are quite a few scenes written in her own special style. In addition there is also a really awesome story that makes this a great addition to the series. Commander Karter(hot Prillion ), is head of the Karter Battlegroup) has been an intriguing secondary character in previous books. Karter is a workaholic alpha leader who tested for an Interstellar Bride years ago but was never matched. At this point he doesn’t even know how he’d fit a mate into his busy schedule. Ronan, a best friend he believed died five years ago, works with the I.C. (their CIA), and has just resurfaced to everyone’s surprise. Ronan was always to be his 2nd when it came to claiming a mate. Perhaps that what has taken so love you g for the match to occur. Erica volunteers for the Bride Program. She has a doctorate in Astronomy but feels it’s about time she physically gets to the stars. Totally committed Erica is shocked to find herself arriving on a battleship just after it had been attacked. Still she falls immediately for the two Prillion warriors, and there’s instant mutual attraction. Unfortunately Karter is determined to get Erica off the ship and to safety. Totally committed to her role as mate to the Commander and his second, she is having none of this. The story is very exciting, fast paced and suspenseful. The overall background of the coalition’s fight with the Hive is escalating. They must not only find the new secret weapon The Hive launched against them, but also get all the mates, children and other personnel to safety. Loved this latest addition to the series, having main characters a bit bit more experienced , the amazing hot sexy scenes, romance and sealing with the Hive’s latest threat.
Steph-C 7 months ago
I really enjoyed reading this book! It's skillfully written with exceptional characters. The chemistry and steaminess is off the chart. It feature a strong woman and her two alpha males. If your looking for a sexy, fast-paced story packed with action and some humour this is the book your looking for. It got the perfect balance so someone new to the series could understand and read it as a standalone, and yet the readers who follow the series won't find it repetitive! It's awesome to see some characters from previous books appear in this one, and I can wait to read more about Xerima!
ScaroletEllis 7 months ago
The Commanders' Mate (Interstellar Brides® Book 15) by Grace Goodwin is a great story to read. This is book number fifteen and I really enjoyed reading this story a lot. I recommend this to all.
SammLynn 7 months ago
After seeing Commander Karter in several books and watching him interact with Dara (Chloe, Seth, and Dorian's daughter), we have begged Grace for him to get a mate and she answered us with this great story. (To understand my review, I just want to put it out there, I read for story and could care less about the sexy times) This story drops us right into the middle of the Hive war, as mentioned in the previous books, the Battlegroup Karter is actively holding back the Hive in sector 437. Karter was tested years and years ago and has been too busy to have any thoughts of a bride. Ronan is also a Commander and is just as intense as Karter due to the heavy weight of responsibility demanded by their positions. Erica has always loved the stars and jumped at her chance to be among them, especially after her testing as part of a Prillon sandwich (her words, not mine). This story is told from all three POV and we get to see just how tortured Karter is and how much weight is on his very broad shoulders. I really loved Karter and Ronan and even though Erica is just a feisty as the other Interstellar Brides, I guess I just wasn't as impressed with her as I was with the other brides - she does love both of them and fights for a true mating but that's about it. BUT, Karter and Ronan make up for any deficiencies I felt Erica had. The new development in the war is a major game changer and the Coalition is going to have their hands full dealing with it. I love this series and while I have received advanced copies of these books (yes, I joined Grace's review team to get my hands on these books as soon as possible), I have purchased every single one. Purchasing these books and writing reviews so that others have a chance to discover this talented author's work is my way of supporting her and my habit :)