The Complete 21st Century Travel Marketing Handbook

The Complete 21st Century Travel Marketing Handbook


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ISBN-13: 9780131133143
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 07/05/2004
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

BOB DICKINSON is President & CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines and a member of the Board of Directors of the parent company Carnival Corporation. A thirty-two year veteran of the cruise industry, Dickinson is credited as being the man who changed the image of cruising from a pastime of the rich to a vacation for the masses. He's the only individual to ever hold the position of Chairman of the Travel Industry Association (TIA) and Chairman of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). He authored the book Selling the Seas with Andy Vladimir. Advertising Age has named him as one of the 100 Best Marketers in the Nation.
ANDY VLADIMIR is Associate Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Management at Florida International University's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Vladamir has been called a "marketing superstar, a living legend, and art award winning professor and scholar". He is known as "Mr. Quotable Quote" by industry professionals everywhere. Vladimir is the former Director of Tourism for the Government of Bermuda, a widely respected business and travel writer, a member of the Editorial Board of the FIU Hospitality Review, and Contributing Editor of QUEST Magazine, published by the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Table of Contents

1. Meeting Travel Industry Challenges.

2. A Look Ahead.

3. New Marketing Techniques for an Evolving Marketplace.

4. The Travel Landscape.


5. Connecting to the Future.

6. Changing an Industry to Satisfy the Customer.

7. The Future of Commercial Aviation.

8. A Unique Approach to Low Cost Air Travel.

9. New Age Airline.

10. The Hub and Spoke Network System.

11. Efficiency and Cost Control: The Keys to Survival.

12. The Car Rental Industry: Driving Success on Unfamiliar Roads.

13. All Aboard: Marketing Train Travel.


14. The Story of a Public/Private Tourism Marketing Partnership.

15. Hawaii: The Islands of Aloha.

16. Convention and Visitors Bureaus.

17. New York City & Company.

18. Branson, Missouri.

19. LasVegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

20. How Disney Targets the Family Vacation Market.

21. The Theme Park Perspective.

22. Vail Associates.


23. The Hotel Industry: Looking to the Future.

24. Competing in an Increasing Hostile Environment.

25. Getting Close to Our Customers.

26. Harrahs Entertainment: The Future of Casino Marketing.

27. How to Compete in the “Get Real” Decade.

28. Its Not Simply the Product.

29. Selling the All Inclusive Resort Concept.


30. Carnival Cruise Lines Winning Formula.

31. Building our Brands.

32. Building Loyalty Through CRM.

33. Adapting the Cruise Product to an Evolving Travel Market.

34. Cunards Queen Mary 2: A Case Study.

35. Luxury Cruising Revisited.


36. Changing Customers Require Product Change.

37. The Changing Face of Packaged Travel.

38. Sending People on Vacation in the Future.

39. Survival of the Fittest.

40. Travel Packaging in the Coming Decade.

41. GoGo Worldwide Vacations.


42. Travel Agents as a Travel Influence.

43. The Future—It Aint What It Used To Be!

44. The Travel Agency Landscape.

45. The Travel Agent of the 21st Century Lives In Your Ear.

46. A Perspective of the Evolving Online Travel Marketplace.

47. The Online Phenomenon.

48. The Future of Internet Travel—Building Loyalty.

49. The Rise of the Home-Based Agent.

50. Travel Distribution Services: The New Intermediary.

51. Staying Close to the Customer.

52. GDS—Recasting the Business Model.

53. The Travel Agent Distribution System as a Marketing Arm.


54. Marketing Travel to the Affluent.

55. New Consumers, New Attitudes, New Products.

56. Growing a Legend.

57. Looking Ahead: Marketing Luxury Hotels in the 21st Century.

58. Capitalizing on the Canyon Ranch Difference.

59. The Spa Industry in 2013.


60. Marketing the RV Industry.

61. Where We Dine Is Who We Are.

62. Staying Ahead of the Curve Keeps You From Getting Run Over.

63. Trends in Student Travel.

64. Travelers with Disabilities.

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