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The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewry / Edition 1

The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewry / Edition 1


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The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewry / Edition 1

The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewryis a collection of eyewitness testimonies, letters, diaries, affidavits, and other documents on the activities of the Nazis against Jews in the camps, ghettoes, and towns of Eastern Europe. Arguably, the only apt comparism is to The Gulag Archipelago of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. This definitive edition of The Black Book, including for the first time materials omitted from previous editions, is a major addition to the literature on the Holocaust. It will be of particular interest to students, teachers, and scholars of the Holocaust and those interested in the history of Europe.

By the end of 1942, 1.4 million Jews had been killed by the Einsatzgruppen that followed the German army eastward; by the end of the war, nearly two million had been murdered in Russia and Eastern Europe. Of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust, about one-third fell in the territories of the USSR. The single most important text documenting that slaughter is The Black Book, compiled by two renowned Russian authors Ilya Ehrenburg and Vasily Grossman. Until now, The Black Book was only available in English in truncated editions. Because of its profound significance, this new and definitive English translation of The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewry is a major literary and intellectual event.

From the time of the outbreak of the war, Ehrenburg and Grossman collected the eyewitness testimonies that went into The Black Book. As early as 1943 they were planning its publication; the first edition appeared in 1944. During the years immediately after the war, Grossman assisted Ehrenburg in compiling additional materials for a second edition, which appeared in 1946 (in English as well as Russian).

Since the fall of the Soviet regime, Irina Ehrenburg, the daughter of Ilya Ehrenburg, has recovered the lost portions of the manuscript sent to Yad Vashem. The texts recovered by Ms. Ehrenburg include numerous documents that had been censored from the original manuscript, as well as items that had been hidden by the Grossman family. In addition, she verified and, where appropriate, corrected the accuracy of documents that had already appeared in earlier editions of The Black Book.

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ISBN-13: 9780765805430
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/30/2003
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 628
Sales rank: 769,570
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.27(d)

About the Author

Ilya Ehrenburg (1891-1967) was a Soviet novelist and journalist. He is best known for his six volumes of memoirs.

Vasily Grossman (1905-1964) was a major Soviet writer. His most important novel is Life and Fate.

David Patterson is Bornblum Chair of Judaic Studies at the University of Memphis. He is the author of numerous books and articles on the Holocaust, and has won the Koret Jewish Book Award.

Irving Louis Horowitz (1929-2012) was Hannah Arendt Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Political Science at Rutgers University. He was the founder and served as chairman of the board and editorial director of Transaction Publishers.

David Patterson is Bornblum Chair of Judaic Studies at the University of Memphis. He is the author of numerous books and articles on the Holocaust, and has won the Koret Jewish Book Award.

Table of Contents

Translator's Prefacei
Introduction to the Russian Editionxvii
From the Editors of The Black Bookxxi
Part 1The Ukraine
Kiev: Babi Yar, an article based on documentary materials and depositions from the people of Kiev3
The Murder of the Jews of Berdichev12
Resistance in Yarmolitsy (Kamenets, Podolsk District)21
How the Woman Dr. Langman Perished (Sorochitsy)21
In the Town of Chmelnik (Vinnitsa District)22
In the Village of Yaryshev27
In the Settlement of Tsybulevo28
In the Village of Yaltushkov28
In My Hometown (Brailov)29
What I Survived in Kharkov37
Pyotr Chepurenko, Witness to the Piryatin Massacre41
The Death of the Jewish Collective Farm Workers in Zelenopol41
Letters from Dnepropetrovsk, Letters from the Indikt couple42
The Day of 13 October 194146
The Story of A. M. Burtseva46
The Story of I. A. Revenskaya47
The Story of B. I. Tartakovskaya48
A Letter from Military Officer Granovsky (Ekaterinopol)49
The Diary of Sarra Gleikh (Mariupol)50
Chernovitsy under the German-Romanian Occupation65
The Story of Rakhil Fradis-Milner (Chernovitsy)70
The Extermination of the Jews of Lvov76
Thirteen Days in Hiding: The Story of Lily Herts (Lvov)86
My Comrade the Partisan Yakov Barer (A Letter from Boris Khandros)91
In the Penyatsky Forests: A Letter from an Intelligence Officer (Lvov District)92
The Germans in Radzivillov (Krasnoarmeisk)93
A Letter from Syunya Deresh (Izyaslav)98
Letters from Orphans99
German-Romanian Brutality in Kishinev (Moldavia)99
Part 2Belorussia
The Minsk Ghetto109
Leaders of the Underground Fighters in the Minsk Ghetto138
The Young Women from Minsk154
The Story of an Old Man155
In the Village of Gory158
The Murder of the Jews of Glubokoe and Other Villages159
The Story of Engineer Pikman from Mozyr169
The Story of Dr. Olga Goldfain172
The Tragedy of My Life184
A Letter from Red Army Soldier Gofman (Krasnopole, Mogilev District)185
In the Pit185
The Story of a Little Girl from Bialystok187
Letters from Belorussian Children (From the Starye Zhuravli Settlement, Gomel District)188
A Letter Written by Zlata Vishnyatskaya Prior to Her Death189
The Temchin Family from Slutsk (Passages from Letters Received by the Pilot Efim Temchin)190
From Materials Compiled by the Special State Commission on the Verification and Investigation of Atrocities of Committed by the German-Fascist Invaders193
In Bialystok197
The "Brenners" of Bialystok: The Story of Two Workers in the City of Bialystok, Shimon Amiel and Zalman Edelman203
Part 3The Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
The Smolensk Area211
The Fate of Isaak Rozenberg213
Rostov on the Don214
Doctor Kremenchuzhsky217
"Where Are They Taking Us?"217
In Stavropol218
The Germans in Kislovodsk219
The Story of Iosif Vaingertner, a Fisherman from Kerch223
Fishgoit's Report227
Murder in Dzhankoy231
How Dr. Fidelev Was Murdered233
The Painter Zhivotvorsky235
Part 4Lithuania
The Vilna Ghetto241
The First Days241
The "Hunters"243
In the Lukishki Prison243
Three Stories of People Saved from Death246
1.The Story of Motel Gdud246
2.The Story of Khiena Katz247
3.The Story of Solomon Garbel248
Schweinberger's Successor Martin Weiss250
The Fate of the Elderly252
Grounds for the Arrest of Jews252
Weiss's Inoculations against Typhus253
The Story of Fruma-Riva Burshtein of Novogrudok253
Golda Krizhevskaya254
The Extermination of the Children in the HKP Camp255
Shmulik Kotlyar256
Leibl Finkelshtein257
The Fate of the Children Who Were Taken Away257
In Alfred Rosenberg's Office262
Martyrs of the Ghetto265
A Mathematician267
The United Partisan Organization of the Vilna Ghetto (UPO)268
The First Proclamation268
The Struggle Has Begun272
Ties with Other Cities276
The Underground Printing Press277
Close Friendships279
Aid to Prisoners of War and the Families of Soviet Soldiers281
How We Celebrated May Day 1943283
Isaak Vitenberg283
"Liza Calls"285
Fallen Heroes287
The Struggle Continues in the Forest288
The Last Act of the Tragedy291
Digging Out and Escape292
The Diary of E. Yerushalmi of Siauliai (Shavli)294
From the Editors294
From the Editors295
A Brief Account of Events that Took Place from 28 June to 23 November 1941296
The Ghetto296
From the Diary300
The Death Forts of Kovno (Kaunas)314
The Seventh Fort314
The Fourth Fort315
The Sixth Fort316
The Ninth Fort316
1.The Mass Murder of Kovno Residents in the Fall of 1941316
2.The Mass Murder of People Transported from Germany and Other West European Countries318
3.The Destruction of Mass Graves318
4.The Escape of Prisoners from the Ninth Fort322
5.The Ninth Fort After the Prisoners' Escape324
6.The Last Traces of the Crimes325
The Kovno Ghetto Fighters326
Doctor Elena Buividaite-Kutorgene333
From the Diary of Doctor Elena Buividaite-Kutorgene (June - December 1941)335
The Fate of the Jews of Telshiai: The Story of Galina Masyulis and Susanna Kogan368
Part 5Latvia
1.The Germans Enter the City379
2.Night over Riga381
3.The First Days of the Occupation382
4.The Ghetto386
6."Deportation" from the Ghetto391
7.The Jews from Germany392
8.The Salaspils Concentration Camp394
From the Notebook of the Sculptor Elik Rivosh (Riga)396
The Story of Sema Shpungin (Dvinsk)411
Part 6The Soviet People are United
A Letter from Officers Levchenko, Borisov, and Chesnokov (Lopavshi, Rovno District)419
The Peasant Woman Zinaida Vashchishina (Dombrovitsy, Rovno District)420
Collective Farmer Yuliya Kukhta Saved Jewish Children421
I Was Adopted by the Lukinsky Family: A Report by Polina Ausker-Lukinskaya422
The Teachers Golneva, Terekhova, and Timofeeva425
The Bookkeeper Zirchenko426
The Story of F. M. Gontova426
One Survived: The Story of Evsey Efimovich Gopstein427
The Orthodox Priest Glagolev430
The Roman Catholic Priest Bronyus Paukshtis435
Part 7The Annihilation Camps
Ponary: The Story of Engineer Yu. Farber439
In the Khorol Concentration Camp453
The Camp at Klooga (Estonia)457
From the Editors457
Zaintraub, a Student from the Vilnius University457
E. Yerushalmi460
Benyamin Anolik, Junior462
The Children from the Black Road483
The Uprising at Sobibor487
The Report of the Special State Commission for the Verification and Investigation of Atrocities Committed by the German Fascist Invaders and Their Accomplices in the Monstrous Crimes of the German Government in Auschwitz500
Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler, Organizer of the Auschwitz Annihilation Camp501
German Fascist Professors and Physicians: Murderers of the Prisoners in Auschwitz503
At Auschwitz the German Executioners Murdered Citizens of Every Country in Europe506
Auschwitz: The Mass Production of Death507
Murderers of Children510
The Extermination of the Intelligentsia511
The Hitlerite Plunderers512
The Hitlerite Thugs Murdered More than Four Million People in Auschwitz513
Calling the German-Fascists to a Serious Accounting514
A Girl from Auschwitz (No. 74233)514
Twenty-Six Months in Auschwitz: The Story of Mordecai Tsirulnitsky, Former Inmate No. 79414522
1.In the Village of Ostrino522
2.In the Kelbasino Camp524
3.The First Months in Auschwitz524
4.At the Factory528
The Story of Former Prisoner of War M. Scheinman532
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising542
Part 8Executioners
The Racial Politics of Hitlerism and Anti-Semitism561
Himmler's Order (From Freies Deutschland, No. 23, 19 December 1943)564
Text of a German Dispatch Found in the Region of Rossoshi among Staff Documents of the 15th German Police Regiment, Concluding Report564
From the Deposition of Captain Salog, Police Regiment Commander567
Excerpts from the Diary of Prisoner of War Karl Johannes Drexel, Lance Corporal574
From the Deposition of Private First Class Christian Farber574
An Excerpt from the Protocol of the Cross-Examination of the Prisoner of War Lance Corporal Erich Heubaum575
From the Deposition of the Prisoner of War Corporal Heinrich Michael Wenkriech576
From the Deposition of Wolfgang Janiko577
From the Protocol of the Cross-Examination of the Prisoner of War Private First Class Albert Ender577
Protocol of the Interrogation of Wilhelm Sudbrak578

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