The Complete Book of Clean: Tips & Techniques for Your Home

The Complete Book of Clean: Tips & Techniques for Your Home


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The follow-up to the bestselling Complete Book of Home Organization, the Complete Book of Clean is a foolproof, eco-friendly guide to cleaning your home. From establishing routines, making schedules, and DIYing green cleaning solutions to help keep every area of your home neat, safe and spotless—find it all here.

True cleanliness is within reach, and achieving it is easier than you think!

Tired of the never-ending cycle of grit and grime? The solution is not devoting even more of your time, but implementing a system that skillfully accomplishes—and maintains—the job. This is your blueprint to a beautiful home, including:

• Room-by-room advice to effectively eliminate dirt, dust, and everyday messes

• Recipes to create green cleaning products as a natural alternative to harsh chemicals

• Scheduling tools to efficiently maintain all the work you invest

Feel the joy of a clean home!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781681881744
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication date: 04/11/2017
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Toni Hammersley is the celebrated author of The Complete Book of Home Organization and the founder of A Bowl Full of Lemons, an international online community dedicated to cleaning, organizing, and budgeting advice. Her household lessons and expert recommendations have appeared in such media outlets as, Ladies Home Journal, Better Homes & Gardens,, and InStyle.

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Mix ¼ tsp. castile soap with water in a 16-oz. spray bottle
Sometimes a stain needs just a little help to come out, and a little bit of soap and water can lift it right out. For tougher stains, white vinegar will provide a boost that breaks up the staining culprit.
Mix 1 Tbsp. castile soap, 1 Tbsp. white vinegar, and 2 c. warm water in a 16-oz. spray bottle.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

001 Stock Your Caddy

002 Wipe It All Up

003 Roll That Lint

004 Don the Gloves

005 Brush It Off

006 Bay Your Trash

Spring Cleaning Box

007 Raid Your Pantry

008 Make It Yourself

Quick Tip: Shake It

009 Create DIY Cleaners

010 Get Ready to Clean

011 Look at the BigPicture

012 Improve Your Outlook

013 Wipe Down Windows and Mirrors

014 Freshen UP Window Coverings

015 Clean Blinds and Shutters

016 Stay on the Shady Side

017 Deal with Draperies

Quick Tip: Consider Dry Cleaning

018 Remember Doors and Baseboards

019 Swipe the Switch Plates

020 Reach for Ceilings and Walls

021 Known Your Paints

Quick Tip: Clean Washable Wallpaper

022 Keep Fine Wallpaper Beautiful

023 Restore Wood Paneling

024 Handle with Care

025 Spot-Clean Walls

026 Care for Exposed Brick

027 Make a Grand Entrance

28 Don't Forget the Bin

029 Get Hands-On

030 Start at the Bottom

031 Use a Spray Mop

032 Find the Right Floor Solution

033 Handle Hardwood

034 Use a Light Touch on Bamboo

035 Keep Laminates Lovely

036 Pamper Stone

037 Care for Cork

038 Get a Concrete Solution

039 Love that Linoleum

040 Treat Tiles Right

041 Maintain a Vinyl Floor

042 Check Your Carpets and Rugs

043 Preserve an Antique Rug

044 Size Up an Area Rug

045 Care for Cowhide

046 Save the Sheepskin

047 Stay on Top of Carpets

048 Lift Stains Naturally

049 Act Immediately

050 Fight Common Stains Naturally

051 Light the Way

052 Brighten Lampshades

053 Wash a Fabric Lampshade

054 Shine Glass Shades

055 Revive the Lamp Base

056 Make Chandeliers Sparkle

057 Lookup

Quick Tip: Dust the Bulbs

Getting Started Checklist


058 Care for Your Kitchen

059 Complete Your Evening

060 Start Fresh

Quick Tip: Get All Hands On Deck

061 Reset the Fridge

062 Free Up the Freezer

063 Dust the Condenser

064 Wipe the Exterior

065 Shine Stainless Steel

Quick Tip: Line the Fridge

066 Clean the Oven

067 Get a Fresh, Clean Microwave

Quick Tip: Wipe Up Spills Quickly

068 Maintain the Cooktop

069 Keep It Simple

070 Make Electric Stoves Sparkle

071 Care for Gas Stoves

072 Don't Forget the Vent Hood

073 Wash by Hand

074 Wash More Efficiently

075 Clean the Dishwasher

076 Wipe the Exterior

077 Learn to Load

078 Banish Odors

079 Deep Clean

080 Mind the Flow

081 Trust the Power

082 Know Your Sink

083 Recharge the Disposal

084 Maintain Your Disposal

085 Keep It Clear

086 Care for Faucets

087 Enjoy Living Finishes

088 Clean Older Faucets Right

089 Clean Sealed Countertops

090 Save Unsealed Countertops

091 Wash Boards

092 Refresh the Coffee Maker

093 Clean Your Knife Block

094 Tend to a Toaster Oven

Quick Tip: Spray the Produce

095 Process the Processor

096 Be Good to Your Blender

097 Handle High-Performance Blenders

098 Juice It

099 Clean Out the Cabinets

100 Brighten Cabinet Doors

Quick Tip: Sterilize Your Sponge

101 Clean Behind Closed Doors

102 Don't Let Spills Linger

103 Get a Handle on It

104 Mix It in the Kitchen

Kitchen Checklist


105 Start the Day Right

Quick Tip: Use a Color Code

106 Stock a Bath Caddy

107 Keep It Fresh

10108 Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

109 Store Your Medicines Safely

110 Conquer Clutter

111 Make Your Shower Sparkle

112 Clean Your Showerhead

113 Air It Out

114 Go After Grout

Quick Tip: Pass the Bar

115 Know Your Bathtub

116 Treat Your Tub Right

117 Sanitize the Whirlpool

118 Clear Drains Naturally

119 Take Care of Your Towels

120 Remember the Robe

121 Launder All Bath Mats

122 Clean Sinks and Vanity Tops

123 First, Do No Harm

Quick Tip: Stay Film Free

124 Treat Stains on Porcelain

125 Declutter Drawers and Cabinets

126 Keep a Makeup Drawer Pretty

127 Treasure Your Jewelry

128 Wipe Down Bath Fixtures

129 Preserve Your Protection

130 Clean Classic Hardware

131 Let a Natural Patina Develop

132 Plat It Safe

133 Go for the Gold

134 Rejuvenate Makeup Brushes

135 Freshen Your Tooth brush

136 Scrub Canisters, Cups, and Dishes

137 Tend to a Hairbrush

Quick Tip: Save on Waste Can Cleaning

138 Take On the Toilet

139 Cope with Mineral Deposits

140 Keep a Bidet Pristine

141 Clean the Toilet Brush

142 Care for Sick Family Members

143 Quarantine the Germs

144 Launder in Hot Water

145 Wash Your Hands

146 Consider Disposables

147 Sterilize Surfaces

148 Disinfect Everything

149 Make Bathroom Cleansers

Bathroom Checklist


150 Do Laundry Right

151 Organize the Laundry Room

152 Set Up a Catchall Basket

Quick Tip: Style Your Space

153 Steam-Clean an Iron

154 Deal with Tough Stains

155 Stock Up on Stain Busters

156 Go Natural

157 Decode Common Laundry Symbols

158 Know What the Numbers Mean

Quick Tip: Use Your Judgment

159 Make Your Own Supplies

160 Wash the Washer

161 Soften Up

162 Front-Load Your Laundry

163 Take it from the Top

164 Show Your Dryer Some Love

165 Add a Little Bounce

166 Keep Dryer Vents Clean

167 Filter Out Lint

Quick Tip: Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

Laundry Checklist

Living Spaces

Living Room

168 Love Your Living Room

169 Clear Out the Clutter

170 Keep Dust at Bay

171 Deep-Clean Your Sofa

172 Know the Code

173 Attack the Stain

174 Freshen Up

175 Shampoo Upholstery

176 Care for Fine Leather

177 Treat Stains on Leather

178 Opt for a Natural Polish

179 Dust Wood Often

180 Go Beyond Dusting

181 Tend to Your Fireplace

182 Clean the Firebox

183 Get the Tools

184 Deep-Clean Fireboxes

185 Clean a Gas Fireplace

186 Remember the Accessories

187 Mind the Mantel

188 Wipe Fireplace Glass Clean

189 Care for Your Art

190 Preserve Old Furniture

Quick Tip: Don't Use Bread

191 Take Care of Your TV

192 Deep-Clean Your Speakers

193 Take Control of the Remote

194 Review Your Books

195 Clean the Bookshelves

196 Freshen Your Plants

Quick Tip: Curate Carefully

197 Clean and Polish the Whole Home

Living Room Checklist

Dining Room

198 Embrace the Dining Room

199 Prepare for Guests

200 Choose the Right Linens

201 Wash Table Linens Right

Quick Tip: Soften Cloths Naturally

202 Hand-wash Heirlooms

203 Iron While Damp

204 Make Room for Ironing

205 Pad the Surface

206 Hang the Linens

Quick Tip: Preserve and Protect

207 Treat Dining Room Stains

208 Care for Fine China

209 Store It Safely

210 Care for Crystal and Glass

211 Enjoy Your Silver

212 Shine Silverware

213 Maintain the Table

214 Polish Wood Naturally

215 Entertain with Ease

216 Just Say Yes

217 Prep in Advance

218 Clean as You Go

Quick Tip:Mix It Up

Dining Room Checklist


219 Create a Sanctuary

220 Take It Easy

221 Launder Sheets Weekly

222 Protect Pillows

223 Soften Bedding

224 Case Out Pillows

225 Minimize Wrinkles

226 Care for Pillows

227 Revitalize Memory Foam

228 Shield Your Comforter

229 Clean the Comforter

230 Freshen a Mattress

231 Wash the Mattress Pad

232 Treat Curtains and Bed Skirts

233 Scent with Lavender

234 Make the Bed

235 Don't Forget the Bedframe

236 Address the Dresser

237 Tackle a Ceiling Fan

238 Clean a Fabric Headboard

239 Maintain a Humidifier

240 Hunt for Bunnies

241 Clean Closets

242 Make Lavender Sachets

243 Protect Fabrics with Cedar

244 Chase the Moths

245 Destroy Dust Mites

246 Eliminate Lice

Bedroom Checklist


247 Clean a Computer

248 Declutter the Desk

249 Get Organized

250 Optimize Shelf Space

251 Clean Out the Filing Cabinet

252 Refresh an Office Chair

253 Go Paperless

Quick Tip: Tune Up Sticky Drawers

254 Keep It Current

255 Discard or Donate

Office Checklist

30-Bag Purge Challenge

Cleaning Checklists




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