The Complete Equipment-Leasing Handbook: A Deal Maker's Guide with Forms, Checklists, and Worksheets

The Complete Equipment-Leasing Handbook: A Deal Maker's Guide with Forms, Checklists, and Worksheets

by Richard Contino


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ISBN-13: 9780814473795
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication date: 02/26/2006
Pages: 550
Sales rank: 1,267,071
Product dimensions: 4.71(w) x 7.17(h) x 1.04(d)

About the Author

Richard M. Contino, Esq. (White Plains, NY) is the author of several books on equipment leasing and business financing. He is the managing partner of Contino & Partners, an equipment-lease and business law firm.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Reference Text

1. The Fundamentals of Equipment Leasing

2. The Proposal Stage- Where the Leasing Deal Is Made

3. Negotiating the Lease Document

4. Closing The Lease Financing

5. Tax Advantages in Lease Transactions

6. The Minimum Tax’s Role in Leasing

7. How to Cope Successfully With The Tax Lease Rules

8. Advantages and Risks of Leveraged Leasing Decisions

9. Financial Analysis of Leases

10. Understanding the Lease Accounting Rules

11. The Business of Leasing Equipment

12. Equipment Leasing In International Markets

13. The Equipment Leasing Laws Under the Uniform Commercial Code

14. The Bankruptcy Rules for Leasing

15. Equipment Lease Terminology- The Definitions

Part II: The Forms

Acknowledgments Documents

Assignment Documents

Assumption Documents

Amendment to Lease Documents

Bill of Sale Documents

Casualty Value Schedules

Certificates of Acceptance


Collection Documents

Corporate Secretary Certification Documents-Lessee

Corporate Resolutions-Lessee

Deficiency Agreement Documents

Equipment Schedules

Guaranty Documents

Incumbency Documents

Insurance Documents

Landlord Waiver Documents

Lease Agreement Documents

Leveraged Lease Documents

Loan Documents

Marketing Documents- Lessor


Operational Documents/Worksheets

Opinions of Counsel

Options/Rights Lessee

Participating Agreement Document

Prohibited Lender Assignee Schedules

Promissory Note Documents

Proposal Documents- Lessee

Purchase Agreements

Purchase Order Documents

Resolutions-Corporate Lessee

Request for Lease Quotations


Security Agreements

Secretary’s Certificates

Subordination Agreements

Termination Value Schedules

Time Tables

Tax Indemnity Documents

Trust Documents

Trust Indenture/Security Agreement

Vendor Agreement Documents


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From the Publisher

IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine: "The book is comprehensive, covering many situations on both sides of the deal, which makes it useful to both the lessor and the lessee."

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