The Complete Guide to Astrology: Understanding Yourself, Your Signs, and Your Birth Chart

The Complete Guide to Astrology: Understanding Yourself, Your Signs, and Your Birth Chart

by Louise Edington


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An essential guide to astrology for both beginner and advanced practitioners

Astrology has been used for thousands of years to help predict events, understand the meaning of life, and communicate more effectively with other people. Whether you’re new to the field or have long been looking to astrology for answers, The Complete Guide to Astrology will help you unlock the wisdom of the stars.

Start with the basic elements of astrology like the signs, modalities, and houses. Then, learn how to structure, interpret, and take a closer look at your birth chart. From there, detailed charts give you further insight into how to live up to your highest potential at work and in relationships.

This astrology book includes:

  • Intro to astrology―Learn the foundations of astrology, including its historical origins and its context in modern society.
  • More than sun signs―Explore more complex astrological associations, including nodes, moon signs, the influences of planets, and more.
  • Inclusive approach―Discover a non-binary approach to astrological concepts that helps make the wisdom of the cosmos accessible to everyone.

Better understand how your stars align with The Complete Guide to Astrology.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781646111664
Publisher: Callisto Media
Publication date: 01/28/2020
Pages: 164
Sales rank: 43,216
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Louise Edington has been studying and practicing astrology for 30 years and writes daily astrology posts that guide readers through their lives. Her main passion is helping clients to regain a deep connection with the cycles of the universe so that they find deep acceptance and self-awareness. You may learn more about her services at

Table of Contents

Introduction viii

Part 1 The Building Blocks of Astrology 1

Chapter 1 An Astrological Foundation 3

Chapter 2 The Four Elements and Three Modalities 9

Chapter 3 The Sun Signs 15

Chapter 4 The Ascendant or Rising Sign and Decans 25

Chapter 5 Planets and Other Essential Bodies 45

Chapter 6 The Aspects 55

Chapter 7 The Houses 65

Part 2 Understanding Your Birth Chart 75

Chapter 8 Structuring Your Birth Chart 77

Chapter 9 Interpreting Your Birth Chart 85

Chapter 10 Taking a Closer Look 95

Part 3 Sun Signs at Work and in Love 105

Chapter 11 Your Calling According to the Zodiac 107

Chapter 12 Love According to the Zodiac 121

Part 4 Key Takeaways and Astrological Appendices 139

Chapter 13 Conclusion 140

Glossary of Terms 142

Astrological Tables 144

Further Reading 148

Index 149

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