The Complete Guide to Home Wiring

The Complete Guide to Home Wiring



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The Complete Guide to Home Wiring by Black & Decker

Few homeowners will ever need another wiring book. Wiring is a subject matter that makes most homeowners nervous, but in reality, most wiring repairs and installations are simple, especially for readers working with this book in hand. In 304 pages and with more than 600 color photos, this book covers just about any wiring project a reader is likely to tackle - from replacing a broken appliance plug to rewiring an entire home.

This is an updated version of one of America's best-selling wiring books. The new version is critical because it includes current code requirements.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780865734296
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Publication date: 03/28/2001
Series: Black and Decker Outdoor Home Series
Edition description: REVISED
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 8.34(w) x 10.88(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Electricity Basics
Understanding Electricity6
Electricity & Safety8
Your Electrical System10
Parts of the Electrical System12
Understanding Circuits14
Grounding & Polarization16
Tools for Electrical Repairs19
Wiring Basics
Wires & Cables21
Service Panels26
Fuses & Circuit Breakers28
Mapping Circuits & Indexing the Service Panel30
Evaluating Circuits for Safe Capacity34
Electrical Boxes36
Installing an Electrical Box38
Replacing an Electrical Box40
Wall Switches
Common Wall-switch Problems42
Wall-switch Basics44
Single-pole Wall Switches45
Three-way Wall Switches46
Four-way Wall Switches47
Double Switches48
Pilot-light Switches49
Specialty Switches50
Testing Switches for Continuity52
Fixing & Replacing Wall Switches56
Dimmer Switches60
Common Receptacle Problems62
Receptacle Wiring64
Basic Types of Receptacles66
Older Receptacles67
High-voltage Receptacles68
Childproof Receptacles & Other Accessories69
Testing Receptacles for Power, Grounding & Polarity70
Repairing & Replacing Receptacles72
GFCI Receptacles74
Light Fixtures
Repairing & Replacing Incandescent Light Fixtures78
Repairing & Replacing Recessed Light Fixtures83
Repairing Chandeliers86
Repairing Track Lights88
Repairing & Replacing Fluorescent Lights90
Replacing a Plug96
Replacing a Lamp Socket98
Fixing & Replacing Doorbells100
Fixing & Replacing Thermostats106
Repairing Electric Baseboard Heater114
Repairing Wall-mounted Electric Heater116
Home Telephone System118
Inspector's Notebook122
Service Panel Inspection123
Inspecting the Grounding Jumper Wire123
Common Cable Problems124
Checking Wire Connections126
Electrical Box Inspection128
Common Electrical Cord Problems130
Inspecting Receptacles & Switches132
Evaluating Old Wiring134
Wiring Project Basics
Planning a Wiring Project138
1.Examine Your Main Service140
2.Learn about Codes & Common Electrical Code Requirements141
3.Prepare for Inspections146
4.Evaluate Electrical Loads148
5.Draw a Wiring Diagram & Get a Permit152
Circuit Maps for 26 Common Wiring Layouts154
Wiring Installation Basics
Tools, Materials & Techniques168
Electrical Boxes for Projects170
Installing Electrical Boxes172
Wires & Cables for Projects176
Installing NM Cable178
Wiring a Laundry with Conduit188
Circuit Breaker Panels190
Connecting Circuit Breakers192
Installing a Subpanel194
Advanced Wiring Projects
Wiring a Room Addition198
Wiring a Room Addition: Construction View200
Wiring a Room Addition: Diagram View202
1.Plan the Circuits204
2.Install Boxes & Cables206
Installing a Vent Fan208
Installing Electrical Fixtures212
Installing Track Lighting214
Installing Telephone & Cable Television Wiring216
3.Make Final Connections218
Wiring a Remodeled Kitchen227
Wiring a Remodeled Kitchen: Construction View229
Wiring a Remodeled Kitchen: Diagram View231
1.Plan the Circuits232
2.Install Boxes & Cables234
3.Make Final Connections238
Installing a Vent Hood244
Installing Outdoor Wiring248
Installing Outdoor Wiring: Cutaway View250
Installing Outdoor Wiring: Diagram View252
1.Plan the Circuit254
2.Dig Trenches256
3.Install Boxes & Conduit258
4.Install UF Cable262
5.Make Final Connections264
Low-voltage Outdoor Lighting268
Home Network Wiring Systems
Installing a Home Network System274
Distribution Center274
Distribution Modules275
Cables & Wires276
Multimedia Outlets & Accessories277
Assessing Needs278
Determining Locations279
Preparing Multimedia Outlets280
Mounting the Distribution Center282
Routing Cables & Wires284
Installing an Audio System286
Terminating Connectors288
Making Final Connections290
Testing the System & Troubleshooting Problems292
Home Automation294
Conversion Chart296

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