The Complete Guide to Politics for Black Preachers, but You should Read It: but, you should read it too - The Prequel

The Complete Guide to Politics for Black Preachers, but You should Read It: but, you should read it too - The Prequel

by R. L. Dungy


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The Complete Guide to Politics for Black Preachers, but You should Read It: but, you should read it too - The Prequel by R. L. Dungy

Finally, a book that explains politics from a Judeo Christain ethic point of view. Other than the Bible, this is the most non politically correct book you will ever read. No punches are pulled. No feelings are spared. Just the God's honest truth told. Frankly, I'm surprise that, agreed to carry it. I'm most grateful they have. I thought I might have to sell it out the trunk of my car. Some will protest it's too mean spirited and prejudicial. I thought while writing this book: In for a penny, in for a pound. Hardly any of us escapes it's strutiny. I pray we all heed its warnings. If the people who God sent to lead and guide us don't know what's going on, then how can the people make well informed choices. In our nation and our world, we have reached a critical juncture, as to where we go from here. Questions like: Who can we trust? Who can we believe? And, who can we count on? These questions are a constant on the minds and hearts of untold millions of people not only in America but, all around the world. "THE COMPLETE GUIDE to POLITICS for BLACK PREACHERS but, you should read it too." will go along way toward answering these questions. Not only America, but the world stands at a precibus. There is a body politics in America for years now that has laid the ground work to transform us into a totalitarian regime. At the same time this book champions free markets and capitalism, it explains Marxism its murderous history, its entry into society and modern day guardians and disciples. With that comes dictatorial rule, lost of freedom and lost of life. This book tells how it's being done. With Americans losing their freedom, then how far behind are the worlds freedoms. All of this has happen because the church has sat idly by and watched it. Black preachers unknowingly, yet, foolishly have aided and abetted in it. These have led their congregations down the proverbial primrose path. Mainly because, most Black preachers are woefully ignorant about politics. Some are even willfully ignorant of the subject matter. This way they are not even tempted to spout the truth and rock the political boat. So, for the last hundred years they have supported a political party and ideology that has systematically, stealthily and openly like bugs has tried to exterminate the Black race from America's soil. This book tells how and why it's being done. You will read truths in this book you have never read or heard in your life. I dare say, you can't afford not to read this book. Information and knowledge is power. This book will not only open the eyes of Black preachers and make them face and confront the evil they've ignored for years now, but at the same time, all of America and the world. Never has a book's target audience been the entire world and it's inhabitants. So then every adult, parent, child, boy and girl, teenager, teacher, student (junior high, high school, college) profession, creed, color, religion, and nation should buy and read a copy of this book. If you are politically astute or naïve as dirt, you need to read this book. Then you will undoubtly have the answers to the questions: Who do we trust, believe and can count on ? More than these: Where do we go from here? Not only as a nation, but mankind. The world hangs in the balance. The leader of the free world hates the free world. Learn why.

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Publication date: 07/16/2014
Pages: 158
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