The Complete Handbook of Business Meetings

The Complete Handbook of Business Meetings

by Eli Mina


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Insisting that its more important to do the right thing than to do things right, Mina, a professional speaker, consultant, and meeting facilitator based in Vancouver, British Columbia, offers a guide to organizing, conducting, attending, managing, improving, documenting, facilitating, and closing any kind of meeting. He emphasizes using standard meeting procedures when they facilitate progress and cutting loose from them when they threaten to inhibit it. He does not provide a bibliography. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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ISBN-13: 9780814405604
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication date: 08/25/2000
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.27(w) x 9.35(h) x 1.21(d)

Table of Contents

1.Healthy Meetings and Effective Decision Making7
The Costs and Impacts of Meetings7
Prerequisites for Successful Meetings12
Collective Decision-Making Concepts17
Pros and Cons of the Three Collective Decision-Making Models22
General Concepts for Curing Meeting Ailments28
2.The Ten Key Ingredients of a Successful Meeting32
Clarity of Mandate, Purpose, Issues, and Process33
Order and Decorum35
Productivity and Forward Movement37
Flexibility and Creative Thinking39
Quality Decision Making41
Openness, Listening, and Collaboration43
Balance, Inclusion, and Equality45
Shared Responsibility46
Variety and a Light Touch48
Logistical Support51
Using the Ten Key Ingredients as Assessment Tools52
3.Preventive and Visionary Planning55
Planning Principles55
The "Whys" of Planning57
The "Whats" of Planning59
The "Whens" of Planning71
The "Whos" of Planning75
The "Wheres" of Planning78
Discussion Guidelines84
Premeeting Communication and Conflict Management86
Meeting Day Checklist89
The Chair's Script90
4.Empowered and Proactive Members100
How Members Lose Their Power or Give It Up100
Benefits of Member Empowerment102
Three Success Stories103
The "Suffering Is Optional" Motto104
Making a Difference between and during Meetings105
Scripts to Assert Yourself without Getting Angry107
Inducing a Shift toward Greater Member Empowerment108
5.A Masterful Facilitator110
The Chair's Greatest Enemy110
Ascertaining the Collective Wishes of the Members111
General Questions about the Chair118
Ineffective and Effective Chairs120
The Chair's Debating and Voting Rights123
The Chair's Overall Challenge129
The Chair's Roles between Meetings130
The Chair's Procedural Interventions during Meetings130
The Chair's Substantive Interventions during Meetings138
Offering Challenge and Celebrating Successes146
6.Surviving the Contentious Meeting149
Wrong Questions to Ask about a Contentious Meeting149
Right Assumptions to Make about a Contentious Meeting151
Right Questions to Ask about a Contentious Meeting153
General Points to Consider about Controversy154
Preparing for a Contentious Meeting160
Facilitating a Contentious Meeting163
Partial Chair's Script for a Contentious Meeting165
7.Rules of Order That Make Sense167
Governing Principles and Concepts of Parliamentary Procedure168
Parliamentary Procedure and the Real World178
Determining Voting Results181
Taking Votes without Motions189
Main Motions: Clarity and Screening192
The Six Steps of Handling Main Motions198
The Traditional Approach to Amending a Motion207
The Informal Approach to Motions and Amendments213
Delaying or Avoiding a Vote on a Motion220
Revisiting a Past Decision227
Points of Order and Appeals231
Assessing the Impact of Procedural Violations234
Interventions for Combating Procedural Nonsense241
8.Accurate and Useful Minutes245
General Questions about Minutes245
Principles for Minute Taking247
Recording Discussions in the Minutes249
Making the Minutes Reader-Friendly252
Adopting Minute-Taking Standards253
Minutes Approval Process and Its Meaning262
Impacts of Freedom of Information and Privacy Legislation265
Making the Secretary's Job Easier266
Analysis of Really Bad Minutes269
9.The Virtual Meeting272
Advantages and Disadvantages of Face-to-Face Meetings273
Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Meetings275
Choosing the Type of Meeting276
Special Issues to Consider Regarding Virtual Meetings277
Options for Virtual Meetings279
Analysis of Examples of Virtual Meetings281
10.Troubleshooting Guide284
General Principles for Interventions285
Facilitation Ailments287
Agenda Ailments289
Time Management Ailments291
Member Commitment Ailments293
Disorder and Poor Decorum296
Discussion Quality Ailments299
Logistical Ailments303
About the Author319

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