The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boosting Your Immunity

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boosting Your Immunity


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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boosting Your Immunity by Murdoc Khaleghi, Colleen Totz Diamond

The key to overcoming chronic illness and recovering from chemotherapy treatments-or just to avoid getting every virus that goes around-is to build up the body's natural immune defenses. Nutrient-poor diets contribute to their poor health, so learning how to eat foods that boost your immune defenses is a very important step. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Boosting Your Immunity shows readers which foods to eat in order to build up their natural resistance to viruses, bacteria, and chronic diseases, including recipes showcasing nutrient-dense foods that pack an anti-disease punch. It also provides knowledgeable guidance for navigating the complex world of vitamins and natural supplements, helping readers formulate a regimen that works best for their needs. The role of exercise in immunity is also explored, with practical tips for using it to maximize wellness. And to give readers the best chance of staying healthy, the book shows hidden healthy habits that can keep them from picking up every germ that goes around.

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ISBN-13: 9781615643189
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 07/02/2013
Series: Complete Idiot's Guide Series
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,234,246
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Murdoc Khaleghi, MD, has written many books on health and wellness and is the medical director of WellnessFX, an organization devoted to improving overall health through a combination of medical and natural interventions. His books include The Everything Guide to Preventing Heart Disease and New, Healthier You. In addition to writing, Dr. Khaleghi continues to see patients, frequently speaks on health topics, and has been featured on numerous television and radio shows.

Colleen Totz Diamond is a freelance writer and editor with 20 years of experience working on books in the health and lifestyle categories. Her recent work includes books about heart health, celiac disease, and emotional intelligence.

Table of Contents

Part 1 How Immunity Works 1

1 Immune System Basics 3

How Does the Immune System Work? 3

Your Innate Immune System: It's in There 4

Surface Barriers 5

Mucosal Immunity 6

Normal Flora 6

Immune Cells 7

The Adaptive Immune System: Adapt for Survival 9

Cell-Mediated Immunity 10

Humoral Immunity and Antibodies 10

Immune Memory 10

The Lymphatic System: Lymphing Along 11

Lympatbic Vessels 12

Lymph Nodes 13

Lymphoid Tissue 13

The Immune System from Start to Finish 14

Initial Exposure 14

Innate Immunity 15

Naive Immunity 15

Immune Memory 16

2 What Does Your Immune System Fight? 17

Going Viral 17

The Common Cold 18

Viral Gastrointestinal Infections 19

The Common Flu 20

The Uncommon Flu 22

Bad Bacteria and Atypical Infections 22

Kali 23


C. diff 24

Atypical Infections 25

Where It Hurts 27

Lungs 27

Throat 28

Sinuses, Bronchi, and Ears 29

Urinary Tract 30

Digestive Tract 31

Meninges 31

3 When Good Immune Systems Go Bad 33

Too Little Immunity 33

Causes of Immune Deficiency 34

Risks of Weakened Immunity 35

Increased Risk of Cancer 36

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Immunity? 37

Allergies 38

Other Hypersensitivities 40

Autoimmune Disease 41

Food Intolerances 43

How You Help Yourself 44

Changing the World by Changing Yourself 45

Dealing with Illness 41

4 Immunity and Overall Health 49

How Inflammation Affects Your Health 49

What Contributes to Inflammation 50

Immunity and Other Risks of Inflammation 51

How Inflammation Is Measured 52

How to Reduce Inflammation 53

Knowing Your Heart 54

How Immunity Affects Your Heart 54

Beat Your Risk Factors for Heart Disease 55

Your Immunity and Your Heart 57

Your Brain and Immunity 58

The Brain-Body Connection: Your Mental Health 58

Stroke 59

Boosting Your Brain Health 60

Deceasing the Risk of a Brain Tumor 61

Organizing Your Vital Organs 62

Kidneys 62

Liver 63

Lungs 64

Bowels 65

Spleen 65

Part 2 Giving Your Immune System a Fighting Chance 67

5 Your Immunity Toolbox 69

Vaccines: The Ultimate Immune Booster 70

Diseases to Vaccinate Against 77

Risks of Vaccination 73

Childhood Vaccines 74

Adult Vaccination Boosters 76

Helping Children Build Immunity 77

The Benefits of Breastfeeding 77

Early Exposure 78

Nutrition and Rest 78

Antibiotics only when Necessary 79

Your Age and Genes 80

Age and Immunity 80

Genes Vary in Expression 81

Adjusting Your Gene Expression 81

Harmful Habits 82

Quit Smoking 82

Stop Drinking 84

6 Infection Prevention and Minimization 87

Awash in Hand Washing 87

How to Wash Your Hands 88

When to Wash Your Hands 89

Picking a Hand Cleanse 90

Keeping Your Environment Disinfected 91

How Infections Spread from Surfaces? 91

The Most Common Places for Bacteria and Viruses 92

How to Stay Sanitary 94

Surrounding Yourself in Health 95

Avoid Sick People 96

Don't Be the Spreader 96

Protect Yourself from Airborne Illness 97

7 Getting an Immune-Boosting Workout 99

Why You Should Exercise 99

The Direct Immune Response to Exercise 101

The Indirect Immune Benefits of Exercise 102

The Fitness-Mood-Health Connection 102

Pump Up the Immune 103

Creating a Fitness Plan 103

What Is the Best Form of Exercise? 105

Choosing a Location 107

Incorporating Physical Activity into Your Day 108

Too Much of a Good Thing? 109

The Problems of Overtraining 110

How to Know when Enough Is Enough 110

Other Immune Risks of Exercise 112

8 The Only Stress Is Stress Itself 113

Coming to Terms with Stress 113

The Nature of Stress 114

How Stress Damages Your Body. 115

Coping with Stress 116

Relaxation and Your Immunity 117

The Benefits of Relaxation 118

Easy Ways to Relax Quickly 119

Long-Term Stress Reduction Methods 120

Reducing Stress Through Deep Breathing 121

How Deep Breathing Works 121

How to Deep Breathe 122

Using Meditation to Quiet Your Mind 123

The Benefits of Meditation 124

How to Meditate 124

Part 3 Immune-Boosting Foods, Vitamins, and Supplements 127

9 Eating an Immune-Boosting Diet 129

How Food Affects Immunity 129

Considering Cortisol 130

Managing Your Insulin 130

Estimating Your Caloric Needs 131

Carbohydrates and the Immune System 132

Avoiding Simple Carbohydrates 133

Eating Complex Carbohydrates 133

Simple or Complex? Using the Glycemic Index 135

Protein and the Immune System 136

Fat and the Immune System 138

The Effects of Other Additives on Your Immune System 139

Preservatives 139

Artificial Sweeteners 140

Caffeine and Energy Inducers 142

Not Just What You Eat, But How 143

10 Vitamins and Minerals: More than Essential 145

Vitamin D 145

The Many Effects of Vitamin D 146

Primary Sources of Vitamin D 147

Why People Are Deficient in Vitamin D 147

Knowing and Improving Your Vitamin D 148

Antioxidants 149

What Do Antioxidants Do? 150

Sources of Antioxidants and Supplementation 150

Vitamin C 151

Are the Immune Effects True? 151

Sources of Vitamin C and Supplementation 152

Vitamins A and E 154

How Vitamins A and E Can Help Your Immunity 154

Sources of Vitamins A and E and Supplementation 156

Zinc 157

Zinc and the Immune System 157

Sources of Zinc and Supplementation 158

More Vitamins and Minerals 160

Iron 160

Selenium and Copper 161

B Vitamins 162

11 Immunity Superfoods 165

Fruits and Vegetables 165

Broccoli and Kale 166

Blueberries 167

Mushrooms 167

Sweet Potatoes 168

Pomegranates 168

Grains 169

Bran 169

Oats 170

Lentils 171

Wheat Germ 171

Dairy, Meat, and Nuts 172

Yogurt and Kefir Z72

Salmon 173

Brazil Nuts and Almonds 174

Pumpkin Seeds 175

Drinks and Spices 176

Green Tea 176

Garlic 176

Honey 177

Turmeric 178

12 Supplementing Your Immunity 179

Probiotics 179

Probiotics and the Immune System 180

Types of Probiotics 181

Amount of Probiotics 182

Herbal Supplements 184

Acai Berry 184

Elderberry 185

Echinacea 186

Ginseng 188

Do-It-Yourself Remedies 188

Chicken Soup 189

Phytonutrients 190

Airborne 190

Emergen-C 191

How to Decide What Works 193

Part 4 Steps Toward a Healthier Life 195

13 Immune-Boosting Meals 197

Breakfasts 199

Veggie Egg Scramble 199

Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Kiwi, Banana, and Blueberries 200

Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich 201

Fruit-and-Yogurt Smoothie 202

Gluten-Free Walnut-Flax Banana Muffins 203

Lunches and Dinners 205

Kim's Chicken Soup 205

Lentil Soup 207

Tangy Skirt Steak and Tomato-Spinach Salad 208

Wasabi Salmon with Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprouts 210

Lamb Chops and Ratatouille 211

Tofu Stir-Fry with Wild Rice 213

Four-Bean Chili 215

Seafood Stew 211

Hearty Kale-Sardine Salad 218

Almond Butter and Cherry Sandwich 219

Veggie-Filled Acorn Squash 220

14 Healthy Snacks and Desserts 221

Snacks 222

White Bean Dip and Carrots 222

Guacamole 223

Beet, Watermelon, and Spinach Salad 224

Kim's Trail Mix 225

Desserts 226

Vanilla Ice Cream with Cherries and Pomegranates 226

Chocolate Almond Coconut Balls 227

Mixed Berry Crumble 228

Fruit Parfait 229

Mint-Chocolate Pudding 230

15 Change Your Habits, Change Your Life 233

Committing to Change 233

Contemplation 234

Making a Plan 235

Preparation 236

Implementation 237

Monitoring Your Progress 237

Checking Your Health Inside and Out 238

Monitoring Any Sickness 240

Feeling the Other Effects 240

Staying Motivated 241

Forgiving Imperfection 241

Recognizing Your Progress 242

Improving the Lives of Those Around You 244

Congratulate Yourself! 245


A Glossary 247

B Resources 253

Index 259

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