The Complete Idiot's Guide to Campus Safety

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Campus Safety




A handbook that covers it all.

There are many issues surrounding campus safety that students should be prepared for. This unique guide covers everything from dorm rules, frat house myths and realities, and protecting property, to staying out of trouble on the Web, at the ATM, and elsewhere, to drinking, drugs, dating, spring break, staying healthy, how to handle different kinds of people and places, and what to do in emergencies.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781592577439
Publisher: Alpha Books
Publication date: 04/01/2008
Series: Complete Idiot's Guide Series
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.06(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Alan Axelrod, Ph.D., president of the Ian Samuel Group, a research and writing firm, is the author or co-author of eight Complete Idiot's Guides(r) and the co- author of Cops, Crooks, and Criminologists: A Biographical Dictionary of Law Enforcement.
Guy Antinozzi is Director of Public Safety at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia, and a Special Risk Consultant with the firm HRH Risk Mitigation, Inc. Formerly a Special Investigator in the Office of the Solicitor General of DeKalb County, Georgia, he works with the Agnes Scott College Police Department and is a Georgia police Firearms, Defensive Tactics and General Instructor. He's appeared on the Dr. Phil show and lectures widely in the field of criminal justice.

Table of Contents

First Things First     1
Making It on Your Own     3
Great Expectations     4
Criminal Curriculum     5
Safety in Numbers?     7
Develop Relaxed Attention     8
How to Be a People Person     9
Announcing Yourself     10
Making an Entrance     12
Lower Your Voice     12
Frightened Because We Run     12
A Body Language Glossary     13
Hand Signals     14
Reading People     15
Victimology 101     16
Spotting Bad Actors     16
Profile of a Victim     17
Accept Responsibility     19
Scoping Out Schools     21
In Search of an Experience     22
The Traditional Campus     22
Small World or Real World?     23
Look Closely at the College Community     24
Commit to the College Community     25
Phone Home     25
The Urban Campus     26
Protecting the Campus     26
Homelessness     27
Commuter Considerations     28
Commuter Parking     28
Public Transportation     29
Your "Safety School"     30
On the Web, in the Brochure     31
The Clery Act     32
Be Prepared, Not Scared     34
On Campus and Off     35
Dorm Rules     37
Choosing Roommates     38
A Word on Criteria     38
Ask the Basic Questions     39
Living the Golden Rule     39
Safe Room     41
Lock Up     41
Please Don't Burn Down the Dorm     41
"Neighborhood" Watch     42
So Be a Little Old Lady     43
Bear Witness     43
The RA     44
Use the System-Don't Let It Use You     45
Find the Balance     46
Be My Guest     46
Who Is That Guy, Anyway?     47
Guarding the Gate     48
Stuff Happens-Better Make a Plan     49
Greek World     51
The Good, the Bad, the Oh So Ugly     52
The Lifetime Benefits of Greek Life     52
Another Point of View     53
Frat and Sorority Myths and Realities     54
Rushing and Pledging     55
Hazing     56
Hazing Examples      58
Hazing Myths     60
Think You're Immune?     61
Substance Abuse     61
Binge-Drinking Dangers     62
Paying the Piper     63
Drug Abuse     64
Sexual Assault and Rape     65
Animal House Meets the Rule of Law     65
Private Property     69
In Plain Sight     70
My Roommate's No Thief!     71
A Thief Is Made, Not Born     71
Don't Be a Victim     72
In Class and on Campus     73
Watch Those Books!     74
Securing Your Stuff     74
A Lock Is Only as Good as Its Key     75
Even More to Lock Up     75
Common Sense     76
Getting Personal     76
How and When to Be Selfish     77
Risky Business     78
Take Stock     79
Make Your Mark     79
Insurance Matters     80
Web Life     83
Hanging Out in Cyberspace     84
A Quick Catalog of Common Risks     84
Fighting Malware and Spam     86
Cyber Scams     88
Corralling the Trojan Horse      88
Gone Phishin'     89
Social Sites     90
Don't Be Lured     90
Surf Smart     91
Cyberbullying and Threats     92
Legal Risks     92
Online Dating     93
Digital Commerce     95
Scoping Out a Secure Site     96
A Question of Identity     97
Seller Reviews     97
Privacy, Please     98
Many Happy Returns?     98
Buyer Beware     98
Out and About     101
Ivory Tower?     102
Defensive Driving Revisited     103
Before You Start Up     104
On the Move     105
Assume the Worst in Others     106
Plan a Way Out and Avoid Danger     107
Parking     108
Leaving Your Car     108
Parking Garages     108
Returning to Your Car     109
Carjacking     110
On Two Wheels     112
Walking the Walk     112
At the ATM     113
ATM Robbery: Just the Facts     114
Countermeasures     114
Stay Alert     115
The Transaction and After      115
If You Are Confronted     116
The Case for Public Transportation     116
Ever Vigilant     116
Danger Points     117
Staying Safe En Route     117
The Kindness of Strangers     118
Drink and Drugs     121
What the Law Says     122
Alcohol     122
Marijuana and Controlled Substances     123
Your Health     124
What Happens When You Drink     125
How Drinking Affects Your Health     126
Alcoholism     127
Marijuana and Your Health     129
Other Controlled Substances     130
Your Career-Now and Later     131
The "Social" Drinker and the "Binge" Drinker     132
DUI/DOA     133
Getting Help     134
Spring Break     137
What's It All About?     138
Vacation Venues     138
Local Laws     139
Law on the Beach     140
Sin City?     141
Vegas Pot     141
A Street-Smart Spring Break     142
Prepare to Have Fun     142
Being There     143
Hotel Safety      145
Checking In     146
Elevator Safety     147
Going Out     148
Fire!     148
In Praise of Inhibition     150
Travel Scams     150
International Incidents     151
Alcohol and Drugs South of the Border     153
Safety and Security     153
Behind the Wheel     154
Advice from the U.S. Department of State     154
Register with the Embassy or Consulates     157
The Roads Less Traveled     157
The People You Meet     159
Conflict: Surviving Your Roommate-and Others     161
An Ounce of Prevention     162
Speak Up, Listen Up     162
Ease Up, Shut Up     163
Make Plans Together     164
Fix Problems, Not People     165
Disagree Without Being Disagreeable     166
Tackle the Issues     167
Calm Down     168
Walk Away     169
Say No-Without Slamming the Door     169
Seek Mediation     171
Calling It Quits     172
"That Girl Has a Serious Problem"     173
"I'm Just Going to Kill Myself ..."      174
"I Don't Want to Talk About It"     175
Dating     177
The Rules     178
Make a Plan     178
A Place to Date     178
Alone Together     179
Your Objective?     180
Great Expectations     180
Ask! (and Answer)     181
Set Up a First Meeting Instead of a First Date     182
Keep Your Eyes-and Your Mind-Open     182
Safe Sex     183
Making the Choice     184
Talk It Out     185
Date Rape     185
Dating Online     186
Drinking and Dating     187
The Meaning of No     188
Disturbing People, Dangerous People     191
Diversity or Deviance?     192
A Fine Line     193
Look for Behavior     194
Look for a Pattern     195
Taking Action     196
Talk About It     196
Crossing the Line     197
Look Out-for Yourself and Others     197
Getting Help and Helping Yourself     199
On the Edge, Over the Edge     201
Health Emergencies     202
Emergency vs. Urgent Need      202
Get Checked Out     206
Vital Stats     206
Stressed Out     207
All Wound Up     208
Your Best Friend Should Tell You     209
First Things First     209
Stress Relief     209
Spill Your Guts     210
Get a Workout     211
Break Your Routine     211
Call a Friend-or a Few Friends     211
Shun Stress Amplifiers     211
Worn Out     211
Sad and Lonely     212
What to Do About the Blues     213
When Nothing Works     213
Mad as Hell     214
Eating Disorders     215
The 411 on 911     216
The Campus Helpers     219
A Band of Brothers-and Sisters     220
Compete-but Care     220
One Step Beyond     221
Who Ya Gonna Call?     221
Academic Assistance and Advice     222
Your Advisor     222
Seek a Balance     223
Financial Aid     223
Pay Attention, Read the Fine Print, Respond     224
Keep Track     224
Let Your Parents in on It All      225
About Loans     225
Buyer Beware     226
The Goal of Financial Aid     226
Student Health Services     227
Wellness     227
Cost     228
Special Health Needs     228
Do I Still Need Insurance?     228
Psychological Counseling     229
Spiritual Resources     229
Campus Cops     230
Defending Your Life     233
Gut Checks     234
Get Out, Get Away     234
Assess Your Surroundings     236
Living Off Campus: Special Considerations     236
Roommates and Neighbors     237
Guard Your Castle     237
Guard Against Fire     237
Guard AGainst Burglars     239
Behave Yourself     240
Drive Danger from Your Door     241
Cell Phone Savvy     242
Assess the Threat     242
Yell, Yell, Yell     243
Responding to a Weapon     244
Fight Back     244
Breaking Contact     244
Arm Yourself?     245
Commit     247
Emergency!     249
Index      253

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