The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Life of Christ

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Life of Christ


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ISBN-13: 9780028638461
Publisher: Alpha Books
Publication date: 10/20/2000
Series: Complete Idiot's Guide Series
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 7.34(w) x 9.06(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

The author has not been pinpointed yet; however, I am in touch with Fordham University, a Jesuit institution in New York, to find an author who can give us a combination of a theological and intellectual approach to the subject.

Table of Contents


1. The Standpoint of the Gospels

The Genesis of the Gospels.

Pronouncement Stories. Sayings. Miracle Stories. Parables. Clusters of Similes. Stories About Jesus.

The Gospel Writers as Editors. Mark's Standpoint.

Mark's Main Ideas. Jesus the Servant.

Matthew's Standpoint.

Matthew's Method. Jesus the Messiah.

Luke's Standpoint.

The Language of Luke. Jesus the Champion of the Poor and Outcast.

John's Standpoint.

Many Miracles. Jesus Is the Son of God.

2. The Standpoint of Paul

The Importance of Paul.

Who Paul Was. Paul's Writings. Paul's Gospel: All Have Sinned. Paul's Gospel: Justified by Faith. Paul's Gospel: We Are in Christ. Paul's Gospel: One in Baptism. Paul's Gospel: We Are All Transformed. Paul's Gospel: Wisdom Is for Adults Only.


3. Jewish Roots: Part One

Beginning with Abraham. Moses and the Exodus. The Wandering in the Wilderness. The Promised Land. The Tribal Confederacy. Israel Becomes Like a Nation.

King Saul. King David. King Solomon.

4. Jewish Roots: Part Two

The Prophets.

Micaiah. Elijah. Amos. Hosea. Isaiah. Micah. Zephaniah. Jeremiah. Ezekiel. Second Isaiah.

Under Foreign Domination. Beyond Exile.


5. The Babe and the Boy

The Birth of the Baptist. Mary and Joseph. O Little Town of Bethlehem.

The Shepherds. The Wise Men. Herod. The Ancient Ceremonies. Jesus the Boy.

6. Jesus the Man

The Baptism. The Temptation. The Rejection. The Temper. The Grief. The Disciples. The Questionable Women. The Death.


7. What to

Let. Take the Road Less Traveled. Pay the Price. The Poor and the Lost.

8. What Not to

Don't Be Afraid. Don't Harm Anyone. Don't Stop Forgiving. Don't Worship Your Wallet. Don't Conform. Don't Give.

9. What to

Be Happy. Be Loving. Be Grateful. Be Aware.

10. What Not to Be.

Don't Be Arrogant and Self-Important. Don't Be Judgmental or Self-Righteous. Don't Be Spiritually Hollow and Bankrupt.


11. Parables: The Kingdom Is Like ....

The Kingdom: A Multifaceted Concept.

Like a Mustard Seed. Like Yeast. Like Hidden Treasure. Like a Pearl of Great Price. Like Good Soil.

12. Parables: Lost and Found.

Jesus Empathized with the Lost. The Lost Sheep. The Lost Coin. The Lost Son.

The Younger Son. The Father. The Elder Son.

13. Parables: Upside Down.

The Rich Fool. The Great Feast. The Good Samaritan.


14. The Healing Powers: Faith and Forgiveness.

Faith vs. Fear. A Paralyzed Man. Two Blind Men. Blind Bartimaeus. The Healing at the Pool. The Bleeding Woman. The Roman Centurion's Servant.

15. Demon Demolition Derby.

Jesus as Therapist Jesus and Satan. A Mob of Demons. A Boy with a Demon.

16. Wombs and Tombs.

Faith in the Resurrection. Spiritual Death. Nicodemus Is Born Again. The Widow's Son. Lazarus

17. The X Files.

Understanding Miracles as Myths. Feeding Five Thousand. Walking on Water. Calming a Storm. Turning Water into Wine.


18. The Imperfect Storm.

The Transfiguration. The Plan. The Washing of Stinky Feet. The Last Supper. The Crucifixion.

19. It Is All About Appearances.

Jesus Rises from the Dead.

Jesus Appears to Two Women. Jesus Appears to Two Men.

Jesus Appears to the Disciples.

20. The Holy Spirit: Amazing Grace.

The Lamb of God. The Bread of Life. The Ever-Flowing Stream. The Light of the World. The Good Shepherd. The Way. The Vine.

21. Revelation: The Apocalypse.

Apocalyptic Literature.

Apocalyptic Code. Apocalyptic Influences on Revelation. Apocalyptic Literature in the Bible.

Apocalyptic Jesus. The Letters to the Churches.

The Message to the Church in Ephesus. The Message to the Church in Smyrna. The Message to the Church in Thyatira. The Message to the Church in Pergamum. The Message to the Church in Sardis. The Message to the Church in Philadelphia. The Message to the Church in Laodicea.

The Seven Visions. The Beast. The Fall of Babylon. The New Age.


22. Acts: Faith in Action.

Luke's Purpose. Pentecost and the Role of the Holy Spirit. The Prominent Role of Peter.

The Jerusalem Church. Philip, Paul, and Peter.

The Role of the Church in Antioch. The Prominent Role of Paul.

Paul's First Missionary Journey. The Council at Jerusalem. The Rift Between Paul and Barnabas. The Second Missionary Journey. The Third Missionary Journey.

23. The Letters of Paul.

Paul and the Law. Paul and Grace. Paul and the Jews. Paul and Women. Paul and the Church. Paul and Christ. Paul and Money. Paul and Love.

24. Ministry as a Way of Life.

Ministry as Inspiration. Ministry as Storytelling. Ministry as Preaching. Ministry as Teaching. Ministry as a Pastor. Ministry as a Prophet. Ministry as Community Building.


Appendix A. Four Soloists Pretending to Be a Quartet.

Appendix B. The Motley Crew.

Appendix C. The Cast of Characters.

Appendix D. Further Reading.

Appendix E. Glossary.


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