The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott: Heritage of Secrets

The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott: Heritage of Secrets

by Michael Oborn


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ISBN-13: 9781432788933
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 04/03/2012
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)

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The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott: HERITAGE OF SECRETS 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
penandtome More than 1 year ago
Matthew Alcott was kicked out of the Latter Day Saints Church because he was going to expose what he found in Joseph Smith's journals. Now they are trying to stop him from publishing his book. If threats won't work, maybe kidnapping and murder will. Religion is what you make of it. There are grammatical errors.
D_Nare More than 1 year ago
The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott by Michael Oborn is an extravaganza of Joseph Smith with stiff analysis of traditional Mormon church’s behavior all draped in splendid wit. Matthew Alcott, a former historian for the Mormon Church, discovers a lost revelation received by Joseph Smith in the private papers of Brigham Young. The astonishing truth he stumbled upon makes him acquainted with a new side of Smith and his relationship with women. Matthew decides to expose his findings by writing a book but Church authorities will do anything to silence him. This novel, unlike other pretentious ones, is an unambiguous thriller based on the background of Mormonism. Instead of books that rebel religion, author here tries to tickle how everything is justifiable in the name of God. The cultural values of religion and its importance in one’s life in the face of human values have been cunningly bought up in a new light, providing enlightenment through entertainment. Irrespective of your religion, this book includes a message to learn for every reader. Writer has portrayed the protagonist as his alter-ego and tried to convey the subordination of women by Mormon Church in a very intelligent manner, allowing the readers to use their clout of perception and sift their standing. The prominence of Joseph Smith through the eyes of someone who is excommunicated from the Mormon Church is exceptionally articulated. The boldness of writing binds the reader throughout the book making it a delightful page-turner.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The subject matter is fascinating and the characters are so interesting. In fact, I ended up having a dream that I was writing the book and the Mormon upper echelon was after me which then made me threaten to sell my cats to the Mormons. So obviously this book affected me and caught my interest. Nicol/ Sassy Peach Book Blogger
certifiedgoof More than 1 year ago
I was constantly looking over my shoulder, worried that a religious group might be after me for reading this wonderful book! I'm also worried about Mike Oborn. Has anyone seen him lately? Oborn takes us on a journey with Matthew Alcott, a former historian for the Mormon church, as he presents his findings about the "real" John Smith. His attempts to publish his research sends a red alert to the highest ranks within the church and on more than one occasion, the excommunicated Mormon finds himself in precarious situations. Not to mention the senseless ringing of a Minnie Mouse telephone. Though it is sometimes difficult to follow the narrative, Oborn writes with cleverness and humor and his story is wildly entertaining. Let's just hope the Mormons never find out about it.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite It is 2005 and Matthew Alcott awakens in the middle of the Nevada desert. He is naked, drugged, and in a terrible condition. He reaches a trailer that is in the back of a store in the middle of nowhere and his wounds are tended to by five prostitutes while their madam calls for the police. When an officer arrives, he interviews Matt and tells him that he must have been left in the desert to die. Getting on his feet and going home, Matt finds his house has been trashed and his beloved dog, Buddy, has been killed. Pharmy, who sells drugs to the politically connected, is Matt's neighbor across the street and he shows Matt how to get a new Social Security number and name and how to stay off the radar. Matt needs this good advice as he once worked for the Mormon Church and stole copies of historic documents that will tell the truth about the beginnings of the Mormon Church. A hardened alcoholic, Matt heads across the country and ends up in a small town in New York State called Resurrection Corner and in a bar called The One Hump, operated by a man called James J. Flannery. Where will Matt go from here? "The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott" is an exceptionally well-written novel with first rate characterization. Matt Alcott, James J. Flannery, Matt's new love Cate Lynn Sudani, Matt's former father-in-law, President Burgess, and all the other major and minor characters are totally believable. The story's plot proceeds with incredible suspense to its last pages, and readers will be totally absorbed in Matt's story. "The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott" is a fabulous read even though the storyline might offend Mormon Church members.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lorraine Carey for Readers Favorite "The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott" is so much more than your usual mystery! This novel is a loaded cannon you won’t want to miss! Matt Alcott is a journalist who works in the records department on archives for the Mormon Church when he discovers some very dark and shocking secrets from the early days of the church as he follows the history of Joseph Smith. Some of these secrets will shock you where he uncovers sexual promiscuity with the prophet among other evils. He will also go on to reveal the secret societies that are alive and well today within the church. He decides to write a expose with all that he has found. The information will rock the Mormon world. While finishing his novel he finds romance within a most forgiving town. He continues to battle old demons and ones he knows personally from his past. The head honchos at the church find out about the novel and will stop at nothing to keep this book off the shelves. In an attempt to do so, they serve up an offer Matt surely can’t refuse.(Shades of a Godfather here?) When he discovers who is behind this scheme he backs off and this is when it gets down and dirty! J M Oborn is well-versed in the history of the Mormon Church. I was so engaged in this book that I could not, and did not, put it down. It was so interesting to learn about this intriguing religion. I love the way Oborn’s character is portrayed as a strong man who is able to handle an enduring romance in the midst of all the turmoil he faces. I believe this novel is on its way to becoming a best seller!
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Rita V for Readers Favorite "The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott: Heritage of Secrets" is an intriguing novel written by Michael Oborn. Matthew Alcott is an extraordinary journalist, who is also a historian for the Mormon Church. Through his determination and exploration, he discovers secret documents which expose the Mormon Church and all that it stands for. He also uncovers an explosive revelation about Joseph Smith, who is a self-proclaimed prophet who claimed to receive messages from God. But why was this revelation concealed from the world? Are Joseph’s visions to be valued or are they just blasphemy? Matthew uncovers conspiracies and corruption among the Mormon Church that if exposed could shake the Mormon faith forever. Matthew sets out to write a book and expose the truths about oppression, exploitation, corruption and bribery within the church that will shock the public forever. Michael Oborn hits it out of the park with this shocking and intricate novel. It is meant to entertain and dig up an age old mystery of religion and conspiracy. Each chapter flows so nicely into the next and the plot is solid and well thought out. Michael is a very talented and intelligent writer who is able to intertwine the words on the page to create a masterpiece. The cover of the book reveals half of a human face that looks very mysterious and compelling. It makes you want to pick up this entertaining novel and not put it back down. The language is easy to comprehend and the sense of imagery is brilliantly worked throughout the novel. This book reminded me of such works as "Angels and Demons", and "National Treasure". I could easily see this novel made into a motion picture or mini-series and I would be the first in line to attend. I love a good conspiracy theory and Michael Oborn does not disappoint. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a good mystery, conspiracy theory, or religious controversy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From the exploits of “The Twelve Apostles,” (a Harley-driving gang of recovering alcoholics), to a den of lethal snakes, from closeted polygamists to compassionate nuns, this compelling mystery-thriller never disappoints. Reviewed by Janet K. Jensen