The Complete Pregnancy Journal: Monitor Your Pregnancy Week by Week for a Safe and Healthy Baby

The Complete Pregnancy Journal: Monitor Your Pregnancy Week by Week for a Safe and Healthy Baby

by Alyson Young

Paperback(Large Print)

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The Complete Pregnancy Journal: Monitor Your Pregnancy Week by Week for a Safe and Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is one of the wonderful things that will ever happen to a woman. It brings amazing and challenging changes in the different aspects of a woman's life such as physiological and emotional. Breasts will become tender, feet will swell, different food preferences and distinct smelling abilities are some of what a woman will experience during pregnancy. During this stage in a woman's life, the body needs more nutrition for the mom-to-be and the baby inside her womb - the developing fetus.

This e-book is all about monitoring pregnancy week by week for a healthier mother and child. It can be read by anyone - someone who is planning to get pregnant and someone who is pregnant. If you belong to anyone of this group of women, this material will help you take a healthier journey of pregnancy. This e-book can serve as a guide as well to your partner who wants to know more about pregnancy to better understand what you are going through.

What can you expect from this e-book?

Each chapter of this e-book discusses the week by week journey of a pregnant woman which will be divided into several parts: what to expect about your baby's development; what to expect you will experience and feel; what to do for the specific week to cope with the changes and how to have a healthier and happier pregnancy. This will help you understand more about pregnancy especially if you are a first time mother. This will equip you with the proper information. It will serve as a guide on what you need to do in order to have a safer pregnancy and healthier baby. Take not also that there are specific needs in every week during the gestation period. Expect that there are activities that you are allowed and not allowed to do. For instance, you are not allowed to clean the cat litter because you will smell the toxic waste.

This e-book includes as well a list of tips that you need to bear in mind while your baby is developing inside your womb. These tips will be helpful for you. You can even copy it and put it on the fridge for you and the rest of the members of your household will know the tips about pregnancy. This e-book also contains a list of few old wives myths that you have to scrap off from the things you worry while you are pregnant.

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