The Complete Short Stories of Jack London, Volume 2

The Complete Short Stories of Jack London, Volume 2

by Jack London


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This collection of the short stories of Jack London has all of the following works:

The Kanaka Surf, Keesh, Son of Keesh, The King of Mazy May, The King of the Greeks, A Klondike Christmas, Koolau the Leper, The Law of Life, The League of the Old Men, The Leopard Man's Story, A Lesson in Heraldry, Li-Wan, the Fair, Like Argus of the Ancient Times, A Little Account, The Little Man, Local Color, Lost Face, The Lost Poacher, Love of Life, The Madness of John Harned, The Mahatma's Little Joke, Make Westing, The Man on the Other Bank., The Man With the Gash, The Marriage to Lit-Lit, The Master of Mystery, Mauki, The Meat, The Men of Forty-Mile, The Mexican, The Minions of Midas, The Mistake of Creation, Moon-Face, Nam-Bok, the Unveracious, Negore, the Coward, The Night-Born, A Night's Swim in Yeddo Bay, A Northland Miracle, A Nose For the King, O Haru, An Odyssey of the North, Old Baldy, An Old Soldier's Story, On the Makaloa Mat, "One More Unfortunate", The One Thousand Dozen, The Passing of Marcus O'Brien, The Pearls of Parlay, A Piece of Steak, The Plague Ship, Planchette, Pluck and Pertinacity, The Priestly Prerogative, The Princess, The Prodigal Father, The Proper "Girlie", The Proud Goat of Aloysius Pankburn, The Race For Number Three, A Raid On the Oyster Pirates, The Red One, The Rejuvenation of Major Rathbone, A Relic of the Pliocene, Sakaicho, Hona Asi and Hakadaki, Samuel

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