The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding

The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding

by Michael Brooke


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The Concrete Wave is the first detailed history of one of the most daring and intense sports to appear in the latter half of this century. Complete with hundreds of color images (board graphics, action shots of champion skaters) the book covers 40 years of skateboarding history.

The story includes:

  • how Larry Stevenson single-handedly bridged the gap between surfing and a skate toy to create the sport of skateboarding
  • profiles of skateboard superstars like Tony Alva, freestyle pioneer Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk
  • how surfer Frank Nasworthy came up with the idea of using urethane wheels to replace clay and started the second skateboard revolution
  • how hundreds of thousands of ball bearings spilling in a warehouse spawned the birth of the precision skateboard wheel
  • what gave Wes Humpston the inspiration to design the first graphics on the bottom of skateboards
  • how George Powell used his knowledge of science to create one of the largest skateboard companies - Powell Peralta
  • how Steve Rocco took a $6,000 credit card advance and $20,000 from a loan shark and created a multi-million dollar company called World Industries that changed the face of skateboarding forever.

Additional attractions:

  • the ongoing development of skateboard graphics in full color
  • dozens of photos from Simi Valley's Museum of Skateboarding
  • an overview of skateboarding films and a list of the top ten skateboard videos of all time
  • rare early covers of SkateBoarder Magazine along with covers from Thrasher,Transworld Skateboarding and the notorious Big Brother magazine
  • the rise, fall and comeback of skateboard parks, the development of the skateboard shoe industry (now reaching a billion dollars a year).
About the Author:

Michael Brooke saw his first skateboard in 1972. Ever since then, he has been passionate about the sport and its history. He runs an internet site dedicated to skateboarding appropriately titled The Skategeezer Homepage and now works in the communications industry in Toronto.

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ISBN-13: 9781894020541
Publisher: Warwick Communications, Inc.
Publication date: 09/28/1999
Pages: 200
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