The Conflict Between Us is the Conflict Within Me

The Conflict Between Us is the Conflict Within Me

by Charles Leviton, Patti Leviton



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ISBN-13: 9780970287601
Publisher: Phoenix Rising Press
Publication date: 11/01/2000
Pages: 224

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Gloria Sanchez

�Sacred traditions and sages through out time have told us, �change your thoughts, change your state of being�. For me, guided imagery provides the safest, most direct and powerful tool for transformation of thought, and therefore, of the body and emotions. The combined wisdom and expertise of Charles and Patti Leviton are profoundly valuable for personal transformation and healing. I highly recommend the information in this book and the heart space from which it flows.
—Gloria Sanchez, JD, CHT, Prof of Law

Robert Gerard

What a wonderful title and insightful book! You have in one sentence focused on the central source of interpersonal conflict and revealed the path to it�s solution by resolving the conflict within oneself.
—Robert Gerard, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Louis Tharp

Men are not from Mars, and women are not from some other planet either. Their problem is not generic, it�s personal. They are �from� two different earthly families that produced distinctly different individuals. This book deals with these unique differences and how these two inner conflicts create the conflicts in the ONE relationship. The Leviton�s offer no formulas or quick and simple fixes, be glad that they have REAL answers and solution that last � a marital lifetime
—Louis Tharp, PhD Professor of Psychology

Suzan Walter

The information in this book and the transformational experience of Chuck and Patti Leviton, has given me the insight to truly change my life. I have healed emotionally and physically through these gifts... (Suzan Walter, Pres. AHHA American Holistic Health Assoc.)

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