The Conscious Awakening: Gamma Volume

The Conscious Awakening: Gamma Volume

by Greg Kasperek


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ISBN-13: 9781418433321
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/02/2004
Pages: 217
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Humanity. A struggling race of sentient beings with an insatiable quest for increased self-awareness. As its awareness grows so does the depth of its quest. How did humanity get its start?  What is humanity’s purpose? Where is humanity going? Why does humanity evolve? When is humanity going to reach maturity?

In early 1988 I was busily experiencing a conscious awakening of epic proportions. Amazingly, I found myself at that time being introduced to a wide range of spiritual guides and teachers within the spiritual realm through dreams, visions, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and meditative telepathy. The awakening of these gifts within me initiated an ongoing spiritual education that continues to reveal to this day. These gifts have passed on to me answers to my questions and many more insights than I would ever have thought existed.

One of my more awesome insights included an in depth history of humanity’s roots, her purpose, her challenges, and her future. These insights took me back to the beginning of the Milky Way and beyond as I was shown a conscious intention to express Spirit in a way that ultimately led to humanity’s current existence.

As all this was being imparted to me I found my former beliefs being reformulated and transformed. Certainly these newly bequeathed deep revelations were not analogous to the flimsy explanations that I had been told while growing up. And because of those constricted  belief systems still being embraced by most of mankind it certainly was not going to be an easy task to pass these startling revelations onto my fellow humanity.

To answer the basic questions about humanity’s inherent qualities requires that I start by providing some background. What we commonly refer to as God is actually a multi-celled omnipotent Being. I refer to this Being by the name of The Source, since It is the source of all that exists.

Each of these individual cells of The Source have the same  identical abilities and powers as The Source Itself. Collectively, these cells function as a single omnipotent entity. However, these cells also have the ability to individualize while still remaining within The Source.

This ability for omnipotent cells to individualize provides a space to develop unique concepts and express them without involving the rest of the cells. Yet every experience is eventually shared freely between all the cells when the time is right. These cells are also referred to as Gods. And the sheer number of these Gods (cells) defies our ability to count them.

The collective Source dreams of concepts and ideas. When It awakens It sends Its cells on missions to demonstrate/experience what The Source has dreamt. And the cells embark on lengthy complex journeys that only end once the concept given to them has been expressed in every detail possible. Thus it was that The Source directed one of Its cells to express two interconnected  concepts.




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Guest More than 1 year ago
Greg Kasperek is remarkable. A former dairy farmer, Kasperek studied with a psychic and came to understand his own gifts. Now residing in Central Wisconsin, he¿s a renaissance SAGE who¿s found greater understanding of the universe. Kasperek has written a five volume philosophical treatise, the latest volume of which, The Conscious Awakening: gamma volume has just been published. Divided into fourteen chapters, plus prologue and epilogue, Kasperek covers far too much material to fit into a review. Among the philosophies explored are the nature of the higher powers (no matter which beliefs with which the reader was raised), breaking apart our basic understandings and rebuilding them by placing them in a new perspective focused within the history of the universe. He sees the Source as an aspect of nature, made up of collective cells, with unique personalities. He also explores the concept of showing harmony through disharmony, something along the lines of yin and yang. Following the spiritual path of the Milky Way, Kasperek intelligently explains how, when the universe was being formed, feminine energy¿s polarized particles were blown out of the center while masculine energy¿s polarized particles remained there, confusing their spirit partners. Its really a solid explanation of the nature behind feminism vs. sexism. He farther explores aspects of human nature, separating into the Beginners, the Manipulators, the Seekers, the Activators and the Graduates, each area taking a percentage of humanity. Kasperek¿s writing is best read with a notepad and highlighter, because he raises so many thoughts, they can¿t all be comprehended with simple reading. For example, his explanations of the chakra system, thoughtforms and lifeforms place them in a perspective no one else has quite given them before. His examination of sex and control tells us that sex is the most liked and disliked subject in our vocabulary. According to Kasperek, sex is blamed for our problems and it¿s the thing we fear most. The interactions of the afore mentioned masculine energies are leery of the feminine energies and vice versa, while its often difficult to understand that ¿both energies can express from the same body simultaneously¿. He tells us that, while sex¿s true task is to nurture intimacy, control is the magnetive opposite and creates distrust. In discussing homosexuality or bisexuality, he¿s found that older ¿souls¿ have less trouble with this because they want to ¿smooth out the inconsistencies between the two energies¿. He also reminds us that ignorance is a powerful tool used against society by the Manipulators, and that if we are raised with respect for self and have better parental preparation, we¿ll understand our control of our sexual behavior. Topics such as Food, Ancient Religions, Ego and Boundaries, Spiritual Evolution and the Tools to Promote Growth are covered, and the book becomes a treasure trove of these philosophical ideas. If there¿s a criticism, its that Kasperek¿s sentence structure and syntax sometimes take flights of fancy, and require a bit more attention from the reader. Still this is minor. The Conscious Awakening gamma volume may be only one man¿s concept of how the world came to be, but he certainly has a fascinating viewpoint.