The Content of Faith: The Best of Karl Rahner's Theological Writings

The Content of Faith: The Best of Karl Rahner's Theological Writings

by Karl Rahner


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While no single anthology could hope to capture the full scope of Karl Rahner’s thought—his publications number more than 3,500 separate works in the years between 1924 and 1979—this collection is the best that could possibly be devised, containing 174 selections that reflect the best of Rahner’s thought from the early 1950s to 1980.

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ISBN-13: 9780824527211
Publisher: Crossroad Publishing Company
Publication date: 08/30/2013
Series: Milestones in Catholic Theology
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 688
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.80(d)

About the Author

Karl Rahner was a German Jesuit and theologian who, alongside Henri de Lubac, Hans Urs von Balthasar, and Yves Congar, is considered one of the most influential Roman Catholic theologians of the 20th century.

Table of Contents

Translation Editor's Prefacexi
Introduction: Karl Rahner: A Portrait1
What Is Christianity?
1.A Short Formula of the Christian Faith45
2.The Sacramental Structure of the Christian Salvation-Reality49
3.Christianity and World Religions51
4.Christianity Is Not an Ideology55
5.Jesus Christ: The Synthesis63
6.Why Remain a Christian?66
The Mystery of Existence
7.The Mystery of the Human Person73
8.Nature as Creation82
10.The Human Person as God's Creature89
11.The Human Spirit90
12."You Are Dust!"92
13.Freedom Received from and Directed toward God96
14.Freedom as the Total and Finalizing Self-Mastery of the Subject100
15.Freedom and Ensnarement in Guilt103
16.Love: The Basic Human Act107
17.Propositional Knowledge and Primordial Consciousness114
18.Intellectual Honesty and Human Decision116
19.The Divided and Enigmatic Nature of Humanity118
20.Individuality and Community121
21.The Child123
22.The Challenge of Growing Old129
23.The Pilgrimage of Life131
24.Human Death135
25.On Work137
27.On Illness141
28.Renunciation and Self-Realization144
30.On Getting About152
31.Seeing and Hearing154
32.Primordial Words159
33.Hearer of the Word164
34.The Contemporary Inner Threat to Truth169
35."Freedom": A Contemporary Slogan174
36.Christian Faith and Secularization177
37.When Are We Peace-Loving?179
38.Creative Hope for Peace180
39.The World and the Angels I182
40.The World and the Angels II188
41.The World and History as the Event of God's Self-Communication193
42.Evil and the Devil196
43.The Need of Redemption199
On the Living God
44.The Word "God"205
45.Images of God211
46.Troubled Atheism?213
47.God Is Far from Us216
48.Natural Knowledge of God?220
49.Experience of Self and Experience of God222
50.God Is No Scientific Formula227
51.The True God230
52.God in the Old Testament232
53.God in the New Testament233
54.The Uniqueness of God in the New Testament237
55.God as Person in the New Testament240
56.On the Personal Being of God247
57.God Is Love250
58.God, Our Father257
59.Non-Christian and Christian Conceptions of God259
60.God and Creatures261
61.God's Self-Disclosure and the Human Word264
62.A Prayer: God of My Life266
Jesus Christ
63.Jesus of Nazareth between Jews and Christians273
64.Seeking Jesus Christ277
65.Approaches to Jesus Christ279
66."I Believe in Jesus Christ"283
67.The Birth of the Lord286
68.The Everydayness of Jesus' Life289
69.Jesus' Self-Consciousness291
70.The Core of Jesus' Proclamation293
71.The Will for the Cross297
72."Behold the Man"298
73.The High Point of Jesus' Mission302
74.The Cross as the Revelation of God's Love304
75.Gratitude for the Cross308
76.Jesus' Resurrection311
77.The Easter Message319
78.The Glorified Lord324
79.Christ's Ascension into Heaven327
80.The Eternal Significance of Jesus' Humanity332
81.The Christological Dogma334
82.The Credibility of the Dogma on the Incarnation337
83.The Two Basic Types of Christology339
84.The Christian Doctrine of Redemption345
85.Incarnation and Imitation348
86.A Prayer to Jesus Christ351
The Holy Spirit
87.The Holy Spirit as the Fruit of Redemption355
89.The Holy Spirit and the Church361
90.The Holy Spirit and the Mysticism of Everyday Life367
91.The Triune God I375
92.The Triune God II377
93.The Triune God and Monotheism382
94.A Prayer at Pentecost384
The People of God in History
95.Witness to the World's Salvation389
96.The Church: The Basic Sacrament of the World's Salvation390
97.The Closure of Revelation401
98.Scripture as the Book of the Church402
99.Truth and the Development of Dogma406
100.What Is "Demythologizing?"409
101.The Holy Church410
102.The Sinful Church413
103.The Church and Freedom416
104.The Priest417
105.Ministry of the Word419
106.Women and the Priesthood424
108.Religious Life437
109.Religious Life and Change440
110.Pastoral Care of the Laity443
112.Mary and the Church451
113.The Feast of Mary's Immaculate Conception455
114.Mary's Assumption459
115.Does Mary Divide the Denominations?463
116.The Marian Dogmas and Protestant Theology465
117.The Roman Catholic Church466
118.Toward Ecumenical Dialogue469
119.Theses for the Unity of the Churches476
120.Dangers for the Church478
121.Trust within the Church479
122.A Servant Church483
123.The Church as a Tiny Flock485
124.A Declericalized Church487
125.Democratization of the Church491
126.A Letter from the Pope in the Year 2020492
127.The Church as a Critic of Society494
128.Assent to the Actual Church495
129.What the People Actually Believe501
Christian Life
130.One Must Name the Mystery507
131.Prayer as the Fundamental Act of Human Existence509
132.Pray Daily Life!510
133.The Prayer of Petition I513
134.The Prayer of Petition II518
135.Love of God520
136.Baptism and Confirmation524
137.Original Sin526
138.Sin and Guilt531
139.Venial Sin535
140.Morality without Moralizing537
141.Existential Ethics543
142.Penance and the Anointing of the Sick544
143.The Eucharist547
144.The Meal of Pilgrims550
145.The Mystery of Christian Marriage553
146.The Sobriety of Christian Life556
147.Calm Readiness for God560
148.Christian Flight from the World562
149.Christian Joy in the World566
150.Grace and Dying with Christ568
151.To the Greater Glory of God571
152.The Unity of Love of God and Neighbor579
153.Internal Threat to the Faith587
154.The Christian in the World588
155.The Missionary Task of the Christian592
156.Christianity and Literature597
157.Faith and Culture599
158.A Prayer to the Lord Who Is Present604
Hope in God
159.Utopia and Reality609
160.Christian Pessimism612
161.The Advent Person616
162.The Real Future619
163.The Christian Understanding of Death625
164.The Intermediate State631
167.Eternal Damnation?634
168.Eternity in Time637
169.Hope of Eternal Life641
170.The Beatific Vision649
172.Resurrection of the Flesh652
173.Christian Optimism657
174.Prayer for Hope658
Selected Bibliography663

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