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The Continentals: That Shape Am I (The Complete Graphic Novel. A Historical Victorian Steampunk Murder Mystery Thriller Books)

The Continentals: That Shape Am I (The Complete Graphic Novel. A Historical Victorian Steampunk Murder Mystery Thriller Books)


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"...Enter The Continentals: Part Sherlock Holmes, part James Bond, part The Avengers...A gripping storyline with superb artwork in the style of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen..." - The Webcomic Builder

"...It's a great murder mystery that ends like an old school horror movie." - The Sequential Tart

"...Hughes (writer) and MacNaughton (artist) have managed to recreate the artistic and literary style of the victorian era Penny Dreadfuls and made it palatable for a modern audience." - The Written Word

"...First of all, this comic is GORGEOUS! It has this dark victorian engraving quality to it that my eyes thirst after. Then the writing is a mixture of everything that I dearly love in Doyle, Moore, Stoker, and Thackeray, but still with entirely it's own voice..." - The Penny Dreadful

"It's a real mashup: a tongue-in-cheek stew of detective fiction, action/adventure, historical drama, gothic horror, science fiction, and even steampunk that juggles influences as varied as old EC comics to Edgar Allan Poe and, would you believe...Get Smart?" - Thrilling Detective

"The books art is very rich, has a moody background, and the story pulls in the reader. The book is beautifully crafted and I enjoyed it immensely. The art is black and white and the writing is top notch. You must read this book" - The Broken Infinite Blogspot

"Fun. It's a steam punk version of The Avengers" - 3 star review, Goodreads

"A wonderfully written and drawn story of a partnership of equals during an age of change. Smythe and Fiziwigg are well developed characters from the start each with strengths that dynamically display an admiration of one another. The story itself is amazingly complex and keeps the reader demanding more." - 5 star review, Amazon

1889. Barely a year after the mysterious Jack the Rippers murderous rampage and equally mysterious disappearance the city of Mansfordshire, England is shaken by a series of brutal "mangling" murders that plunge the city into an abyss of fear.

Investigating the case, Continental Operatives Jeffrey Tiffen Smythe and his partner the gender bending adventuress lady Fiona Fiziwigg uncover the threads that bind the murderer, his victims, the highest echelons of society, it's lowest dregs, and even the police officers investigating the case in a tangled web of mystery, adventure, intrigue--And murder!

"The Continentals: That Shape Am I" by writer/creator Darryl Hughes and artist Monique MacNaughton. A dark victorian steampunk mystery of intrigue, suspense, madness, and murder.

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ISBN-13: 9780990393696
Publisher: Xcelsior OmniMedia
Publication date: 07/07/2018
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.79(d)

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