the Conversation

the Conversation

by Grace Gardener

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The Conversation - is an exposé on the Satanists who kept Lynn Mickelsen as their slave and prisoner by Grace Gardener AKA Lynn Pezzutti Mickelsen.Ret. VP Richard Cheney and Ret. AF NSA Gen. John Alexander (or whatever his real name is) agreed "Grace has written the definitive book on good and evil." Recommended by Ret. VP Richard Cheney and Ret. AF NSA Gen. John Alexander as required reading for the US Military and Law Enforcement. This is a companion book to The Truth - Other books by Grace Gardener are Garden of the Light; and, Confusion turned to Chaos.

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BN ID: 2940045483650
Publisher: Grace Gardener
Publication date: 11/21/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 163,302
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Grace can't be reached by phone or email. The people who held her as a prisoner and slave have access to her phones and email accounts. Her mailing address is 514 Americas Way Apt 3212, Box Elder, SD 57719. the Conversation details how she was kept a prisoner her whole life. . Grace says, "My name was Lynn Mickelsen while I was a prisoner in a blue house and slave of a “club” based in northern New Jersey. I worked nights and weekends naming products, bands and internet services, or anything else the "club" wanted me to do. I would wake up in the morning and remember nothing about the work and meetings, and I never received ANY money. I could only remember my 9 - 5 job at a bank. Also, there's a HUGE bounty on my head that the cult I escaped from is offering but has no intention of paying. The plan is to have me killed and then to kill the person trying to collect the bounty. I thought up the plan and the amount because I thought it was going to be the plot in a movie. I told the people who wanted the plan, "This is one movie no one will want to see." In short, anyone who kills me will be killed within 24 hours and will never see a dime. Now I'm RVing but I’m still a prisoner in that I can't get in touch with anyone, and no one can get in touch with me, except in person. When someone call or emails me those correspondences are intercepted by someone pretending to be me. According to John Alexander my daughters are now slaves and prisoners, and they get tortured each time we speak on the phone. I found out about the other life I’d been living during a grueling five-hour conversation I detail in my eBook, ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen.’ The reason I knew nothing about my own life was because I suffered selective amnesia induced with drugs, torture and electricity. I’ve written the eBook, ‘Garden of the Light,’ as a lighter, inspirational compliment to the eBooks – ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen,’ and, 'the Truth about Lynn Mickelsen’ which are intended to shed new, totally different light on the current world situation and change the world for the better. Armageddon is a Greek word meaning, ‘the Revealing of Ancient Knowledge.’ I consider the book, ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen,’ as Armageddon because it reveals the ancient knowledge. My view of Armageddon has no battle, no war, no army. I believe the knowledge in ‘the Conversation’ is enough to save the world. The blog lists just some of the accomplishments I achieved as a slave, to let everyone I've helped over the past sixty years, who I am. I will finally claim my life! My Young Adult eBook is ‘Confusion turned to Chaos.’ Recovering from induced amnesia is its own kind of hell. “It’s been emotionally overwhelming remembering all the wonderful people taken from my life by my now ex-husband and his beloved princess,” Grace said. Rita Denman tortured Lynn Pezzutti to marry Peter Mickelsen in 1979 to own a slave and torture prisoner. Grace was given amnesia through electroshock torture and various torture drugs - the same horrible, pain-producing drugs routinely given to the prisoners at GITMO. Now that Grace has escaped, she’s been recovering from the amnesia and now remembers all the work she did for the cult that held her prisoner her whole life. Several of the cult’s members are in law enforcement have access to modern technology and keep Grace from getting any emails and phone calls. Grace has been RVing since 2007 and had been off the cult’s radar since then. Satanic Cult “Church” member, Gen. John Alexander, was the head of torture at GITMO. Alexander’s the man who supplied the cult with the torture drugs and equipment that crippled Grace and put her out on disability in 1999. 12 years later John found Grace while she was camped in California and solicited her help to plan Zero Dark Thirty. Grace had helped Gen. Alexander AF NSA many, many times before so he knew what she was capable of and knew she would be able to come up with a plan that President Obama would agree to. Even though Grace knew who Gen. Alexander was – the man who tortured her until she was totally disabled and sometimes to death, she agreed to help him. There was no way out of the situation and Grace ALWAYS helped her county when asked. Once the plan was carried out, John was supposed to kill Grace for the NJ cult he, Peter Mickelsen, Rita Denman, Eric Gutermuth and Rachael Simon all belonged to. After vetting Grace for many, many months and working on her Zero Dark Thirty plan, John decided the Satanic Cult, he served his whole life, was wrong. He decided to go against all his life-long training and to let her live because he wanted to see how she was going to save the world. He and VP Richard Cheney believed, without a shadow of a doubt, that Grace was the one in their legends who would be able to make the world greener, healthier place, and end famine and war. Sadly, John told Grace the cult still keeps her daughters as prisoners and uses them as slaves. The cult now makes twice the amount of money they did with Grace because, “There are two of them.” John Alexander, a man who trains assassins, told Grace someone tortures her daughters each time they talk with her on the phone. Grace laments, “I haven't been able to see my daughters for 7 years - That's killing me slowly.” Gen. John Alexander told Grace her phone rings all the time and there are some pretty important people looking for her. Grace rarely gets calls. Some of her friends get rude messages from the cult pretending to be Grace. Luckily her friends think it’s a joke or ask her what happened. Her incoming and outgoing emails get intercepted. The only way to talk to Grace (Gracie) is face to face, and as of January 1, 2014 she’s been on satellite surveillance since 2011. Low levels of radiation pass through her rig so someone in the cult can watch her, and now the Armed Forces has begun their own surveillance trying to keep her from stopping World War lll. It was stupid of her to think the Armed Forces would want to help her stop WWIII. That was Gen. John Alexander’s idea. It was worth a shot. All of her attempts to reconnect with people she has recently remembered, from her work as Lynn Mickelsen, have been systematically sabotaged. Grace’s second book, a young-adult novel called Confusion Turned to Chaos, was originally published under the name Lynn Mickelsen. iUniverse paperback lost the edited version and so used the original submission to print. Also, the iUniverse eBook version is formatted so poorly it’s barely readable. The proceeds from the iUniverse paperback and eBook edition are paid to the cult who held Grace prisoner. The Smashwords eBook version of ‘Confusion Turned to Chaos’ is edited and formatted correctly. (hopefully!) Grace had the foresight to get a US copyright of her work in 2005, under the Title Bittersweet Sixteen. Grace would like you to know, “I lived a life I never knew while I was Lynn Mickelsen. I named things, companies, internet and computer products, and bands in a blue house in North West NJ.” Since she escaped in 2007 her name has been Grace Gardener.” God gave her the name Grace and she added the last name, Gardener, and God approved it. The eBooks, ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen’, and ‘the Truth about Lynn Mickelsen’ and ‘Garden of the Light,’ are published under the name Grace Gardener. Grace has been writing these exposé books since 2001 to help the people in the Satanic Church who tortured and raped her. “It took me twelve years to write ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen,’ and I hope you take a day or two to read it and find some solace in it.” Grace put the name Lynn Mickelsen in the title of those two books, ’the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen,’ and ‘the Truth about Lynn Mickelsen,’ at the suggestion of VP Dick Cheney. Grace had written a book called Babble On, and Mr. Cheney suggested Grace re-write it as non-fiction (which it is) and put her old name (Lynn Mickelsen) in the title and call it the truth (which it is) and "let the chips fall where they may." Grace turned ‘Babble On‘ into two books. Grace Gardener is Mr. Cheney’s favorite author. His favorite book of her’s is ‘Garden of the Light.’ Ret. VP Richard Cheney and Ret. AF NSA Gen. John Alexander (or whatever his real name is said), "You've written the definitive book on good and evil."

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