The Cornered Bear (Sammy Silvertooth's Guide to Revolution, #3)

The Cornered Bear (Sammy Silvertooth's Guide to Revolution, #3)

by Miranda New
The Cornered Bear (Sammy Silvertooth's Guide to Revolution, #3)

The Cornered Bear (Sammy Silvertooth's Guide to Revolution, #3)

by Miranda New



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Is the revolution desperate enough to play with fire?


The Revolutionary Council convenes to discuss the increasingly dire conditions within the Dome and to determine Sapphire's fate. Two paths are solidified for the defective fox witch: death, or becoming the revolution's secret weapon. As matters escalate, Jorgen finds himself torn between his moral compass and Simon's cold, hard logic, leading him to make a decision that will put not only himself, but the entire revolution at risk.


Meanwhile, Amia's eyes are opened to the hard reality of the revolution as she joins Captain Song Hong's team in the fight to protect the clans from tax day. When a suspicious ally appears with reports of a missing clan, Amia, Ollie, and Molly find themselves pitted against a new government-made monster straight out of a nightmare. 


Will Sapphire survive the revolution? Can Simon and Jorgen overcome this newest obstacle with their conscience intact? Will Amia be killed in the night by the mysterious water shadows? 


Find out in the action-packed third book in the Sammy Silvertooth's Guide to Revolution series.

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Product Details

BN ID: 2940165259531
Publisher: Miranda New
Publication date: 03/17/2021
Series: Sammy Silvertooth's Guide to Revolution
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: eBook
File size: 703 KB

About the Author

Born in Texas, Aged in Korea

Texas born and bred, Miranda New and her husband Steve moved to Korea in 2009 for a short break from life. Two sons, two dogs, and a lot of lizards later, they’ve admitted that they may never leave. 

Miranda fell in love with Korea almost as soon as she got off the plane. She spent much of her life teaching other expats about the language and culture of the country. After writing her master’s thesis on the topic of second language self-identity formation, she became extremely interested in people’s self-identity and how it is influenced by their surroundings. Having struggled herself to form a second-language identity, Miranda uses her novels as an opportunity to explore the multitude of identities people create for themselves. 

Miranda and her husband Steve have two adult sons and are currently in process to adopt a third. The process of creating a family out of four people who do not share blood-ties has also deeply impacted Miranda’s writing. Much of her work delves into questions related to what it means to be a family and how people end up in the relationships that they are in. 

Miranda is dedicated to improving the plight of immigrants both in Korea, the States, and all over the world. She is also specifically interested in the rights and struggles of children, both those who are caught in various forms of slavery and trafficking, and those who live in war torn areas. Having spent more than ten years living next to North Korea, the struggles of its people stay close to her heart. She hopes that you will find joy and hope when you read her stories and that they will open your eyes to groups of people you might not have previously thought about.

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