The Cosmic Origin of the Rigveda

The Cosmic Origin of the Rigveda

by John Ackerman
The Cosmic Origin of the Rigveda

The Cosmic Origin of the Rigveda

by John Ackerman



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Based upon hymns in praise of Mars, Venus, and Mercury visible in the heavens close to Earth, the Rig Veda reveals ninety-nine 30-year cyclic encounters by which the Earth's lithosphere was terra-formed between 3687 and 687 BC. During this entire Vedic Period modern Flora fell to the Earth as Soma (manna) along with the soil and water in which it flourished.

Ancient texts: reveal the force that drove the 'Continental Drift' of Alfred Wegener and produced the multi-layered granite cratons which raised the continents; decipher the 'column that supported the sky' chronicled by Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs in Traditional Cosmology V2; identify the cosmic cause of the K-T extinction of the dinosaur world; and place the origin of the 'cosmic microwave background' within the solar system ~ 4000 BC.

Consistent traditional cosmologies of numerous cultures, including Amerind peoples, deflate the elitist stance which characterize modern academia: atheism; Darwinian evolution of all modern species including Homo Sapiens Sapiens; and 4.6 billion-year uniformitarian cosmology of the solar system.

Correctly interpreted for the first time, the Rig Veda explains that the outflow channels, imagined as the creator cloving his bladder, formed the Oceanus Borealis at the beginning of each kalpa, the lava 'golden egg' expanded within the ocean at Mars north pole, forming the northern island prithv, and at the end of each kalpa the waters rose above the island and swirled into the nabhi (navel) at its center forming the maelstrom, or whirlpool. All of these features are still visible on Mars today because the last event occurred in 687 BC. Thus the Rig Veda reveals the recent history of all the the planets, none of which currently resemble their forms in 4000 BC. Although not directly addressed in this text, the beneficence, wisdom and power revealed by the cyclic manipulation of the planets to terra-form the Earth within Biblical times, proves the reality of God.

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About the Author

John Ackerman is a physicist who has devoted twenty years to the discovery of the Earth's origin hidden in ancient texts. For the first time, the Rig Veda, the sacred texts of the Hindu religion reveal actual cosmic events seen by the first one hundred generations of mankind worldwide.
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