Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-Up Call for Humanity

Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-Up Call for Humanity

by Patricia Cori


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The first of the pioneering trilogy, The Sirian Revelations, offers cosmic wisdom to help humankind realize its highest potential.

The Cosmos of Soul offers a bracing tonic to the shadow of war, disease, and other grim phenomena of contemporary life. The solution, according to noted clairvoyant Patricia Cori, is to awaken into the richer, more meaningful, and empowered existence that is our true fate. Through her psychic contacts with more evolved beings, Cori offers timely insights into the ethics of cloning, the dangers of the Internet, the truth about the AIDS virus, genetic engineering, and other information. Of special interest are the author’s predictions of what to expect after 2012, the closing of the Mayan Calendar—a time of galactic events that may change life forever.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781556437366
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 01/08/2008
Series: Sirian Revelations Series , #1
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 5.99(w) x 8.99(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Patricia Cori is a highly regarded clairvoyant/channel and the founder of the LightWorks Association, a spiritual center and New Age library in Rome. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Patricia Cori moved to Italy in 1983 and, although she travels the world year round, she resides in Rome.

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From Chapter One: Let There Be Light

...In this difficult time of transition, as human consciousness is being blasted out to both extremes of the poles, chaos has manifested as a constant in your world. Yet, within its fiber, its whirling frenzy, is laced the order underlying all life and intelligence in the Cosmos. There is order in chaos, however veiled in the subtle mysteries of nature’s illusive rhythms. Once you understand and incorporate this truth into your awareness, you will flow in the wake of change, just as falling leaves dance and pirouette in the wind.

Technology is delivering information from every corner of your planet with such rapidity that it is short-circuiting the neurological networks of your minds. It is too much, too fast. You are being distracted from the universal picture and programmed to perceive your master, technology, as the Great Liberator. Haven’t you realized yet that you are becoming enslaved by your computers and the techno-grid of the “Net”? The information industry has moved far ahead of your ability to conceive of its potential impact upon the future of all life forms on Gaia, while you are being spoon-fed only what it feels you will be able to first absorb and then purchase. Recognize, however, that every new electronic instrument is already obsolete well before the cashiers ring up their high-tech invoices and Wall Street grooms you for the next level.

Information regarding the Secret Government’s alliance with alien intelligence is being methodically leaked to you in the same way, because you are deemed emotionally incapable of dealing with extraplanetary life and the implications of alien intervention on Earth. But you do understand . . . for you are starseed.

Table of Contents

Preface . . . . IX
1 Let There Be Light . . . . . 1
2 Emancipation . . . . 11
3 Conscious Clearing . . . . 21
4 Opening the Archives . . . . 27
5 The Geometry of Manifest Consciousness . . . . 41
6 Sacred Temples . . . . 65
7 Cloning and the Genetics Nightmare . . . . 79
8 Time and Eternity . . . . 87
9 Attunement . . . . 101
10 The One Coded Master . . . 123
11 The Secret Government and the Space Conspiracy . . . 139
12 Of Lucifer and Darkness . . . . 159
13 Living the Fourth Dimension . . . . 177
14 The True Meaning of Genesis . . . . 197
15 DNA and the Great Experiment . . . . 215
Epilogue . . . . 231
The Sirian Keys to Ascension . . . . 235
Recommended Reading . . . . 239
Index . . . . 241
About the Channel . . . . 249
About the DNA Activation Programs . . . . 251

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