The Couple's Retirement Puzzle

The Couple's Retirement Puzzle

by Roberta K. Taylor, Dorian Mintzer



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ISBN-13: 9781936498079
Publisher: Lincoln Street Press
Publication date: 04/05/2011
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Roberta K. Taylor, RNCS, M.Ed., is a licensed psychotherapist, life transition coach and consultant, and couples relationship coaching specialist. She is a licensed third age coach and a 2Young2Retire certified facilitator. A member of the National Speakers Association, she facilitates workshops and speaks to professional and community organizations on topics related to midlife and retirement transition. She brings her expertise in adult development and life planning, as well as her own life experience, to working with individuals and couples facing the challenges and Dorian Mintzer, M.S.W., Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, career/life transition coach, executive coach, teacher and speaker. She is a licensed third age coach and a 2Young2Retire certified facilitator. She facilitates workshops and speaks to community and professional groups on topics related to mid-life issues. She is founder of the Boomers and Beyond, a special interest group for interdisciplinary professionals. She utilizes her life experiences and expertise in adult development and holistic life planning in her work with helping individuals and couples navigate the second half of life.

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"What an achievement! Your ten upbeat conversation starters hit all of my buttons! After living separately for the last fifteen years, my life partner and I have just moved together into a shared home across the country from familiar faces and places. Old attitudes and differences plus new needs and issues have shown up quickly and caused me to wonder where we could find a counselor to help us �get to yes.' With your book in hand, we don't need a counselor! We hope to create a fertile environment for both personal freedom and sustained togetherness. Thanks for your help in guiding our transition." --(Janet M. Hively, Ph.D., gerontologist, educator and co-founder of the Vital Aging Network, the Minnesota Creative Arts and Aging Network, and the SHIFT Transition Network)


"The Couple's Retirement Puzzle is a much-needed and eloquent addition to a growing field that has tended to ignore the importance of couples working together to plan and create the post-midlife they want. Roberta Taylor's and Dori Mintzer's wise advice, compelling stories, and practical exercises will help to improve your communication, sharpen your individual and joint decision-making, and ease your transitions into this promising life chapter." --(Margaret (Meg) L. Newhouse, Ph.D., Principal, Passion and Purpose LifeCrafting and founder of the Life Planning Network)


"If you and your partner are questioning how you can experience a fulfilling life in retirement, then here is the book you've been waiting for. Your journey forward in the second half of life is not a solitary venture. Couples need to support each other's growth with mutual understanding and encouragement. Dorian Mintzer and Roberta Taylor have drawn on years of professional practice, personal experience, and research in shaping exercises that will launch you on new adventures together." --(William Sadler, Ph.D., author The Third Age: Six Principles of Growth and Renewal After Forty, Director of Research for the Center for Third Age Leadership, and Professor of Sociology and Business at Holy Names University)

Harry R. Moody

"We spend a large fraction of our lives in retirement, but, unlike career or marriage, we don't prepare for it, except by saving money. The Couple's Retirement Puzzle helps us all make retirement less of a puzzle and more of an opportunity." --(Harry R. Moody, Director of Academic Affairs, AARP )

Chuck Yanikoski

The Couple's Retirement Puzzle reveals that, in the context of married lives, the traditional issues related to retirement are far more complex and difficult than is generally recognized. But Roberta Taylor and Dorian Mintzer also show us that satisfactory resolutions are possible once the issues are properly understood. In five years, there will be a dozen books imitating The Couple's Retirement Puzzle, because it is such a critically important and highly useful guide. Although other books may appear, this is the book we will surely want to use and recommend to others." --(Chuck Yanikoski, President of RetirementWORKS, Inc., and founder of the Association for Integrative Financial and Life)

Jeri Sedlar

"There is nothing easy about figuring out the future, and when you're a couple, it's twice as challenging. Roberta Taylor and Dorian Mintzer offer practical, thought-provoking advice as they help you put the puzzle together. Read it before you retire and save yourself some pain!" --(Jeri Sedlar, co-author, Don't Retire, REWIRE! )

Lin Schreiber

"Every baby boomer couple should own this terrific, couple-friendly guide to successfully navigate the retirement transition. Filled with must-have conversations, real-life examples and a boatload of invaluable tips and techniques for productive communication, this is the book I wish I had written." --(Lin Schreiber, Encore Career Coach and Speaker )

Carleen MacKay

"The Couple's Retirement Puzzle offers both a clear glimpse of the challenges we all face in our ever-longer lifetimes and a blueprint for a successful quality of shared life and relationships in retirement. The authors are among a very few experts on the subject. If you read one book about the subject, let it be The Couple's Retirement Puzzle." --(Carleen MacKay, author of Plan "B" for Boomers and The 50,000 Mile CareerCheckup, co-author of Boom or Bust and Return of the Boomers)

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