The Courtship of A Sex Goddess

The Courtship of A Sex Goddess

by Stevi Secret



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ISBN-13: 9780595220298
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/29/2002
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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The Courtship of A Sex Goddess 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jay and Darrien are at it again in Stevi Secret's fourth book in this sex crime series. John Eric 'Jay' Laubacher continues to pursue seminary school, while his girlfriend of now 13 months, Danielle Bailey (known in the sex trade as 'Darrien') has decided to start her own phone sex line. However, in this episode, the majority of the story revolves not around Jay & Dani, but Dani's friend and former co-worker Amy Jo Wilson. 'AJ' was a stripper at the Lipstick Lounge while 'Darrien' was working there, and although they didn't exactly hit it off, a friendly relationship eventually developed between the two. AJ left Lipstick's in Buffalo, New York (in the third book in this series) to pursue an adult acting career in Los Angeles, quickly rising to stardom. After making it big in adult film, AJ has left L.A. behind to attend classes at Wilson University in Cherry Grove, South Carolina. Meanwhile, as classes resume in the fall, Jay's former Sunday school Andrea (also introduced in 'The Great Canadian Stripper Shortage') has applied to, and been accepted at the same school, on a full scholarship if she plays basketball for the college. In a very short amount of time, AJ is recognized by fans of her porn work while attending Wilson U. She tries to conduct her life as a carefree college student anyway ¿ although writing columns for her fans, to be printed in 'Frolic' magazine, she goes about having a frisky, but otherwise fairly normal college girl life. She tries to make friends. She takes on a part-time job. She scores a handsome, fun, steady beau. And then one day, Andrea finds AJ dead in AJ's dorm room, sitting at her student desk. Found with a needle in her hand, AJ is believed to have overdosed. Danielle, knowing AJ was drug-free, is determined to discover the killer of her former co-worker & friend. Jay is absolutely certain the local Baptist church big wig, 'Bob' is to blame. Danielle isn't so sure. Could it have been AJ's adult entertainment mentor 'Bunny'? Or a former porn film partner Ambur, now married to porn stud Johnny Seed, who got AJ pregnant? Or maybe it was the jealous husband of AJ's new lady boss? Or AJ's pear-shaped professor, who had been eyeing her since her arrival at Wilson U? Maybe it was AJ's study partner? Or her new beau, trying to prevent her from going public with their relationship by releasing his name and details of their romance to Frolic Magazine? Could it have been AJ's religion-crazy college roommate, to finally get some peace in their tiny dorm room? Or a jealous buddy of AJ's new beau? Or was it really Bob ¿ obsessed with her himself, trying to purge the demon within? Or a stalker fan, someone who knows AJ's alias, intent to possess her at any cost? Of the four books I've read thus far in this murder/mystery series, this one is by far the best read. Unfortunately, one must have read the other three books for the complex relationships that form the structure of the story to make sense. My only complaint is to note with some irritation (as a Southern belle myself) the tragically stereotypical presentation of Southern religious and racial prejudices. I failed to find a single character of the Southern cast that did not reflect these radical and hard-lined stereotypes. In my own life spent living across the American Southeast, I've met some that could fit such descriptions, but an entire town of closed-minded, religiously perverted, cookie cutter characters? No. Elsewise, Stevi Secret has certainly devoted time and love to the crafting of this mutli-point-of-view, highly recommended tale. Fans of the ever-developing relationship between Jay & Danielle will be disappointed that AJ takes center stage, but delighted to find Jay & Dani continuing to weave their seemingly incompatible lives together, dedicated to further discovery of self, love, faith, hope and healing. ¿Scout DeWitt