The Covenant: On the Origin of the Abrahamic Faith by Means of Deification

The Covenant: On the Origin of the Abrahamic Faith by Means of Deification

The Covenant: On the Origin of the Abrahamic Faith by Means of Deification

The Covenant: On the Origin of the Abrahamic Faith by Means of Deification


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This historical essay takes readers back to the Bronze Age, some 3,500 years ago, at a time when men of power were viewed as living gods. Using sociology, anthropology and etymology, it asks pertinent questions and dissects the biblical Covenant to explore an innovative and thought provoking interpretation that exposes this story like never before.

What if the Covenant had been made with an overlord in order to pacify the Valley of Siddim, an important trade corridor between Egypt and Mesopotamia? What if this overlord's memory had been celebrated and elevated to the rank of deity by Abraham's descendants? And what if this "deity", initially worshipped as a local god, would eventually become known as Yahweh?
  • This book is original because it alleges that the Abrahamic Covenant had an earthly, rather than divine origin. This eventuality has never seriously been investigated, despite the fact that ancient Canaanites (Israelites) are known for practicing the cult of the ancestors and for worshiping a pagan deity called Baal Berith ("Lord of Covenant").
  • This book is significant because it rests on a wealth of textual, archeological, chronological and dendrochronological evidence. The hypothesis it develops is surprisingly coherent and complete. In addition to offering a synthesis of past dialectics, it solves the biblical chronologies and provides fresh answers to many puzzling questions.
  • This book is timely because it demythifies one of the key tenets of the monotheistic religions. By offering a scientific and historical perspective on the origin of the Abrahamic faith that is psychologically far more plausible than that offered by tradition, it could prove an effective tool to defuse fundamentalism and radicalization.

  • NOTE: Although the topic is religion, this book is NOT about faith. It will appeal first and foremost to scholars and critical thinkers interested in the fields of history, anthropology, and philosophy.

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    ISBN-13: 9781975832995
    Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
    Publication date: 08/26/2017
    Pages: 408
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    About the Author

    Bernard Lamborelle is a secular humanist with an engineering degree from École de Technologie Supérieure. In 2003, a simple question triggered a lengthy and passionate investigation into the origin of the Abrahamic faith. He first published Quiproquo sur Dieu (ed. Editas) in2009, which received praises from a few, left many dubitative, and raised excellent questions that called for answers. This led him to sign up for a Master in Theology at Université de Montréal in 2011, where he studied biblical Hebrew, historico-critical methods and narrative analysis. Armed with this new academic background, he widened the scope of his analysis to develop a comprehensive evolutionary model on the origin of monotheism.
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