The Creation of a Consciousness Shift

The Creation of a Consciousness Shift

by Paul Lenda


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Humanity is at a crossroads, where it has to decide whether it wishes to live in a bright future or a dystopian dark age. By making a decision one way or the other, humanity is creating its reality. Through the power of consciousness, humanity has the ability to create a global and transpersonal shift in consciousness to a much higher level. This book demonstrates that such a wide-reaching shift is possible through the realization that everything and everyone is interconnected. Paul Lenda is a self-realization coach, writer, and music artist. He assists others in the processes of self-realization and conscious evolution.

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ISBN-13: 9781846948671
Publisher: Ayni Books
Publication date: 02/16/2012
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 202
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The Creation of a Consciousness Shift

By Paul Lenda


Copyright © 2010 Paul Lenda
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-84694-867-1

Chapter One

A Consciousness Shift

The human race has been on a path of supramental transformation ever since its inception. It may have not realized this at first, but there is evidence of an overall continuously progressive evolution of human consciousness. This positive trend indicates that there are higher levels of awareness being experienced, for longer periods of time, and having more permanence in the present era than in previous epochs. All wisdom and knowledge understands and builds upon the old, growing into a transcendent form of existence. Growth and transformation are seen in all aspects of reality and so it should not surprise us that human consciousness is going through its own process of growth and transformation as well.

Higher and more complex mechanisms exist in all areas of modern life, from global online social networks to increasing rights for humankind, animals, and even plant species. With the progressive shifts in consciousness occurring in modern times, we can look at the history of human consciousness with a new position of awareness. We can see how far the human race has come, from its Stone Age ancestors to its post-modern super-culture. The natural evolutionary progression of consciousness seems like something that would be expected. This is the extropic progress that can give us the understanding that as more time passes, more chances are possible for the sophisticated evolutionary decisions and actions to occur within reality.

Such decisions include the Big Bang occurring, energy transforming from subtle into physical form, a planet becoming habitable for sentient and self-aware life forms, and highly elaborate and complex philosophies and beliefs becoming manifest.

Consciousness is taking the progressive leap into the beyond just as all else is continuing to be and become. A quantum leap of global consciousness is occurring, and seemingly will be continuing to occur into the future, as the collective whole of humanity begins to feel that there are some sort of fate-deciding crossroads we are going to reach soon or we have already arrived at. It will be up to humanity to decide its own destiny. The power is nearly completely in our hands and we must understand this tremendous power for change, so that we can make the choices that take us forward into a more advanced state of existence.

This shift in the overall consciousness of the human race is being assisted into manifestation by such things as meditation, empathy, understanding our own minds and the minds of others through psychology, and learning more about the use of plants as healers, helpers, awareness expanders and eye-openers.

The 1960s saw a profound shift in consciousness that rippled out and influenced the future from then on. The 2000s in the same way, seem to have re-experienced that 1960s consciousness revolution. It is as yet too soon to make assessments concerning how influential today's consciousness shift is going to be. It is ultimately up to us to decide that through our actions. This is why I have dedicated large amounts of time to the subject of a consciousness shift and why this book provides help on how to have such a shift. I believe it is one of the most important and impactful occurrences happening in this current time period and one that should have more focus towards it.

As we move into a new decade and a new age where so many things are changing, shifting, and occurring, it should be something everyone takes a closer look at. It should be something that people contemplate with intense curiosity. A shift in consciousness will result in a different manner of thinking. It will result in a refocused position of awareness perhaps in a direction that has not been looked at before. There are those who will not welcome this progressive shift into higher consciousness. There always are such individuals and groups, because such is the manipulative tool of fear that the ego utilizes when it feels threatened. Just to illustrate this point with one example, the traditional view is that the more youthful people of the world are very passionate and energetic when it comes to social transformation and societal progression whereas the older generation tend to not enjoy change but would rather exist in a social environment that maintains the status quo and is comfortable and secure. At this point in history, the older generation was young in the 1960s, so we may well see a convergence of attitude shifts. There are some who have quite peculiar perceptions concerning various matters in the world and as a consequence of this, they are adding to the inhibition of growth for the collective consciousness of humanity. As an accepted reality, it can be usually understood why they are the way they are. Such individuals and groups should not hinder the progressive shifts in consciousness that the great majority of humanity slowly experiences.

We may not realize it, but there is a massive amount of creative expression coming out of the hearts and minds of many. There is such a diversity in music, fashion, food, philosophies and schools of thought that the extropic nature of the human race is not something that can be ignored easily. The abilities of human consciousness can continue to amaze us with their dynamic elements. Thanks to the internet, which itself mimics the interconnectedness of humanity, more people are aware about all the various aspects of the world and reality itself than ever before. Not only are we able to discover little known facts concerning a host of various subjects, but there is also open access to all the various philosophies, schools of thought and intellectual musings that exist. From speaking with many individuals, I have come to learn that the internet played a pivotal role in their consciousness shifts and refocussed their awareness on aspects of reality they never comprehended or realized in the past.

Naming and labeling various aspects of reality helps us as human beings to better understand things and differentiate them from other things. However, words fall short of providing a perfect description or representation of the matters at hand. Given this reality, the term consciousness is used to represent an idea that is so mysterious, so fantastic, and so unimaginably infinite. It serves as a starting point to work from and moves towards a higher level of understanding, beyond any sort of dictionary definitions or philosophical explanations that may be given. Words are guides and so books such as this one, which are filled with words that describe or represent highly complex aspects of reality, should be understood as being starting points of one's journey towards an infinite knowing of All that Is. The word consciousness is used out of convenience for a concept that is infinite. For the human brain, infinity is an overwhelming idea that can not be fully comprehended. However, we are able to understand and have knowledge of consciousness, and we can experience its higher and lower states. By experiencing varying states of consciousness, we are able to understand consciousness, even if only a little bit for now.

Consciousness, in its infinite existence, has no form. It is not something that can be located in a physical way or be pointed at. Being something that has an infinite nature, it has no beginning or end, which is something beyond the understanding of the human mind. To try to understand the infinity of consciousness is like trying to install the latest computer operating system on a room-sized computer from the 1950s. It simply cannot be done. It must be an accepted reality that our minds will not be able to understand the full magnificence of the infinite consciousness that is the Source (the origination and summation of all consciousness), the primary reality, and All that Is.

Simply put, Consciousness is all and all things are consciousness. Of course, there is an untold number of variations and manifestations of consciousness, both localized and transformed, that are interconnected. Everything from a pulsar to a pebble. Although these other forms of consciousness do not necessarily have the same level of consciousness that a human being has, they all share the qualities of self-organization, intention, and some form of intelligence. All that exists has its origins in the Source consciousness which made and became form out of formlessness. This infinite consciousness can be understood as being the very foundation of the primary/ultimate reality, out of which everything rests upon in all its manifestations. Human consciousness is only one of many expressions of that infinite energy that comprises reality.

To be able to at least partially experience and understand the infinite nature of consciousness is in itself a remarkable feat. There have been yogis who have sought to experience oneness with the All for their entire lives but have never fully succeeded. A shift in one's own localized consciousness will occur if this profound realization about consciousness is made. A person will immediately be put in their place by realizing how truly small he or she is in the grand scheme of things.

With the age of our universe currently being estimated at nearly 14 billion years old, one's sense of vastness is significantly altered. When a person looks at the continuously growing credible possibility of an infinite multiverse with countless universes similar to our own in existence, the concept of reality's vastness that was previously perceived is obliterated and replaced with a much more significantly expanded awareness. What occurs now is a humbling of oneself to tremendous depths. As small as we were before, with new insights into the nature of reality, we have now changed from being a spark, to being a spark of a spark. We become a smaller spark, but a spark of Infinity nonetheless.

All too often, there are those strong-willed visionaries who desire to change the world by force. There are those who wish to shift the collective consciousness of humanity by their particular set of ideals or paradigms. This kind of forceful behavior can only result in more force being projected right back at those individuals and the situations that they create.

As is known in science, for every action there is an equal reaction. This is why if there is a visionary with hopeful dreams of an evolved and advanced human race, that person should spread awareness to the 7 billion members of the global transpersonal consciousness, so that people can create the consciousness shifts within themselves. Force is a negative and malevolent action that has no place in an enlightened mind. It causes resistance that is not helpful in achieving the initially desired positive results. Spreading awareness of the power that people harness within themselves is the beneficial process of facilitating a positive progression in consciousness and society. When our leaders realize this basic truth, a quantum leap of consciousness will follow.

There is an urgent necessity for a global shift in consciousness to occur since it seems as if humanity is at a major decision point. Depending on the decision it makes, the future of the human race and of society with be either one of metaphorical light or darkness, if any future at all. If fear seems to reside within a person's mind concerning the thought of unity, then the positive move into the future will not come about. By stripping away the fear, oneness will be experienced and a positive move into the future of our reality will indeed occur.

This unity relies on boundary dissolution, so that there are no hindrances to the unification with everything and everyone. If unification with the rest of reality is hindered, then the lack of coherence would prevent the creation of a consciousness shift towards a higher, positive and progressive direction.

With a positive shift in the collective consciousness of humanity, imagine how different everything would be. It almost seems as if it would be a utopia, compared to the current state of affairs. However surreal this vision may be, it is a very possible future if humanity decides to live it out in actuality. The power for such a change is within our minds. If people were able to experience or were shown what a world would look like where respect, compassion and love were the principle states of mind, they would have life-changing realizations. Every person should know that he or she has complete free will of the mind and in possessing such a power, has the power to shift his or her own consciousness, which will do that much more to manifest this imagined future into an actual reality. The issue is not with the techniques of getting there; the issue is with people employing them.

By equipping oneself with the tools that will be discussed, a person has the ability to transform not only their own life, but the lives of all those around them as well. These tools, which vary from meditation to focused thought-projections, help create a fundamental shift in one's consciousness while being distributed out into the transpersonal consciousness of humanity. By this manner of spreading the energy of higher mind states, each person can have an effect on everyone in a positive and transformative way. The decision is ours to make.

A shift to a higher level of understanding and being that we have the possibility of experiencing. helps us understand a crucial aspect of reality — that everything is, ultimately, one and interconnected as a unified whole. By attaining the state in which this realization is experienced, a person sees the intricacy and beauty in all things, and extends his or her empathy towards everything and everyone, since there is nothing that is disconnected from the unified field of consciousness. The more people that come to this realization, the more the collective consciousness of humanity will evolve. Integration of all systems within our unified matrix, is key.

Consider the relatively new phenomena of globalization. With the continuously integrated and globalized world in which we live, it becomes more apparent with each passing day that we are all dependent on each other. Imagine for a moment if you lived in a reality where everyone was self-reliant, self-sufficient, and independent, needing nobody in order to provide or care for anyone else. Society would probably be so disconnected from each other that if someone was confronted with any unifying aspect, he or she would respond with hostile or seemingly psychotic reactions. Further still, if a person found themselves to be in a situation where another person or group was needed in response to a need or want, then that person or group would not be there to assist them. Reality would look pointless and hopeless. Little technological or societal advancement would be able to occur. If everyone and everything is separate from each other, then what is all of this for? Why would a reality like this exist, for a seemingly purposeless, disconnected, infinite existence?

It seems, from what can be observed today, that there are some members of our global community that are hostile towards the idea of a global, integrated, and unified human society. The ego's use of fear takes such victims down into the dungeons of negativity, where this shift in global consciousness towards a more unified and global whole is seen in a negative light. Such elements that deny the interconnectedness within the noosphere (the sphere of human consciousness) help in keeping humanity as a whole from progressive evolution into the higher and evolutionarily advanced levels of consciousness. If those who persist in the continued belief that it is "all about me" rather than "all about us", then society as a whole will continue to struggle to take the next step towards the eventual supramental transformation of our species. Thankfully, more and more people with this independently minded belief are becoming aware that reality is not how they perceived it to be all this time. The rose-colored glasses morph into crystalline spectacles through which the transpersonal nature of humanity is seen more often, more clearly, and more accurately.


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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

A Consciousness Shift 6

Spirituality's Simple Reality 18

The Serotonin Connection 23

Empathy 26

Empaths 28

Everything is Connected 30

Interconnectedness in History 31

Interconnectedness Today 34

Interdependent Co-Creation 39

Full Consciousness 40

All is One 42

The Reality of Non-duality 49

Thoughts Shaping Reality 56

Creating a Reality 65

Why We Believe What We Believe 75

Wonder and Curiosity 79

Meditation for a Consciousness Shift

Why People Meditate 88

History of Meditation 89

Health Benefits of Meditation 90

Preparing to Meditate 95

Incense in Meditation 97

How to Meditate 99

Transcending Lower States 105

Boundary Dissolution 114

Higher States of Consciousness 118

Unconditional Love 119

Joy and Happiness 127

Peace and Harmony 136

Being and Becoming 144

The Splendor of Self-Realization 152

Knowing the Infinite Unknowing 155

Aphorisms for a Consciousness Shift 162

Aphorisms Explained 164

A Final Message 180

Acknowledgements 185

Bibliography 186

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