The Creative Awakening: This Is an Illustrated Journey Which Will Assist You in Your Spiritual Awakening in This New Aquarian Age.

The Creative Awakening: This Is an Illustrated Journey Which Will Assist You in Your Spiritual Awakening in This New Aquarian Age.

by Will Stephen


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The Creative Awakening: This Is an Illustrated Journey Which Will Assist You in Your Spiritual Awakening in This New Aquarian Age. by Will Stephen

Creativity in its basic form is a "primoral reaction" associated with the "flight response" of the "instinctive response system" which is used for emergency escape or near death survival situations. This response to extreme or threatening danger is brought out in modern man by "child abuse," psychological abuse, accidents, head traumas, and near death experiences. This is not to say that people with none of these extremes have no creativity.

"Will Stephen was a messenger for this Aquarian Age. His concepts will assist you in awakening to your highest creative potential. His philosophy of Concord encompasses the ideals of cooperation within our communities as well as within ourselves, to once again flow with the rhythm of nature.

This first book is a three-part series, including thirty-nine black-and-white illustrations. Mr. Stephen's artistic style is layered with multidimensional wisdom, helping to open the reader's mind to many alternative possibilities."

WILL STEPHEN, a visionary artist from Manhattan, managed and designed the number one jazz club, Basin Street East, during the 1950s. He did commissioned portraits for many famous people including Frank Sinatra, Robert Wagner,and Natalie Wood. His message is Concord: the cooperation we need for the Aquarian Age.

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ISBN-13: 9781452546278
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/23/2012
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.28(d)

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The Creative Awakening

This is an illustrated journey which will assist you in your spiritual awakening in this new Aquarian Age.


Copyright © 2012 Will Stephen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4627-8

Chapter One

"Where Do the Creative Come From?"

Creativity in it's basic form, is a "primoral reaction" associated with the "flight response" of the "instinctive response system" which is used for emergency escape or near death survival situations. This response to extreme or threatening danger, is brought out in modern man by "child abuse," psychological abuse, accidents, head traumas, and near death experiences. This is not to say that people with none of these extremes have no creativity. It merely implies that the greatest extreme at the earliest age is the force that has the most significance on the personality of the creative child, and the earlier, the better.

The desperation caused by abuse is so repulsive to the soul that the soul protects itself in flight, or flights of fantasy, or flights of inventive creativity. These turmoil's caused by abuse and inconsiderate treatment, are the volcanoes of creativity waiting to erupt in all great artists. At last they are able to express the tempest in their tea pot of volatile emotions on canvas with paint or music, song or survival, with design. When we respond creatively to need the psychological pattern is complete. Production usually becomes a proportion equivalent to the amount of pain endured by the sensitivity of the artist. When we respond with desire our hopes neutralize the natural response. The artist does not create from want. The artist creates from a need to create. To allow that need to unfold is the flowering of your self expression. Without it, you are only typical. But, with it, you are exceptional. The unfolding is central to an individuals' realization of self knowing. This self knowing allows the real you, to really, express the real you. The hesitant, "thinking," self, and the self that believes that their apprehensions are true. The left brain analysis won't work with the feeling soul. The left brain shines in the halls of civilization and it's precepts of control over the individual. The rules are a trap to the creative thinker. Redundancy is boring. It must be different every time for the quick witted artist, whose, "reality", exists in the spontaneity of the "creative impulse." ... And not in the planned agenda of regimented learning of the conformed, but, "reasonable mind set," of the socially acceptable way of thinking.

The creative mind is exceptional by comparison to the typical mind set of the narrow minded conservative thinker and non-creative person.

This conflict of the spontaneous creative and the narrow minded rule follower is the creative person's dilemma. To be narrow, "want" security and creature comfort over freedom of mind and uninhibited access to primoral instinctive skills, only available to non-conformed primoral woman.

Chapter Two

What Makes Creativity Work?

The first ingredient is the discontented child, who is in conflict with his surroundings. He develops imaginative escape scenarios to withdraw into for emotional protection from a threatening or hostile world.

The second ingredient, is the realization you like your make believe world better. Then the greater the pain the deeper into the imagination you get to go, and the more elaborate the lure of the scenario that keeps you from having to face the scene back in the black and white world of the typical family. The artist can get lost in his own scenario of himself. But, this is only for the developmental learning part, of the imagination and evolvement.

Like any other tool the imagination gets more skilled with use, just like art itself.

The imagination and focus of concentration of the artist started as an escapist tendency and developed into a capacity to envision great and complicated systems, with interrelating operations, and patterns capable of coming together into magnificent accomplishments, like: amazing stories, movies, paintings, concepts, and other notions of reality.

For the conservative narrow mind of "the typical," all rules enforced, all people must do the same thing; think the same; agree on what is right and wrong; and never be mean, and always be nice.

The non-conformist artist on the other hand strives for the new; the unknown; that which has never been seen before; the wonder of your own uniqueness. An artist knows everyone has a completely different story. No one is the same. Everyone has a different color coded package of emotions of varying intensities, directing their perceptions and the expression, of everything they see. Nothing is static in a creative mind. The whole thing is in constant change.

The growth, and the absorption of ever more input multiplying into even more data, until it becomes impossible to remember, and this realization causes you to forget everything. At this point you must let go and let God. You must stop your attempt at controlling the destiny that God has planned for you. You must allow the unfolding of your reality. The assumption that "you know," has put dents on all our heads. Mother Nature knows what she made you for, and you must comply or die to your destiny. Die to the social order or die to your spiritual life. You are either spirit or you are physical.

Chapter Three

The Purpose

The direction the energy of creativity comes from is love. The need to express love is the artist's gift. Love is like light; it brightens everything and makes it right. Just loving is reward in itself. That's why it's so important what you do with it. Loving the negative makes you smaller. Loving the positive makes you grow. But, loving what you do is the most important, because that is what "you" do, to express yourself and what you think and feel. This is who you are under the mask you wear for others. In the fabric of the universe, everything is accounted for.

There is purpose and meaning in everything, as long as your mind remains open. When it slams shut, you can no longer see, what you saw, before you slammed it shut. So, keeping an open positive mind is very important and necessary for a mellow, happy life's trip.

The purpose for this is to express what one experiences. When the mind closes itself around rules of conduct, moral training, redundant educational techniques and the laws of conformity and proper conduct, it ceases to operate independently.

The spontaneous creative reaction is stifled completely. "The memories of what went before," dominate the solutions of the mind and the creative source is lost. However, we have the natural laws of the creative mind, vs. the civilized laws of man. The purpose is to find yourself, ... within the nature of things.

Finding a place in society doesn't count. Our purpose is to define "the real self," that lies under the conditioning of our parents, schooling, and other social conformities, and learn to think for ourselves. The independent creative mind, "is," the spiritual trip. It's the soul trip. Finding the essence of a perfect life, is what we should seek and making our world perfect, one individual at a time, should be our life's goal.

Chapter Four

The Foundation

The foundation of the basic structure is a four side foundation. The foundation in the creative mind is the color spectrum from the sun; red, yellow, and blue. These primary elements are further broken down by blending the right and Ief1 colors, once for the three primary colors for a secondary level. Then doing the same thing again with the six secondary colors and finally ending with a twelve color spectrum. Now where the four sided foundation has four alternate points of view, the imaginative way has twelve and each is different by their own personal color code, allowing you to absorb much more data than the normal humanoid.

Twelve times at first observation, but, it quickly metabolizes in a chrysalis of input in the imagination. Meaning, the idea spreads to equal your imagination in your mind.

One might say the colors from the sun are the inspiration of the creative artist in the colors he/she might use to express herself, (the right brain). The conservatives think black and white and the creative feel in color. Black and white is the structure of what is, and color is the entire imaginative possibilities one could add to make the black and white world not so drab, and to add the rest of the dimensions under the sun. Women are the chosen; her mind abounds in colorful feelings.

Chapter Five

The Expansion

With use, the extra sensory facilities will grow, without use they will shrink. Consequently, the civilized wish it to cease and the spiritual wish it to grow. A one way point of view of the black and white mind is not a match for the wit and the open passions of the soul.

The simple conclusions of a "goat herder" cannot compare to a Michelangelo conceiving a Sistine chapel in the Vatican. However, Michelangelo was once on the same level, before he allowed the unfolding of his creative soul and the star within to shine.

The complexities everyone else saw were to him no more than watching his own "personal goat herd." As simple as looking into the palm of his hand , and that wouldn't be complicated at all except for all those lines. The concept of expansion couldn't be addressed without realizing the purpose you could fulfill if your body were functioning perfectly.

To have perfect health ... for the mind, body, and the soul. The mind and body should dance to the song of the soul. One should note here the over achievement of modern times destroys the "art of the "physique," and the perfecting of oneself. The fluid well danced and well tanned body is a breath taking thing to behold. These perfectly expressed bodies are not won by aerobic jumping, and backwoods jogging of the prize fighter. But, the fluid arts of flowing veils of a dance with grace and a stretchingly dynamic line, done to the rhythm of the harp (guitar) flute and drum, accompanied by a song of soulful content.

As a sanctuary ... from the rat race, of "the human dependents." Those pretenders who divert the heart of the sensitive artist, and cause the delay that frustrates the artist, and has ill effects on the artists primary life. You 'got' to 'be you' to 'be you'. No gettin' around that. When you don't know what that is, you must run everywhere looking, like the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland." I'm late; I'm late, for a very important date. Oh, my! Oh my! Where am I going?" Slowing down is one attitude away. Doing it right is the next.

Chapter Six

Doing It Right

Everybody can do it but, nobody gets it right.... Everybody is looking for "something better," when nobody is doing it "right." Doing it right is more concerned with simplifying procedures and dissolving inhibitions and road blocks to the free flow of self expression that makes up the creative life. The ability to do everything from the tips of your toes to the end of your out stretched fingers in both your mind and your body is the out reaching expression of the soul. To reach delirious expression of theta in all the arts is the dwelling of Venus. Venus is the patron God of the arts, love, and creative expression. Doing it right means: to seek your highest potential, while you withdraw into your own ship and start steering yourself. Be the captain of your own ship. Remember your rank.

You never stop directing your own movie. And, ... only when you get a bit part in somebody else's movie. It's hard to figure what to do, when your head no longer works. Then, you must do it with your heart. Your heart, will tell you what's best for you. When that's all done, "there is but to do it." You must go, by what you feel. What do you "need" to do? The "need," is the "motivation" that leads to "inspiration," and onto "creation."

Doing it right is directly connected to feeling good ... about you. Never lie, cheat, or steal. It, leads to distrust of others. Seek the truth and realize the truth is also, the best "possible" way. Satisfaction guaranteed.

CH7[ Expanding, "By Doing It Right!"

"You" get everything with yes, and nothing with "no."

"No," ceases expansion. When you say yes, you open access to your imagination, and can overcome any inhibiting idea. Thereby overcoming it's negative effect on "your" imagination," and/or your creative self expression. Which means your imagination is your most creative tool. It's also at the foundation of your ability to grow and succeed in a financial way. It takes no imagination to survive by having a job. You must apply your imagination to interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, this dissipates your creative abilities 100%. It's one or the other, making it a lifestyle change, rather than a part time hobby.

Stepping through the looking glass to the interior you, with it's depth and talent takes great courage, and is not for the meek. Only the bold would go, where angels fear to tread. This mental state is the land of the free and home to the brave.

The open mind is reward in itself. In it all decisions are left up to the fates and your agility at your self expression sets you aside from the typical, and sends you to the land of the few and you learn to accept your own "exceptionalness" and allow the fates to show you; your own unfolding.

While you laughingly, learn to express your love. Love is what grows; hate is what ceases love and growth. Expansion is the purpose of the universe, and light is the means of expansion, and satisfaction is the reward. ]CH7

CH8[ The Spiritual

The spiritual, the sensual, the creative, the flexible, the natural, and love, are all the same concept. The function is the same. The words used to describe the events are different, allowing for their different origins. Each suggests another type of expansion, or better yet, "unfolding." It all comes from within. That which comes "from outside is probably tainted with conformity, and a non-creative response. A perception that is more ego oriented than spiritually oriented. Seeing, through the point of view of the socially acceptable way of seeing, is a far cry from seeing it in your own unique and individual way. To be who you are you must give up wnat other people think, and follow your own feelings about it, not other peoples feelings, but, "your" feelings. ... Your real feelings. Those feelings you hide from others, for fear of criticism or reproach. These ideas or feelings "are" who you really are.

The nice you, is the 'you', you wear a mask to conceal, the way you really feel, from your friends. These people of course are merely your social friends , (those people you use to find Mr. Right, or a job, or a discount, or one of a million other reasons people get together in a superficial way) in an attempt to fill the void in their soul with large numbers of superficial "friends." Rather than a few good friends, they can share their life with.... Those who you can be yourself with, and will accept you as you are, and for whom you are. Real is always the best way. It all boils down to quantity verses quality. If, you always buy first class, you won't need to replace your needs, so often. This idea extended for a life time is a considerable savings.

Expression is the gift from the Gods. It. allows you to know yourself, know others, get smart, play music, take photographs, play guitar, paint pictures, dance expressively and grow to the point where you can allow the genius in you to surface and the true thing that God, made in you, to open, as a flower in spring. ]CH8

CH9[ The Realization

The realization that, there is more to be known, than, "just the obvious." There are many levels of perception with every possible level of insight. The deeper you go, the less like the surface it seems. One begins to see the wisdom of the fool, which suggests the world is backward from any approach that would lead to a happy ending. And, which, for the most part is also philosophically true.

The unique number of variables in the perceived world is too great to be able to mentally cope with. The result is that our only hope is in our ability to retain an "open mind," by realizing anything is possible at any time, and you must be prepared to perceive it. It maybe complicated, so, don't be thinking about parties, ball games and social status. Put those aside, and think about what's really important.

(Continues...) ]CH9

Excerpted from The Creative Awakening by WILL STEPHEN Copyright © 2012 by Will Stephen. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


PART I....................1
1. "Where Do the Creative Come From?"....................3
2. What Makes Creativity Work?....................6
3. The Purpose....................9
4. The Foundation....................12
5. The Expansion....................14
6. Doing It Right....................17
7. Expanding, "By Doing It Right!"....................20
8. The Spiritual....................23
9. The Realization....................26
10. The Practical....................28
11. The Out Flowing....................31
12. The Final Stage....................34
PART II "THE CONCEPTS OF CONCORD"....................37
1. Concord With Yourself....................41
2. Concord With God....................44
3. Concord With Others....................47
4. Concord With Nature....................50
5. Concord With Love....................53
6. Concord With Business....................56
7. Concord With Countries....................59
8. Concord With Religion....................61
9. Concord With Government....................63
10. Concord With the Practical Approach....................66
11. Concord With Generosity....................68
12. Concord With Concord....................71
PART III BOOK OF VERSES....................75
Introduction To the Book of Verses ....................77
1. God vs. Religion....................79
2. Civilization vs. God....................81
3. Civilization vs. Nature....................83
4. Man vs. Woman....................85
5. Conformity vs. the Creative....................87
6. Numbers vs. Proportions....................89
7. Chaos vs. Order....................91
8. Law vs. Justice....................93
9. Conquest vs. Concord....................95
10. Conformity to Man vs. Conformity to God....................97
11. Conservative vs. Generous....................99
12. Confusion vs. Clearity....................101

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