The Crescendo (The Musical Interlude, #2)

The Crescendo (The Musical Interlude, #2)

by KaSonndra Leigh

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The Crescendo (The Musical Interlude, #2) by KaSonndra Leigh

Also available in the Musical Interlude Series:

The Prelude (Book #1) - An International Bestseller!  An Aria in Venice (A Standalone Companion to the Prelude)
The Dark Duet (Book #3)
The Finale (Book #4) Coming November 18th, 2015

This series includes four books and one companion novel (An Aria in Venice)

He taught her how to walk outside the line. She taught him how to leave the past behind. In the end, fate brought them both together.

Six months ago, Erin Angelo was hired by Alek Dostov, the charismatic Maestro who hired her design firm, the same man who healed the wounds of her tragic past.

In the highly anticipated, reader requested sequel to THE PRELUDE, Alek and Erin are preparing to embrace their new life and love for music while nurturing Erin’s blossoming singing career. But when a mysterious figure from Erin’s past walks back into her life, Alek and Erin’s belief that their love will conquer everything is put to the test. As Alek continues to struggle with the ghosts of his past and recent family troubles, Erin finds a way to reconnect with her fiancée. The couple set out on a tour of Italy, taking Alek’s music group to the next level.

But Alek’s mother, Katerina, has other plans in mind. She orders the tour manager to go along with them. Now, they will face new challenges while dealing with the pressures of their careers.

Passion, excitement, adventure, danger, and a Maestro with more swagger than a rock star. THE CRESCENDO lifts you up to a high you won’t soon forget.

What reviewers are saying about the Musical Interlude series:

I love the combination between the worlds of these people with Russian gangs,singing,dancing,and of course orchestral music, being that Alek is a maestro. This couple have so much to work through to be happy yet they always come back to one another. It took him so long to get her to connect with him and then all this stuff starts happening to them and there relationship, but when they make up WOW marathon sex. I can't wait to read the next one. I want NO I need more.

Colleen Everly ~ Owner of Pamaceeve's Blog

An Aria in Venice. I have to say, this is an amazing love story. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do and I honestly fell in love with ballet. Another thing I love about this story is the gorgeous place of Venice. There's a particular part in the story that I love. The gondolas and the steamy scene that happens in one of them, made me have a seriously crazy dream. It will make you laugh, cry, you might even want to throw a punch or two here and there, lol. If you like a story with an awesome combo, then this one is for you.

Lulu Vega ~ Top Goodreads Reviewer

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+** All novels in the Musical Interlude Series are steamy contemporary romance with alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women.These passionately artistic stories are great for readers who enjoy both New Adult and Adult Contemporary romance, and women's fiction.

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Publisher: K. Leigh Books, LLC
Publication date: 05/28/2014
Series: Musical Interlude , #2
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The Crescendo 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
The Crescendo ,(A Musical Interlude 2) , KaSonndra Leigh Review from jeannie zelos book reviews An Aria in Venice (A Standalone Companion to the Prelude) Now Available! The Prelude An International Bestseller! The Crescendo (Book #2) Coming May 27, 2014 The Dark Duet (Book #3) Coming June 24, 2014 The Overture (Book #4) Coming August, 2014 The Finale (Release date, TBA) I'm onto this one having read Aria and Prelude so I'm beginning to get a feel for the nature of the people involved. It's a beautiful setting, Italy, music and dance, and of course the Black Butterfly design studio... I loved Alek and Erin in Prelude, then saw a little of them in Aria, and now we're back with them. Alek's mother is still a controlling Alpha bi tch and doesn't accept that he wants Erin, she's not the type of person she has in mind for her beloved son! She'll do whatever she can to separate them...add in problems from Alek's past that are coming forward and taking up his time, and the person from Erin's past who – courtesy of Katerina – has become a large part of her new life, and there's fireworks. Lots of misunderstood communications, feelings of being kept out, drama and emotion and of course as always some scorching, sizzling and sensual love scenes. It's clear to everyone that Alek and Erin are very deeply in love – but is that enough to overcome all the drama surrounding them. They really are tested in this book, both emotionally, and physically with life threatening events happening once again. It's a story full of passion, drama, emotion. The Russian Mob connections are becoming more prevalent, with danger from two separate angles there. And of course Erin is never going to be good enough for Alek in Katerina's eyes so she'll stop at little to separate them, regardless of how Alek feels about it. He needs to be strong, and I think he is, but he also doesn't want to alienate Katerina if it can be avoided. So its a tangled and passionate romance, tied up with problems from the pasts of both of them, and the present which seems to be catching up with them....A great love story, and heart stopping monments of danger. This doesn't end on a cliffhanger as regards Erin and Alek, but there's a definate drama at the end signalling an emotional and dangerous time to come. I found the start a bit slow, I've a love really for dialogue based novels, and the beginning here seemed to me to be quite long inner monolugues and musings of whats happening, could happen, and what could be done. I guess I want more action less thinking! I wanted to say “get on with it!!” but that just me, and the action heated up pretty quickly once the pace picked up. After that there was much more dialogye to shape how the story was panning out. Then it's a lurch from one crisis to another, from danger to heartbreak, and back to love – very fast paced, with scarcely a moment to breathe...I guess they needed that early gentle start to prepare! What I really love too, is that Kassondra has clearly worked out much of these books ahead of time, so the release dates are just months apart not years as too often happens, and so the series will remain fresh in my mind when the next part is out. Then once everything released it'll be a great series to read back to back, my preferred way of reading, so I can get all the story without waiting for parts. Stars: Four - a great read. ARC supplied via Author.
sewolf0310 More than 1 year ago
Erin and Alek work together, and I mean work together!  Not only do they have a love for music, they have a love for each other, and a very passionate love for each other. But unfortunately, the past can sometimes get in the way. While Erin is a simple girl from the United States, Alek has a past he would prefer not to share with her.  How he came to be the man he is today is not something he is proud of.  Of course when you have a mother like Katerina, you never know what will happen. It takes a lot of courage to open up to someone you love, and some people need time to do just that.  But those that truly love you will wait and hopefully understand and be there to support you. When someone you love is threatened, beware.  Alek will not rest until he finds those responsible for the trouble in his life. While this is an adult novel, it is not so graphic as to be vulgar.  But you will understand their passion.
Colleen2000 More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book,not the part about spiders, eww, but they did make for a dramatic scene though. I love the combination between the worlds of these people with Russian gangs,singing,dancing,and of course orchestral music, being that Alek is a maestro. This couple have so much to work through to be happy yet they always come back to one another. It took him so long to get her to connect with him and then all this stuff starts happening to them and there relationship, but when they make up WOW marathon sex. I can't wait to read the next one. I want NO I need more
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
 If you follow my reviews you probably already know how much I love A Musical Interlude series by KaSonndra Leigh. The Crescendo is the second book in Erin and Alek's story---so I'm not going to do a long review. I'll wait for the fourth book, The Overture (third book is The Dark Duet Nikolai's story), to give a more in depth review of Erin and Alek and an overview of the whole series, but I will tell you the key points of what I love about this book, and that is that I get to see inside Alek's head and learn more of who this gorgeous man is and what his life was like in Russia. And also his dark sex life that he and Nikolai are into. Well I should say what Alek was into sexually before he met and fell in love with Erin. This I enjoyed a lot. The other part I love is Erin. She finally discovers what happens from book one THE PRELUDE during her and Alek's week separation. I got to tell you, I love how she handles this situation, and calls Alek out on all his pitiful excuses. It's about time that I and readers get to see a New Adult woman not taking stupid crap off these men. So thank you, KaSonndra Leigh, for giving me this pump-my-fist-in-the-air moment, and for letting Erin's character have respect for herself, and having a brain. The other and final thing I enjoyed was getting to meet Erin's ex-boyfriend, Sam. The jerk guy who totally destroyed Erin's heart for believing in love and a relationship, well until she meets her true soul mate Alek the maestros. If you think the opera couldn't be sexy , then you haven't read the Musical Interlude series!  I highly recommend reading Erin and Alek's beautiful, hot romance, where the storyline that KaSonndra Leigh has created so intriguingly intertwined the opera world, music, suspenseful drama and my favorite steamy romance together to make one heck of an awesome series!