The Crossing at Cypress Creek

The Crossing at Cypress Creek

by Pam Hillman


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Sailing and soldiering around the world has taken Caleb O’Shea far from his native Ireland, so he never imagined that a promise to see a fellow crewman safely home would practically land him on his brother’s doorstep. After spending years away from his family, Caleb isn’t certain what kind of reception he will receive when he steps foot in Natchez, Mississippi. The one thing he knows for sure is that he won’t stay long.

Since her sister was kidnapped by river pirates six months ago, Alanah Adams has taken special care to avoid drawing attention to herself. Those living in the rough-and-tumble settlement of Cypress Creek might even think she’s addled. But when she stumbles into Caleb and his friends in Natchez, she appears to be the picture-perfect lady.

Caleb only catches glimpses of the mysterious and beautiful Alanah before she disappears. But a chance encounter with her at his brother’s logging camp near Cypress Creek leaves him uncomfortable at the thought of the young woman traversing the dangerous area alone. At a crossroads in his life, Caleb must decide whether he wants to give up the worldly adventures he’s been seeking for one closer to home.

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ISBN-13: 9781496415967
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 06/04/2019
Series: A Natchez Trace Novel Series
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 257,792
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.10(d)

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The Crossing at Cypress Creek 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous 2 days ago
I enjoyed this third book in the Natchez Trace series! Caleb and Alanah’s story wasn’t as easy for me to get into as the couples in the first two books, but I still enjoyed it! It was interesting having the girl with such a different background! I liked learning about all of the plants used for medicinal purposes. Good series!
PaulaShreckhise 3 days ago
The Crossing of Cypress Creek by Pam Hillman is book three in the Natchez Trace series. The series is about the O’Shea brothers and this one focuses on Caleb. Caleb O’Shea is a bit of a loner, having left his brothers in Ireland to take to the sea and travel the world. He finds himself at Natchez Under The Hill and face to face with his brothers. Unsure of their reaction, he is surprised when they welcome him back as the prodigal returned! These brothers remind me of the verses in Joshua that talk of MIGHTY MEN OF VALOR who run toward the danger , not away from it. Alanah Adams is a strong young lady. She, her sister and a friend have been left to fend for themselves in the woods along the perilous Natchez Trace in August 1792. Their father is a legalistic parson travels in order to minister to settlements far away. Alanah cleverly disguises herself as a crazy lady in order to protect the females left alone at home. The Trace is a dangerous but necessary place to travel for commerce. Highwaymen and River Pirates accost almost everyone. Ms. Hillman builds a credible world of early America along the Natchez Trace. There is excitement by the bucketful. Strong characters necessarily populate this story. The heroine is resourceful, capable and clever. She tries to reconcile her relationship with God with the harsh God she sees through her father’s preaching. Caleb is a lost brother who wants to connect with family and then go his own way again. But will he change his mind when he encounters forgiveness from his family and meets the intriguing and puzzling Alanah? This whole series has captured my interest with its romantic setting and interesting history. Ms. Hillman is a masterful storyteller. She incorporates spiritual truth into the journeys of her characters. *I received an ARC of this book from Tyndale Publishers on behalf of the author. I was not required to give a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*
HollyMag321 5 days ago
This series has been so good, and this book was no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed Caleb O’Shea. He had a definite edge to his personality and had some “issues.” But the burdens he carried made him an authentic character. I could picture Alanah as the beautiful almost fairy like young lady, struggling to keep herself and soon into the story her sister safe. The story around her sister was very edgy and I appreciate how the author handled it and the fact that she brought that particular ugliest of the time into the story. It was good. The uncle added another dimension to the story that reflected life then and now. If you enjoyed the other stories in the series, you’ll enjoy this one. If you’ve not read any of the stories in the Natchez Trace series this is a good place to start. Although a series and in my opinion you’ll get the most out of the book by reading them in order, this one definitely stands on its own. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Heidi_Reads 6 days ago
I loved that we got to see Caleb's story and discover where he went after leaving his brothers in Ireland. He's had a life of turmoil, but he's thrived in the treacherous environment on the seas. He appears in Natchez at the perfect time to assist his family defeat the river pirates that are plaguing the communities. I loved Alanah's grit as she carves out a life for herself in Cypress Creek foraging for medicinal herbs and apprenticing to the local healer. It would be hard for me to live in such a dangerous area, but Alanah is at home there, even as she grieves her sister's kidnapping. Caleb shows her that not all men are evil, but there are those out there that respect women, and he is one of them. The author shares so many great historical details of the setting, including logging and transportation on the river. Quinn (the brother from the second book) is pretty stubborn and has a hard time with Caleb's appearance, but Caleb has a hard time with him too. It was good to see them clear the air and slowly rebuild their relationship. I enjoyed this last installment in the Natchez Trace series! (I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)
AdventurousWife 8 days ago
Over the Hills and through the sea to sea a family reunited and a family started ! Such a great book ! This book is the last one in a series, but I do believe that you can read this one as a stand alone (I did ). It made me want to go back and read the previous books, as well as hoping to someday get to read a fourth book in the series (Hint, Hint ;) . I believe that this is one of the first books I have read by Pam Hillman (I can't believe it as this one was so good), I already have ordered the previous two books in the series. I believe that Pam did a great job at showing some of the struggles people went through before there was "Civilization" around, and she made me believe I was right there and that I could here the forest all around me. I loved the characters, how they interacted, the ways you got to hear their thoughts and share a little piece of their lives. I thought that the underlying message was that it is never too late to receive grace, or ask forgiveness from God. I give this story a 5 out of 5 stars, for original and engaging characters, amazingly detailed descriptions, and page turning smiles. I volunteered to read this book from Tyndale House Publishing in return for my honest feedback, the thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own.
Kelly Hodgkins 8 days ago
“Caleb O’Shea jerked awake to utter stillness.” - Opening line of The Crossing at. Cypress Creek by Pam Hillman The Crossing at Cypress Creek is the last in the Natchez Trace series from Pam Hillman. Several favourite characters return but having read the previous two novels isn’t not required. Our lead characters are Caleb, the last of the four O’Shea brothers to arrive in America from Ireland, and Alanah, an American struggling to survive in the rough environment. Caleb’s journey to America includes 3 years of fighting his way around the world and making solid friendships. One such friend I particularly enjoyed getting to know is Tiberius, a Moor. Silent and confident, he is a lovely balance to Caleb. The two come to work alongside the O’Shea brothers in the logging business. Alanah is supported by Lydia, a Native American who has excellent healing skills. The two care for the injured and are a formidable pair, a vision of female strength in adversity. Set upon by pirates (I do love a pirate twist!), the two teams come together to defend each other, their businesses and Cypress Creek. The adventure is quick-paced and well-written! I enjoyed it from the first page and would have happily kept reading about the Natchez Trace! The characters are rich and carefully thought through. Guilt and redemption are discussed from a Christian perspective and worked through the story elegantly. I highly recommend it, it’s five out of five on the en-JOY-ment scale!
MelissaF 12 days ago
Full of adventure and romance this book is sure to grab your attention. I loved catching up with the O’Shea brothers and getting to meet the last piece of the puzzle, Caleb. He is definitely likable and Alanah finds herself drawn to him but trying to fight it. She doesn’t trust men and she has good reason. We are also in the point of view of Miciah a very “not nice” guy. You just know he is going to cause trouble for Alanah and her family. Even if you haven’t read the other book you can still enjoy this one. A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own.
WishEnd 18 days ago
3.5 Stars THE CROSSING AT CYPRESS CREEK is one of those stories that is tough in spots to read because of the terrible choices men make and those who suffer due to those choices. Countered against this grit and darkness are these good men and families who are honorable, and those who trust in their faith in God and the love of their families. It's a faith-based story with complex characters and a tough situation, with danger at every turn, but with hope towards a better end. I really liked these characters! Caleb and Alanah were both well drawn characters with flaws, fears, strengths, and hopes. They both have struggled with their faith and with finding their place—or at least finding home and being able to settle instead of fighting for survival each day. I loved how Caleb was never fooled by Alanah and how they both learned to trust in each other. Love crept up on them slowly and without their say so, which made it fun to watch when they tried to deny their growing feelings for each other. There were also other characters from prior books in this series. I think reading the other books would have enhanced this story, but wasn't necessary to follow or enjoy it. I read the first book and enjoyed it quite a bit, so it was fun to see those characters appear here. I do have to say that the covers for this series are so lovely, including the one for this book. I did feel they were a little misleading, because this story is full of grit, some pretty brutal violence, and a really rough road for both characters. Of course, there is also family, forgiveness, redemption, and love. Just don't be fooled thinking this will be a lighter read. It's full of complex characters, struggle, and triumph. I did have a few issues with the story. I felt some of the violence was overly brutal. I didn't quite need the visuals to understand the depravity of the villains or the historical setting. I also felt the religious element was really strong, almost radical in Alanah's uncle. Then there was the ending that was tied off a little too perfectly. These were just a few things that rubbed me wrong as I read. In the end, was it what I wished for? Overall, I liked this story. The parts with Caleb, his brothers, Alanah and her sister and Lydia, as well as some of the other relationships were joyful and sweet. I especially loved the romance. Other parts were fairly brutal, but definitely played counter to the sweet moments making them even sweeter. Content: Some gritty settings, references to rape and murder, drinking, and some brutal violence. Source: I received a complimentary ARC from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect my review in any way.
TrixiO 19 days ago
“Her stomach did a slow roll at the unexpected lilt of an Irish brogue.” Yes, mine did too Alanah! In fact, that has to be the high point for me in this series by Pam Hillman. I'm a sucker for any kind of accent but there's just something special about an Irish one. Caleb's story in this third and final installment of the Natchez Trace series reminded me a bit of the Biblical account of the prodigal son. As a young lad, he's made his way in the world as a soldier on the high sea. With the promise of helping his fellow crewman return safely home, he has no idea his life would change course! He meets a pretty young lass, fights river pirates and scoundrels, reconnects with his brothers, and must decide for himself what his destiny is. He also has the heart of a true hero, one who rescues damsels in distress, even if that damsel can well take care of herself! Ah, but what woman can resist the Irish charm & the twinkle in Caleb's eye? I've really enjoyed each book in the Natchez Trace series. There's plenty of adventure, danger, family bonds, a faith thread and the happily-ever-after at the end. I hate to see this end because the O'Shea brothers have been a lot of fun to get to know. I would recommend you read all three books to get the depth and backstories of each character. I think this family will charm you! *I received a complimentary copy from the author through Netgalley and was under no obligation to leave a positive review. All opinions are my own. *
Sprinkle23 20 days ago
The Crossing At Cypress Creek is the third novel in Pam Hillman's Natchez Trace series. Although it can be read as a stand-alone novel, I recommend reading the other installments first to fully appreciate the supporting characters and their backstories. As always, Pam Hillman offers a well-written story that immediately captured my attention and never dragged. I loved Alanah. She was my favorite character in The Crossing At Cypress Creek and may be my favorite character in the entire series. As an herbalist, she forages for medicinal plants and has vast knowledge of their locations and properties. The combination of her intriguing profession, her unique personality, the enchanting setting, and the lurking danger created a captivating tale. The love story between Alanah and Caleb was romantic and satisfying. The tender friendship coupled with Caleb's protectiveness grew into a beautiful, romantic love. Beyond being Alanah's romantic interest, Caleb is instrumental in God's healing work in Alanah's life. There are themes about allowing God to work out His will in one's life, men cherishing women and loving them well, and the potent impact of forgiveness. I recommend The Crossing At Cypress Creek by Pam Hillman to readers of historical romance who enjoy a story with bits of humor, spiritual themes, and unique characters. Those who have enjoyed the other books in the series will want to complete it with this novel. Disclosure of Material Connection: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advanced reader copy from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
DixieJudy 21 days ago
 This is the third and final book in the Natchez Trace series and I surely hate to see them end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these Historical Novels. They are all stand alone books but the leading heroes are all brothers from Ireland who migrated to America. This book centers on Caleb O'Shea, but we have visits of some of the previous characters from the other books. Hillman has obviously researched history when writing this book. I learned a lot about piracy and the dangers of logging and rafting the logs down the untamed Mississippi River.  Lots of suspense and dangers, even the kidnapping of a young girl. Yes, there is romance and also a weak and broken preacher who finds his way back amidst all the dangers that faces those who are in his care. I found it extremely interesting with a very strong plot with believable characters. Hillman has a winner in this one.......I was given a copy from the author and I am happy to leave a positive review.
vics49548 21 days ago
Goodness, this has it all! The final book of the Natchez Trace series has mystery, danger, pirates, romance; something for everyone. Author Pam Hillman does a good job of wrapping up her series. You will want to read books 1 and 2 so you understand the nuances in book 3. Believe me, they are well worth the time. Hillman has obviously researched history when writing this book. I learned a lot about piracy and the danger of the area, as well as a lot about the flora and fauna. I found it extremely interesting and she wove it in so skillfully that it greatly enhanced the story without making it dry. The characters are well developed and realistic. They have strengths and weaknesses, fears and victories. I love the O’Shea brothers and how they protect those who need it, even when they’re fighting amongst themselves as brothers will. The ladies in the story are strong, as they have to be to survive living in Natchez. And it all comes together so well to make a satisfying ending. If you enjoy historical fiction with a bit of clean romance then I highly recommend The Crossing at Cypress Creek. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
blueyz1962 21 days ago
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading this novel, except for the violence. I do understand that a certain amount of violence is involved in everyday life, so I will not hold it against this author. Her writing is superb and her characters pull you into the story and you feel like you are right there with them. Caleb O'Shea comes to Natchez, Mississippi and finds that his brothers are living near Natchez. He bumps into Alanah Adams as he helps carry a sick William Wainwright to his solicitor to get him home to his family to take care of him. Alanah recognizes that William is sick and offers some assistance in the form of medicine and they continue on their way. Alanah Adams mourns the loss of her sister, who was kidnapped six months prior by river pirates and she does not know if her sister is alive or dead. Because her sister was pretty and the river pirate Miciah took her, Alanah dresses in rags and filth to disguise her own beauty to keep the pirates from kidnapping her. She also acts insane to deter them. Caleb and Alanah meet again at Cypress Creek and an attraction is obvious, but Caleb is basically only there to visit his brothers and work around the plantation/lumber yard for awhile. He is not looking for a wife. So what will happen with the attraction between the two? Will Alanah ever find her sister? Is she even alive? If you like clean (no sex scenes), historical romance, you will love this book. It has love, attraction, suspense, intrigue and you get to catch up with Connor and Quinn from the first two books in this series. Check out this wonderful story for yourself. Enjoy! I received a review copy of this book from Pam Hillman and Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.; all opinions in my review are my own.
MaureenST 22 days ago
We have been gifted with another O’Shea brother, this time it is Caleb, and we get to see the reception he receives from his previously immigrated brothers. Of course, there is still danger and lawlessness here and we are reunited with old friends. I have enjoyed this series, and will miss looking forward to the next installment. Yes, you can read this one alone, there is enough information presented, but you will be hooked once you explore this read. If you enjoy a book with a little bit of romance, but with almost non-stop action, this one will not disappoint! I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Tyndale House, and was not required to give a positive review.
NKBookReviewer 23 days ago
Pam Hillman is a natural at storytelling. She has a way of weaving a tale that captures my interest within the first few pages and keeps it until the end of the book. This series is a tribute to her extraordinary talent. Each book was better than the last. I felt like I had been whisked away to the eighteenth century. She had done her research and it was evident. The scenery, attire, colloquiums, and characters all added to a complete authentic experience when reading this captivating tale. “The Crossing at Cyprus Creek is Book 3, but it could be read as a stand alone. Be warned it is so engaging that you will want to read the first two after finishing it. Why not read them in order if you haven’t? I found the characters to be well rounded and very realistic. So much so my heart and emotions often went out to some of the characters, while others just made me want to yell at them. They have good character traits, flaws, and some downright meanness in them. This is the story of Caleb O’Shea, who returns home from being at sea for months. He finds things quite different than when he left. It is also the tale of Alanah Adams. As a herbalist she is a healer and knows how to identify various medicinal plants and herbs, where to find them, and how to use the. She is a fascinating lady and I enjoyed her immensely. Pam Hillman has written a Christian sweet historical romance with adventure and intrigue. Danger lurks, emotions are high, and God is to be sought and obeyed in this gritty Southern novel. Themes of faith, forgiveness, trusting God’s plan for one's life, chivalry, love, and home are all woven deftly throughout this magnificent book. With some twists and turns added to exquisite writing, the story had a nice steady pace with no sluggish parts. It is a complete and total page turner. I highly recommend this book and series. It is definitely worth it. I learned things, it was God glorifying, and I had a hard time putting it down. There are discussion questions at the end so get a group together to read the series. There is so much to dissect and discuss. It gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me.