The Crown and Canadian Federalism

The Crown and Canadian Federalism

by D. Michael Jackson


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More than ever Canada’s constitutional monarchy should be treasured as a distinct asset for the nation.

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s historic Diamond Jubilee in 2012, there is renewed interest in the institution of the Crown in Canada and the roles of the queen, governor general, and lieutenant governor. Author D. Michael Jackson traces the story of the monarchy and the Crown and shows how they are integral to Canada’s parliamentary democracy. His book underscores the Crown’s key contribution to the origins, evolution, and successful functioning of Canadian federalism, while the place of the monarchy in francophone Canada and the First Nations receives special attention.

Complex issues such as the royal prerogative, constitutional conventions, the office of lieutenant governor, and Canada’s honours system are made readily accessible to the general reader. Jackson examines the option of republican governance for Canada and concludes that responsible government under a constitutional monarchy is far preferable. He further argues that the Crown should be treasured as a distinct asset for Canada.

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ISBN-13: 9781459709881
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Publication date: 09/24/2013
Pages: 336
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About the Author

D. Michael Jackson was chief of protocol for the Government of Saskatchewan from 1980 to 2005, coordinated 10 royal tours for the province, and established the provincial honours program. Appointed Commander of the Royal Victorian Order by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005, he is a Member of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit and lives in Regina.

Table of Contents


Introduction:  The Crown in Canada         

I Canada  -  Historically a Constitutional Monarchy     
 Five Centuries of Monarchy        
 Independence and Legitimacy        
 The Monarchy and Quebec        
 The Monarchy and the First Nations       

II Crown, Parliamentary Democracy, and the Royal Prerogative
 A Monarchical Constitution        
 The Royal Prerogative – No Dead Letter       
  The Reserve Powers I:  Dissolution and Prorogation     
        Reserve Powers of the Governor General and “The King-Byng Affair” 
        The Issue of Dissolution in 2008      
        The Issue of Prorogation in 2008-2009     
 The Reserve Powers II:  Appointment and Dismissal     
 The Question of Honours        
         Honours after Confederation
         The Bennett Revival of Honours
         Honours Disappear Again – and Re-emerge
         The Move to National Honours

III The Provincial Crown in Canada - From Subordinate to Coordinate   
 The Beginnings         
 The Divisible Crown         
       Legislative Sovereignty       
       Executive Sovereignty and the Royal Prerogative    
       Queen’s Counsel and Escheats      
       Resolving the Stand-Off:  The Maritime Bank Case and Beyond  
 Did the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council Subvert the Fathers of Confederation?         
 Comparison with Australia        
       Status of the Governors                    
       The Courts – a Very Different Pattern from Canada               

IV Lieutenant Governors  -  Prestige, Obscurity and Revival   
 Vice-Regal Powers:  Refusal and Reservation of Royal Assent    
 Vice-Regal Powers:  Appointment and Dismissal, Prorogation and Dissolution Federal Officer?         
 Vice-Regal Appointments and Tenure       
 Decline of the Lieutenant Governor       
 Vice-Regal Revival in Canada’s Provinces
        A Case Study:  Saskatchewan  
 Vice-Regal Ups and Downs:  The Story of Saskatchewan’s Government House 
        The Decline and Near Fall of Government House
        Revival and Renewal
        Revival and Renewal Redux – and Expansion

V The Contemporary Provincial Crown
    The Constitutional Role                      
        Appointment and Dissolution      
        Dissolution and Dismissal:  A Case Study – British Columbia  
        Special Warrants:  A Case Study - Saskatchewan    
        Vice-Regal Intervention:  A Case Study – Alberta
        Issues in Ontario    
 To be consulted, to encourage and to warn
         A Case Study:  Saskatchewan Resuscitates Bagehot     
 The Decorative Functions of the Crown                
         A Case Study:  Saskatchewan 
 More Than One Crown?  Provincial Honours in Canada              
         Provincial Honours – the Beginnings
         A Case Study:  Saskatchewan and Provincial Honours   
         The Contrast with Australia
 Public Initiatives and Civil Society:  the Saskatchewan Experience            
         Public Initiatives
         Community Leadership       
 “Royal Saskatchewan”:  A Case Study of Royal Tours            
 Enhancing the Provincial Crown                 
         National Changes                
         Vice-Regal Resources and Accountability            
         Bureaucratic Support               
VI Canada: Federal Monarchy - or Federal Republic?               
 Downplaying the Monarchy
 Governor General and Prime Minister                 
        Tensions:  The Governor General and Prime Ministerial Government
 A Republican Option for Canada?                            
        Head of State                           
        Presidential Powers and Status
        Codification of the Reserve Powers?            
 The Governor General as Canadian “Head of State”                       
        Trudeau’s Bill C-60                          
        Rideau Hall on a Republican Roll              
       The Letters Patent of 1947             
       A Lapsed Monarchy?              
 Federalism in Monarchy and Republic                 
       Canada and Australia 
       The First Nations
        Individual and Community               
 The Monarchy Rebounds                            



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