The Crown, The Tomb, and The Coronation: The Imminent Return of Christ

The Crown, The Tomb, and The Coronation: The Imminent Return of Christ

by Ronald Besser


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Those who followed Jesus saw Him wear the Crown of the promised Messiah, but there arose the jealousy of the Jewish Law and the Christ inherited the Tomb, but Jesus lived anyway and today He is about to be crowned with the Coronation of recognition in the Return of Christ to earth shortly. Our story begins in the Tomb and there is revealed why it appeared empty as the Archangel of Resurrection reveals all of us as we may witness how the awakening of Jesus proceeded and the resurrection of the Christ before the Saints of the day happened. Walk with us as we watch to participate with the Jesus resurrection, and then follow what came afterwards and the years spent later in the bosom of the Father. There then must appear a very sudden decision by Jesus to redeem his prophecy to return, and for that our book speaks to the very real decision to return to our earth today. Learn what Jesus has revealed as His goals for each of us and for our world as He speaks plainly inside these pages as what to expect when you see Him next. He will appear in the flesh to us once again and his attention will be given to the redemption of the planet, for revised and better government and for increased social services. A promised spiritual renaissance will appear. It is the redemption of our world shortly to begin and we speak to some of it within these pages.

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ISBN-13: 9781639450862
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Publication date: 08/04/2021
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