The Crow's Aura: The Path to Forgiveness

The Crow's Aura: The Path to Forgiveness

by Isaias Crow


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The Crow's Aura: The Path to Forgiveness by Isaias Crow

The Crow’s Aura – The Path to Forgiveness is a biography mixed with a fictional story of Gibran, a 17-year-old young creative, graffiti artist with a dark, violent family past who is trying to mentally and spiritually heal from his prior experiences.

As he holds his newborn son Isaias in his arms, a tugging feeling in his stomach and tightness of chest surface. These symptoms followed by shortness of breath and nonstop mental images of his estranged father pull Gibran to take his newborn son to visit his grandfather. Luisa, Gibran’s mother notices his behavior and asks if he’s nervous about being a father. Reluctantly and choosing his words carefully, Gibran expresses his desire knowing that his mother will be disappointed.

Still angry and broken-hearted from the beatings by her alcoholic ex-husband, Luisa agrees to track down his father, Matias, so Isaias has the opportunity to meet him.

What seemed to be a simple family visit to his paternal Grandmother Antonia’s home in the mountains of Juarez, Mexico to introduce them instead awakened a previous commitment that Gibran and his 9 year old brother Josh had promised to God – The All prior to being born. This reminder came pleasantly delivered by the spirit of his Grandmother Antonia and Gibran’s personal spirit guide, Sassafras. As the spirit guide spoke, Gibran’s mind began to race with fear and negativity of why they could not fulfill their previous promise. He asks his Grandmother’s spirit to show them the way out of the labyrinth-like environment. As they are about to leave, Gibran sees Sassafras’s facial profile which looks like a crow’s head with a large beak.

Waking up dazed and with a clouded mind at his Aunt Raquel’s home in Juarez without Josh by his side, sends Gibran in search of his missing brother. Using the raw expression of graffiti, art, creativity and the memory of his father’s guidance when he was younger as the vehicle to navigate through portals, Gibran builds up his courage to set off in search for answers.

This mysterious journey leads Gibran to encounter countless entities, ancestors and people along the way from his past, present and future. He discovers other hidden realms and is granted the wisdom of diverse time traveling methods and portals to get around, such as the Soul Subway. The Soul Subway is a train that exists in the spirit realm and takes him to any time and space of his life. He accesses the Soul Subway by using breathing techniques taught to him by an entity named The Homeless Man.

Having these gifts, he creates a portal to take him directly to his brother Josh. Only to find out that Josh is not a victim but a partner to The Voice – the thief of creativity. Gibran quickly feels how familiar The Voice is to him. It is the same being that has been feeding his ego with negative thoughts and darkness to his spirit all throughout his lifetime.

Avoiding defeat from The Voice, Gibran finds himself in the presence of a supportive group named The SACRED. While, in their space Gibran realizes that every path he chooses within The SACRED realm, leads towards forgiveness. The only thing holding him back from forgiving is the power he has given to The Voice.

With the reconnection and guidance of his father, he relentlessly works toward forgiveness, which he soon understands that it uncovers self-love.

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ISBN-13: 9780998970103
Publisher: Gibran Isaias Lopez
Publication date: 05/03/2017
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.67(d)

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