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ISBN-13: 9780335219247
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 12/28/2007
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.60(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

Ernest Mathijs heads the Centre for Cinema Studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Xavier Mendik is Director of the Cult Film Archive and Convenor of the MA in Cult Film and TV at Brunel University, UK.

Table of Contents

Contributors     ix
Foreword     xvii
Cult corner: acknowledgements     xix
Publisher's acknowledgements     xxi
Editorial introduction: What is cult film?     1
Note on the organization of materials     13
The concepts of cult     15
Introduction     15
'Film cults'   Harry Allan Potamkin     25
'The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction'   Walter Benjamin     29
'Notes on "camp"'   Susan Sontag     41
'Uses of camp'   Andrew Ross     53
'Casablanca: Cult movies and intertextual collage'   Umberto Eco     67
'Science fiction double feature: Ideology in the cult film'   Barry K. Grant     76
'Semiotics by instinct: "Cult film" as a signifying practice between film and audience'   Anne Jerslev     88
'"Trashing" the academy: Taste, excess and an emerging politics of cinematic style'   Jeffrey Sconce     100
'Sleaze mania, Euro-trash and high art: The place of European art films in American low culture'   Joan Hawkins     119
'Media fandom, neoreligiosity and cult(ural) studies'   Matt Hills     133
'Cult fictions: Cult movies,subcultural capital and the production of cultural distinctions'   Mark Jancovich     149
Cult case studies     163
Introduction     163
'Un chien andalou'   Jean Vigo     173
'The anxiety of influence: Georges Franju and the medical horrorshows of Jess Franco'   Joan Hawkins     176
'The obscene seen: Spectacle and transgression in postwar burlesque films'   Eric Schaefer     186
'Orson Welles and the big experimental film cult'   Parker Tyler     200
'Little cinema of horrors'   Gary Hentzi     208
'What is a cult horror film?'   Welch Everman     212
'Blaxploitation horror films: Generic reappropriation or reinscription?'   Harry Benshoff     216
'Carter in context'   Steve Chibnall     226
'The future of allusion: Hollywood in the seventies (and beyond)'   Noel Carroll     240
'Hitchcock in Texas: Intertextuality in the face of blood and gore'   Janet Staiger     244
'The essential evil in/of Eraserhead (or, Lynch to the contrary)'   Steven Jay Schneider     250
'The cult of horror'   Lawrence O'Toole     257
'The Blair Witch Project: Film and the internet'   J.P. Telotte      263
National and international cults     275
Introduction     275
'El Topo: Through the wasteland of the counterculture'   J. Hoberman   Jonathan Rosenbaum     284
'Playing with genre: An introduction to the Italian giallo'   Gary Needham     294
'Han's Island revisited: Enter the Dragon as transnational cult film'   Leon Hunt     301
'Magical girls and atomic bomb sperm: Japanese animation in America'   Annalee Newitz     309
'The Killer: Cult film and transcultural (mis)reading'   Jinsoo An     320
'Trading in horror, cult and matricide: Peter Jackson's phenomenal bad taste and New Zealand fantasies of inter/national cinematic success'   Harmony Wu     328
'Invisible representation: The oral contours of a national popular cinema'   Sheila J. Nayar     339
'Mute bodies, disembodied voices: Notes on sound in Turkish popular cinema'   Nezih Erdogan     349
'Ichi the Killer'   Tom Mes     360
Cult consumption     369
Introduction     369
'Cult of distraction: On Berlin's picture palaces'   Siegfried Kracauer     381
'Introduction to Distinction'   Pierre Bourdieu     386
'Portrait of a cult film audience: The Rocky Horror Picture Show'   Bruce A. Austin     392
'Subcultural studies and the film audience: Rethinking the film viewing context'   Gina Marchetti     403
'Fans' notes: The horror film fanzine'   David Sanjek     419
'"Get a life!": Fans, poachers, nomads'   Henry Jenkins     429
'The cultural economy of fandom'   John Fiske     445
'The Crash controversy: Reviewing the press'   Martin Barker   Jane Arthurs   Ramaswami Harindranath     456
'Beaver Las Vegas! A fan-boy's defence of Showgirls'   I.Q. Hunter     472
'Menstrual monsters: The reception of the Ginger Snaps cult horror franchise'   Martin Barker   Ernest Mathijs   Xavier Mendik     482
Cult bibliography     495
Index of film titles     523
General index     533

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