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The Cure

The Cure

by E. R. Dee
The Cure

The Cure

by E. R. Dee


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All the people of Homeworld are tall, thin, have a full head of hair, perfectly straight teeth, chiseled facial features, with no diseases or defects, and they get to enjoy the easy life, as robots do all the hard work. A majority of them live in various townships, occupying a small dwelling where they get to enjoy the local services for free. They want for nothing in this paradise, living out their lives until old-age or disease strikes them down as there are only first aid centers to treat minor problems.On the other side of heavily guarded security walls lies Central City. This is where Government, Industry, Science, and Technology is located, with most of the work done by robotics and androids. Travel on vehicles, trams, trains, flying machines, and spaceships is done by Artificial Intelligence. The population of Homeworld and their various colonies is created by either cloning or genetic engineering. Aggression is conditioned out of the population so there is an absence of crime. Those old enough are educated, then trained in various disciplines. Those who complete training become great artists, educators, government officials, scientists, healers, engineers, designers, supervisors at plants and security stations. Those who don't make the grade are sent to the outlying townships where they live out their lives, eating, sleeping, watching entertainment, or talking with friends, as it is illegal to kill any living being for any reason, nor can anyone be deprived of the necessities of life. If more food or housing is required, they simply have the robots make it!The educated elite in Central City mostly sit at desks and supervise the robots and androids who do the actual tasks of drawing, painting, sculpting, designing buildings, manufacturing, cooking, cleaning, or running the Healing Center. At the healing center they can digitally reconstruct any organ in the body, thus keeping the working elite alive and well for ages, but when the mind or central nervous system starts to fail due to old-age, these highly educated elite beings are retired. Once retired, they no longer get full medical care. Like those in the outlying townships, they simply await death, but they still get to live in the larger, better dwelling spaces of Central City, with androids and robots to serve them.The people of Homeworld, however, are starting to die off in great numbers, and the Digital Healing Machines can only offer temporary fixes. Quickly the organs once more start to decay and fall apart. The best medical minds can't find a reason nor a cure to what is striking the population. And this is happening in all the colonies. Tens of billions are dying off, with no end in sight. Unless a cure is found, one day there may only be robots and androids left! Homeworld brings all their specialists together, ordering them to find out why people are falling apart. Adar, one of the Team Leaders working on this problem, makes a startling discovery and leads a team to a planet in a distant star system with the hope that this discovery might shed light on the problem and maybe even provide THE CURE!

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ISBN-13: 9781976550942
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/04/2018
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.38(d)

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