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The Cure for Corporate Stupidity: How to Avoid the Mind-Bugs that Cause Smart People to Make Bad Decisions

The Cure for Corporate Stupidity: How to Avoid the Mind-Bugs that Cause Smart People to Make Bad Decisions

by Larry Bloom

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Just like software has bugs, we have bugs in how we think and make decisions. These bugs occur in the five inches between our ears, and many problems in business today are not the result of factors that occur outside our thinking, but, rather, they are self-inflicted as a result of Mind-bugs™. This book will help you understand, identify, and avoid mind-bugs.

What is this book about?
This book is about how leaders, managers, and employees may unknowingly make bad decisions and destroy value along the way. It addresses why many are simply unaware of the flaws plaguing some of their decisions and resist any thought that they are wrong—until it is too late. And it provides a simple, straightforward, low cost, easy-to-implement way to understand, identify, and avoid many flawed decisions. The insights and solutions were developed based on the authors 30+ years of experience as a top executive of a market-leading growth company and five years of researching the work of hundreds of experts in their fields.

Who the Book is for?
For people who want to:
- Improve business decisions, get better results
- Decrease risk, reduce stress at work
- Do more with less, enhance teamwork
- Grow career, develop organizations

What is Corporate Stupidity?
Corporate Stupidity is not about intellect; rather it refers to those decisions that destroy value to a business that could have reasonably been avoided. The problem is that humans are not naturally aware of their internal decision-making processes. As you will see, that lets mind-bugs have their influence.

What are Mind-bugs?
Mind-bugs are non-conscious defects in the way humans think and make decisions. For example:
- We believe we have figured out the way things are—regardless of evidence to the contrary—and don’t grasp the contradictions between our view and reality.
- We justify conclusions that serve our interests and develop skills of selective evidence-finding and debate.
- We do not see the limitations in our point of view and want to win arguments without examining whether there are problems with our own thoughts.

What Benefits are derived from reading the Book?
- Improve business outcomes in any department, at any level.
- Reduce risk of business, program, and project failures and problems.
- Help people meet the demands of getting more done with fewer resources.
- Make collaboration, change, and growth easier and healthier.
- Allow people to more effectively assess performance, collectively or individually.
- Improve careers by increasing the quality of decisions, plans, and actions.
- Create environments where employees can be both happier and more productive.
- Help us recognize, smile, and empathize with stupid business decisions more readily and move forward more quickly.

What is the Mind-bugs Taxonomy and Reference Chart?
The taxonomy organizes Mind-bugs in 4 dimensions:
1 - Sufficiency: Do I have the correct inputs?
2 - Accuracy: Are the inputs truthful?
3 - Beliefs: How do I color my decision process?
4 - Social: What is the influence of others?
The Mind-Bugs Reference Chart identifies 20 Mind-bugs within the 4 dimensions and helps people to identify their presence in any business environment.

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BN ID: 2940014062084
Publisher: Xmente
Publication date: 01/16/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
File size: 6 MB

About the Author

Professional Profile:

Recovering CEO and Author Larry J. Bloom learned a lot about Corporate Stupidity first hand during his 30+ years helping grow Bio-Lab, Inc. from a small closely held family business into an industry leading $700M subsidiary of a public company in the specialty chemical industry. Having remained as a leader of the company both after its original sale and then through two more changes of ownership, he has experienced the corporate world from many angles and points of view. He passionately believes that the true value of a company resides in its people and the quality of their decisions. And he has experienced firsthand the highs of being a shining star within a larger company and the lows of being on the wrong end of kick the corporate strategy. Larry also served as Chairman of the Board for a volunteer, industry trade association with over 3000 members. Larry graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Chemical Engineering and was recognized and inducted into Georgia Tech's Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni. He is currently an author, private advisor to several business leaders, a board member, and an owner of a start-up media and software company that promotes better thinking. Larry has personally seen the good, bad and ugly of corporations and organizations and after retiring in 2006 began researching why smart people make bad decisions with the goal of making a difference.

Personal Profile:
A native of Atlanta, GA, Larry loves T'ai Chi Chih, boating, scuba diving, fishing, golf, tennis, BBQ-ing, reading, learning, writing, technology, playing with his dog, and spending time with wife, family, and friends. Larry lives by the saying: It is what you learn after you think you know it all that really counts. Larry also plays several musical instruments, and his favorite song is One Love, by Bob Marley.

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