The Curse and The Cross

The Curse and The Cross

by Cliff Montanye


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The writer of the book of Hebrews wrote, "We must give the most earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away."-Hebrews 1:2.

Are we? Are we searching the Scriptures carefully in order to understand God's word, as it applies to us today? Do we know the truth about what Christ did for us on the cross?

The doctrine of curses and the need to break them is being taught around the world, to thousands of Christians. But is there any truth to this doctrine?

Can a Christian be under a curse? If so, we need to ask, who gave the curses? Did Satan pronounce curses? Has any man ever been given the right to pronounce a curse? Did God give the curses? The most important question is, has any man other than Christ ever been given the authority to break a curse?

What is sanctification? What is justification? What is the free gift of righteousness? What do these have to do with the curses that are in the Bible?

How many curses were given to Adam for his sin and how do they affect us today? How do the curses under the Law affect us -or do they?

Who was the Law with its consequences really given to and why was it given? Was it ever given to the Gentile?

What does it mean to be ransomed, to be redeemed?

The writer of Hebrews wrote that Christ changed the priesthood and the Law because of necessity. What did he mean by that?

What about the blessings that God promises in His word? Who are they for and what do we have to do in order to receive them?

The author attempts to answer these questions and many more as he takes the reader, verse by verse, through the Bible, and tells us very plainly what the scriptures actually reveal to us regarding the "Curse and The Cross."

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About the Author

Cliff received Christ as his Savior at the age of twenty four. He later attended a local college as well as Nyack Bible College and The Hudson Valley Bible College, which is a branch of ORU.

His major was English and Bible and his one goal was to be able to gain a better understanding of God's word.

As well as serving in the local churches he traveled to the mission field in the US, West Africa, and India as a short term missionary over a period of twenty years all total. He has ministered in the prisons for fifteen years as well.

Now, at the age of seventy one, he has written three books and is currently working on two more.

He has written "Walking With The Lord; One Man's Journey," "The Woman Who Picked Up Sticks," and "The Curse and The Cross."

He is presently writing "Melchizedek: Priest of The Most High God" and "The Simplicity Of Christ."

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