The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus: The New Threat to World Peace & Battle of the Billionaires

The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus: The New Threat to World Peace & Battle of the Billionaires

by Martin A. Armstrong


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The global economy deteriorated in a matter of months due to governments' mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak. General observers may describe this event as "unforeseen," but they fail to look at the patterns of the past that reveal the future. Cyclical behavior dominates every facet of our world, including warfare, civil unrest, and even pandemics. "The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus" is the most comprehensive review of the war cycle from the beginning of recorded history. The civil unrest prevailing on a worldwide basis can be traced to events of the past, as it is cyclically on time for a revolution. However, the current pandemic is by no means a natural occurrence-this a deliberate attempt to radicalize the world in the vision of those pulling strings behind the curtain. This book exposes the truth, explaining why the coronavirus outbreak destroyed the global economy, the culprits, and what we can expect in the short-term and long-term volatile future.

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ISBN-13: 9781735654300
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Publication date: 12/10/2020
Pages: 508
Sales rank: 325,033
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About the Author

Martin A. Armstrong, the founder of AE Global Solutions Inc., is an internationally recognized economist with over 40 years of experience monitoring and forecasting market behavior. Originating from his passion for researching monetary history and determination to harness the power of computers and artificial intelligence, Mr. Armstrong has built an innovative collection of proprietary models that help identify market patterns in an unbiased, data-driven approach. The models Mr. Armstrong has built, including the Economic Confidence Model, which establishes the basic units of a business cycle as waves that build in 8.6-year intervals, have consistently proven that the global economy is not random. This has become one of the most important long-term forecasting models available today. Over the years, Mr. Armstrong has built additional independent models, such as market Reversals, Forecast Arrays, and the Global Market Watch - each taking a slightly different view to pattern and cycle recognition. These models, while independent from each other, do have corollary benefits and are built from the ground up to consume mass amounts of information in order to continuously learn and adapt. In the past, Mr. Armstrong has been called upon by governments and major banking institutions to assist in the explanation of current events and their impact on the global economy. His forecasting has run in the face of traditional, narrow, fundamental views that fail to contemplate the business cycle and human behavior that drives it. Far too often, forecasting suffers from prejudice and preconceived notions. Analysts can manipulate data to paint just about any picture they want, whether consciously or subconsciously, rather than let the data paint its own picture. AE Global Solutions, Inc. was founded on the principles of observing history to better understand the future.

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