The Da Vinci Code Illustrated Screenplay: Behind the Scenes of the Major Motion Picture

The Da Vinci Code Illustrated Screenplay: Behind the Scenes of the Major Motion Picture


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The Da Vinci Code Illustrated Screenplay goes behind the scenes of one of the most highly anticipated movies of all time, created by Academy Award–winning filmmakers Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Akiva Goldsman. Offering unprecedented access to the tightly guarded “closed set,” and a view of the filmmaking process that has never been seen publicly, screenwriter Goldsman provides a backstage look at the incredible journey to bring Dan Brown’s record-setting novel to the big screen. Goldsman’s richly rendered screenplay is included here in its entirety. It offers a fascinating new way to experience the story—and includes a number of moments (and even full scenes) that do not appear in the final cut of the movie.

Lavishly illustrated with 275 images of the actors and filmmakers—from both the movie set and the film itself—this behind-the-scenes features include:

• Filming in the Louvre in the dead of night, and re-creating a 400-foot section of the museum’s Grand Gallery on a soundstage—down to the precise architectural details, and complete with 120 oil-painting masterpieces

•The full digital and soundstage re-creation of the Church of Saint-Sulpice

•The transformation of Lincolnshire’s Lincoln Cathedral into London’s Westminster Abbey, and the reproduction of Sir Isaac Newton’s enormous tomb

• Handwritten notes on pages from Ron Howard’s script

•The evolution of script dialogue as it progressed from an early draft of the screenplay to final shooting form

• Dozens of never-before-seen storyboards that were usedto block out scenes before filming commenced

For any fan of the filmmaking process, and of the extraordinary movie and novel, this exquisitely produced book will be an invaluable companion.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780767926027
Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/19/2006
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 8.23(w) x 9.94(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

AKIVA GOLDSMAN received the 2001 Academy Award®, Golden Globe , and Writers Guild Award for A Beautiful Mind. Goldsman’s credits include The Client, Batman Forever, A Time to Kill, Practical Magic, I, Robot, and Cinderella Man.  His Weed Road Pictures has produced such films as Deep Blue Sea, Starsky & Hutch, Constantine, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Born in Brooklyn Heights, New York, Goldsman graduated from Wesleyan University and attended the graduate program in creative writing at New York University.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Rebecca, and their dog, Fizz.

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