The Dark Lord Clementine

The Dark Lord Clementine

by Sarah Jean Horwitz


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The new face of big evil is a little . . . small.
Dastardly deeds aren’t exactly the first things that come to mind when one hears the name “Clementine,” but as the sole heir of the infamous Dark Lord Elithor, twelve-year-old Clementine Morcerous has been groomed since birth to be the best (worst?) Evil Overlord she can be. But everything changes the day her father is cursed by a mysterious rival.

Now, Clementine must not only search for a way to break the curse, but also take on the full responsibilities of the Dark Lord. But when it’s time for her to perform dastardly deeds against the townspeople—including her brand-new friends—she begins to question her father’s code of good and evil. What if the Dark Lord Clementine doesn’t want to be a dark lord after all?

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ISBN-13: 9781616208943
Publisher: Algonquin Young Readers
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 127,669
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 7.80(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 9 - 13 Years

About the Author

SARAH JEAN HORWITZ grew up next door to a cemetery and down the street from an abandoned fairytale theme park, which probably explains a lot. She currently lives near Boston, MA. Find her on Twitter, @sunshineJHwitz, or at

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The Dark Lord Clementine 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
lavenderbird21 4 days ago
Clementine is the only heir and is to become the next Dark Lord. Once her father, Dark Lord Elithor, is cursed, Clementine has a lot put on her shoulders and must take on the responsibilities of the Dark Lord. However she begins to question the evil ways her father has always run things and is no longer so sure she wants to be just like him. Clementine is a very stong young woman with so many decisions to make and things to take care of. The things that are thrown at her for her to have to figure out and carry shows just how strong of a character she is. Clementine's character as well as all the other side characters made this a very interesting and fun read that I did not want to put down.! From Clementine's hair changing colors, to the Gricken, to the Sheep, each character had their own traits and some of them were as well fleshed out as the MC.! I found this story hilarious, sad and absolutely thrilling at times. The Dark Lord Clementine has moments of dealing with grief, death, parents/child relationships, and it doesn't dive in too deep or seriously but it also does not try to gloss over everything. I absolutely loved this book.!
Jolie 11 days ago
I am always on the lookout for books that my almost 12 year old can read. My son is a voracious reader and will read anything that I give him. So, when I saw The Dark Lord Clementine’s blurb, my interest was caught. I thought to myself: “My son would like this, but I need to read the book first.” I am glad that I did because The Dark Lord Clementine was a great read!! The Dark Lord Clementine is the story about a girl named Clementine. She lives in a dilapidated castle with her Dark Lord father. One day, Clementine notices her father is missing his nose. That is when she finds out that the Whittle Witch has cursed him. Clementine takes it upon herself to try and find a cure for the curse. She also tries to assume the Dark Lord duties that her father cannot do. With the Whittle Witch waiting to take over the castle, Clementine is running out of time. Can she save her father? The plotline for The Dark Lord Clementine was evenly paced. The flow of the book was perfect. It wasn’t too fast or too slow. There was no lag in the book or dropped plotlines either, which I enjoyed. I loved Clementine. She was a timid little girl at the beginning of the book. But as the book went on, I could see her character growth. By the end of the book, she became this confident young woman. I loved it!! I did feel bad for Clementine. She didn’t have any friends. Well, human friends. She did have the nightmares and the black sheep for company. But other than that, nothing. She longed for friends, even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself. Hiding in the shadows and watching the villagers play said so much. So, when Sebastian and then Darka befriended her, I was happy. Clementine needed it. I didn’t care for Darka at the beginning of the book. I didn’t like that she befriended Clementine so that she could gain favor and hunt in the woods around the castle. I didn’t like that she was hunting unicorns. But I liked that her story had more depth to it. When it was revealed, I started to pity her. But, it was Darka’s actions at the end of the book that made me love her!!! I loved the humor in the book. The Gricken is the most notable one. When Clementine was younger, she tried to turn a frog into a chicken. Unfortunately (and hilariously), the spell backfired, and she turned her family grimoire into it. If she wants to learn a spell, she has to wait for the Gricken to lay an egg. There is a hilarious scene where Clementine pleads with the Gricken to lay an egg. I laughed so hard; I had tears in my eyes. The end of The Dark Lord Clementine was perfect. I am not going to get into it because of major spoilers. I will say that what Clementine did was brave. The way the book ended made me wonder if there was going to be a book 2.
MichelleKenneth 13 days ago
I enjoyed this book a little more than I anticipated. After we are introduced to Darka, Sebastien, the Brack Knights, Dave the Black Sheep, and the hedge witches, the story gets so much better. Here is this girl who believes that she must be the next dark overlord of Seven Sisters, because that is the role she is born into. Everyone has their role and hers is to be a dark lord. But when it comes right down to it, maybe being a dark lord isn't all it's cracked up to be. The lesson at the end of the book really hit my heart as being a truth about life: "It was true that in some ways, much of what Lord Elithor had warned her about the people outside their castle walls had come to pass. Clementine had been disappointed. She had been betrayed. She had seen the people she'd grown to care about at their worst - in their pettiest, darkest angriest, and least courageous moments. This was all true. "But she'd also seen them at their best. They had comforted her, and laughed with her, and worked with her side by side. She had seen them risk their lives to help her and the people they loved. And it was better, somehow, to have made those friendships, even if she'd gotten hurt. She could hardly remember the girl she had been a few weeks ago, with only her flowers and the Lady in White for company. She could not imagine going back to such a life - a life without real friendships, friendships that she had chosen to make. Now, she knew, she could make more." For me, those two paragraphs came along at the right time. There are books we are drawn to when we need them the most. I kept wanting to pick this up over the last two months and Sunday was the day I finally sat down and read this book. Those two paragraphs completely explained why. I really needed this book. It's because of those two paragraphs and that avalanche in the story that makes this a book I am curating into my personal library. This is a story I really needed.
MIthahReads 14 days ago
This is such a cute MG fall book! Perfect for the Halloween season! Clementine has been training to be a Dark Lord. But she has some secrets. She takes care of the animals on her and her father's farm, she grows flowers instead of poisonous plants, and maybe, just maybe, she doesn't want to be so dark after all. This is such a cute coming of age tale. The decision to do right or do wrong. Making, and keeping, friends. Clementine does it all, and handles everything with such grace for a 12 year old Dark-Lord-In-Training. This is definitely a book I would recommend, especially to younger readers. Full review to come Oct. 13, 2019 on!